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Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

No surprise that Yuamu was gonna loose but nasty way of doing it with 2 different sets of maximum monster cards.

ThatMan666 • 6 months ago

Who would've thought Bridge would do something Gallop never did:
Explore inside the world of a Soul Prison card.
(The cat motif is bit unnecessary but still.)

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Yeah.. That was off putting -__-;

Ny3 • 6 months ago

Theory time. Maximums are actually made out of carded people (as a prototype to Sevens where they were made of ID cards). The set of cards for a maximum needs to be related to one another, so with 3 Oudous, a new maximum can be created.

Hoshimiya Eiji • 6 months ago

Not a big fan of the duel. Too quick, lack the action or back and forth that I would have loved to see and Phaser just drawing Maximums back to back without any search or draw effect and alike is too boring (I appreciate Yuamu's ''giving the equip to the enemy monster'' strategy though. At least it was unique enough) Not to mention for the love of god would it kill them If Yuamu shout ''Maximums are made from carded people'' before getting carded ? Literally no good guy alive doesn't know even THAT secret despite it is the most obvious. Also why cats ? I know it was foreshadowed before with the cat card in the Nyandestar episode but just WHY ? And now in the next episode Yuuhi and Yuuga will duel ? As If any of the two needed yet ANOTHER lose, and it ended up being a draw or no result would just be boring as they have a draw already.

I will give them credit for the foreshadowing though. As for the carded world exploration next episode I will have to wait and see how will it be handled. If the people in the carded world can do something in there to be of ANY use to the plot then it is good. Otherwise it is just a way for Bridge to do meaningless shit to reduce the darkness of this arc by showing ''see they are all well''

Gilad Ohayon • 6 months ago

Welcome to world of anime where things work according to what the plot requires.
and at least now they call stop call Yuga "That Guy".

Hoshimiya Eiji • 6 months ago

For real LOL. I wonder will they acknowledge he is most likely Yuuhi or Yuamu’s descendant

Tripple-A • 6 months ago

Can we please stop with these Maximums on your opening hand, that's a 0,1% chance of happening!

Edit: Now that's ridiculous, he didn't draw just one full Maximum but another one on his 2nd turn?! He's either cheating or this is the most bullshit duel writing ever seen in Yugioh.

Ny3 • 6 months ago

Meanwhile Neil be cycling through half his deck with effects to get to his maximum.

Shiny Bidoof • 6 months ago

what, 1 yu gi oh anime?

Gilad Ohayon • 6 months ago

Welcome to world of anime where things work according to what the plot requires.

typeOU et co • 6 months ago

it's 0.2 and way more than most events in the yu gi oh animes.

Tripple-A • 5 months ago

Drawing 3 one-ofs should be around 0,1%, not that it makes a difference, and I'm not even complaining that it happened once or twice (the one time Manabu did it was nice because he didn't want to draw it), I'm complaining that it happens all the time. The even bigger problem was the second Maximum hard draw, that has an astronomical low chance of happening. Very few moments come close to ONE Maximum, nothing comes even remotely close to drawing 2 back to back.

I really want Neil back, he was the only one that understood how to properly build a deck in order to use a Maximum.

typeOU et co • 5 months ago

Again this is nothing new in yu gi oh. Remember the seal of orichalcos? not to mention that yu gi oh sells itself on its characters ability to draw the one card that will allow them to come back even with an empty hand.

Tripple-A • 5 months ago

Except it is, the difference in probability is huge.
Drawing a single specific card, even if it is a one-of would usually be somewhere between 3% and 10%, depending on the deck size, though there were instances of multiple (2-3) specific draws for a similar chance to a Maximum draw. The thing Phaser did however, was more like 1/1000000.

Don't know what you're talking about with the Seal of Orichalcos.

typeOU et co • 5 months ago

0.02 times 0.02 (since that's how rush duel works, you fill your hand every turn) is 0.0002 or 1/5000, aka not even close to what you just said. In the waking the dragon arc of duel monsters, every antagonist opened their duels with the seal of orichalcos in their starting hand, which there were a total of 13 of them. Not only that but in the final duel, Dartz, the antagonist, had all 3 of the seals of orichalcos cards in his starting hand, which is just as unlikely as opening a maximum. It's a fucking yu gi oh anime why are you even watching if your suspension of disbelief can't bear the weight of characters being lucky.

Tripple-A • 5 months ago

Do your math again. The chance is 0,1% (or if you want 0,2% (which should be wrong)) times <0,1% (Phaser had a card left in his hand), not 2% * 2%.

As I said there are a few times stuff happens as unlikely as drawing ONE Maximum, the problem lies in two back to back.

The Orichalcos comparison is disingenuous, it's comparable to me handpicking every duel with a Maximum in Go Rush and calculating the probability of all the hard draws/opening hands of Maximums, which is stupid. Also you can easily argue that it's classic magic bullshit that lets user of the Seal have it in their starting hand.
If Phaser is cheating or it's some kind of magic/super natural/alien skill I can accept it way easier.

Edit: In regards to my suspension of disbelief, this is by far the thing that breaks it the most in ALL of Yugioh.

FightReady2 • 6 months ago

They cats?!

Yuya Sakaki • 6 months ago

This is kinda late, but thats okay

Hoshimiya Eiji • 6 months ago

The translators have their own lives so it can be late at times it is fine (I am not trying to bash at you and I know you said it is okay as well, just saying)

Vincent • 6 months ago

Can't believe we went from best episode last week to worst episode real quick. Yuamu's new tactical strategy of equipping an opponent's monster and trying to win via effect damage were shafted in the most boring way possible. They could have made Phaser survived by plot armor recover effect (cliche, sure, but still got style points) and cleved turnaround, but no, apparently a most improbable topdeck and brute forcing the field seem better.

Gilad Ohayon • 6 months ago

Phaser is hyped as a real threat jus like how a main villain should be.

Hoshimiya Eiji • 6 months ago

That is the problem this episode DOESN'T sell him as a real threat because he didn't do shit. He Atem'd both Maximums back to back by pure luck without any skill

Gilad Ohayon • 5 months ago

Thats still better than a main villain who is down to 100-200 LP against minor characters or The Supreme King who returened to becoming Jaden after a draw.

True god • 6 months ago

"Why did they take a potentially powerful ally like Manabu off world?" Some of you may be asking... because the plot needed them to see a character holding a maximum as a enemy. Is that dumb? Yes... yes it is. Is it because Manabu is a proxy for Gakuto? Also yes. "Why didn't they give Yuuna the same treatment?" Your guess is as good as mine.

Josh Kala • 6 months ago

Woah Phaser knew Yuamu's every move despite this very Rushed Dueling especially that nice new maximum that he has , and now Yugas names is known to them.

knightwolf09 • 6 months ago

Yuamu's plan was rather solid, but admittedly the fact you can easily get out of it by simply tributing or calling another maximum, made the plan pretty flawed. Also now all of UTS knows Yuuga is an Oudo, which makes me wonder if they'll piece together he's their descendant. And finally, as to why the carded people are cats, could this be a hint to Phaser being one Nyandestar's race?

Shiny Bidoof • 6 months ago

as long they became a maximun in the future i allowed it

Gilad Ohayon • 6 months ago

At least now they call stop call Yuga "That Guy".
i hope this arc is longer than 13 episodes.

Marcelus • 6 months ago


Daemon Redfox • 6 months ago

why they cats XD
a card world? :O

Helios • 6 months ago

pretty doodoo

IkkyuSan69 • 6 months ago

all three ohdou will hand to Nyandestar to use as new Maximum [CAT]. it obvious.