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Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Pretty decent conclusion to this last arcs duel.
And gotta admit that Zwijo would did have good reasons for being the nasty villain character in this but he's only a mid-boss. Although surprise the Valgiea alien race being artificial and card beings is surprising but the whole taking over Earth deal,,,, Yeah no that's just total cliché.

Sad another Yuga Oda lost and nerfing Sevengias but glad got to see the Yu-siblings ace monsters fusion but I'm griping it was only instances and didn't get into depth with it's effects cause we must focus on Zwijo's fusion ace and Yuudias fusion ace instead.

Also love Yuudias pulled triple spell equip and first ever in this version of Yu-Gi-Oh show with the fusion monster needing 3 materials for it.

Josh Kala • 6 months ago

Yuga had his time so it's the Yuudias anyway

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago


ThatMan666 • 6 months ago

Yuga might duel the Ohdo Twins again or most likely Yudias, and only then he can take an acceptable loss to pass the baton.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago


Guest • 6 months ago
Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Ik but it's still technically a loss.

Josh Kala • 6 months ago

The plot twist that the Velgerians were created as pawns shocked me the most, but hearing Zwijo plan of wanting to take over earth to rob everyone's earthdamar was completely barbaric i felt like WTF

SkyNatsu • 6 months ago

Yuudias using 3 Equip Spells and then fusing 3 monsters was epic

ThatMan666 • 6 months ago

Thankfully, the 2 materials for Eternal Galactica Oblivion are any LIGHT Galaxy monsters.

Daemon Redfox • 6 months ago

and one more time we ask ourselves
what the heck is Otes XD

Wasan Wanthanasin • 6 months ago

otes i the creator for sure.

Tripple-A • 6 months ago

Pretty epic duel, but the "we'll conquer earth" line from Zwijo was a really cliche bad villain line, which Zwijo was not except for that moment.

I hope they can keep this level throughout the rest of the show, I doubt it will be like Zexal (from utter trash to one of the best) but maybe at least better than Vrains, though endings are something Yugioh always struggled with.

Shmarfle • 6 months ago

Woooo that was a pretty epic duel finish! That lore dump by Zwijo was also pretty shocking. I also feel like that can’t be it though and that there might be something more. I don’t see why he would resort to such a barbaric and extreme plan otherwise even if the revelation of being artificial was shocking.

The visuals were amazing, kind of a shame the resolution was kinda cliche. Hopefully Zwijo doesn’t just become a part of the friend group and at the very least still butts heads against Yuudias due to their different view points. All in all, Zwijo has been an amazing antagonist and was fun to watch. Hopefully they keep it up with the character writing. Can’t wait for what the next arc brings and hopefully give a satisfying reason for all the plot points and loose threads.

Hoshimiya Eiji • 6 months ago


Supreme KING • 6 months ago

I really thought this was the end of the anime until I saw next episode's preview and that Yuudias will return. This Yugioh was way better than Sevens it had some darker aspects like others and I also loved all the animation and galaxy stuff.

Hoshimiya Eiji • 6 months ago

Ok that is some BULLSHIT. So you are saying to me that freakin Otes has created BILLIONS of people that lives(d) in AT LEAST 8 planet ? Also how old is Otes because If he is not hundreds of years old then Velgear has a history that totals 1-2 decade at MOST and yet they have such technology and fleets ? Not to mention why is Zwijo the only one that actually got ressurrected, didn't anyone else also died and return to Velgear ? This creates too much question than it answers and I always hated that part of Bridge Yugioh. They think that plot twists and always leaving shit ton of question is equal to good writing but it is not. As for last I DO NOT count on them to make Otes a good/threatening villain or character after their massive fail in Sevens. They should have realized that they already failed with Otes and kept his presence in the series at minium instead of trying to force him into another big role that he will most likely fail at it yet again. There are so much more potential with original villains like Zwijo and yet it looks like they will once again try to make Otes the final villain. Just disappointing

Anyway criticisms aside I am satisfied enough with Zwijo as a villain. He was so much better, epic and intimidating than ALL of Sevens' villains especially Otes and while He is redeemed here I think he served the villain role enough to be good and had that ''epicness'' of a rival. Hopefully they will use Zwijo well in the future as well and they will make better or at least equal villains. And now lets talk about the the duel. SEE YUGA ? THIS is how you be a protagonist and defeat an actual villain with style. We are at the 51th episode and Yudias had:

- Much better win record, he lost 2 times so far which is not too low nor too high. It is good enough. On the other hand Yuga had lost freakin 5 times in the first 52 episodes and had already lost all shock factor and the instant opponent build up, a defeat of a protagonist should have had.

- A much better and epic rivalry with a villainous character/rival which Yuga never had

- Much more hype dueling and moments.

- A much serious and better ideal than just creating Rush duels (which was entirely illegal by the way)

While still not on the level of most of Gallop Yugiohs for me (perhaps It can be better than Arc v If they land the ending) I currently enjoy Go rush much more than I enjoyed Sevens. They have a more consistent and overarching story overall instead of every arc just being some random character getting introduced and be the opponent only to then get befriended at the end

Guest • 6 months ago
Josh Kala • 6 months ago

whoever this creator is definitely not normal

Ny3 • 6 months ago

There we go. Finally the 3 way fusion.

thiago pereira • 6 months ago

So the true villian is Don Thousand?

typeOU et co • 6 months ago

ngl this is the first go rush summon that actually feel good, but even then it doesn't come close to what Sevens gave us. Same with the resolution of the arc really.

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 6 months ago

Well, this shit is going to end after next episode hopefully. The outcome was expected, but Zwijo's reasoning was not wrong imo. But I guess Yudias really needed a victory after losing to Nishaw in his most recent duel and not having any action for a while. Too bad it had to be Zwijo though, he is literally the only cool character in this series. But yeah, looking forward to at least see what crappy ending they will pull up their arses.

Marcelus • 6 months ago


ThatMan666 • 6 months ago

So the Velgearians are implicated to be Duel Monster Spirits? Now I'm thinking the generic soldiers are Asauchis.

Hade ni Ikuze • 6 months ago

That triple fusion still surprised me even though I knew it was coming the moment he summoned three monsters and drew fusion.

Bobby Kuhn • 6 months ago

If they're not going to bring Rush Duels to Master Duel or to the TCG outside of Japan, can we just go back to the Arc-v era Yugioh? Vrains was a mistake.

SynCloud • 6 months ago


ThatMan666 • 6 months ago

That and also pre-errata Firewall Dragon. Though because of Vrains made me realized I've been harsh on GX and Arc-V. Doesn't change that the two are amongst my bottom seasons.

Dick Nock • 6 months ago

I hate this show so much, it's garbage but damn I only came here because of that "I have always loved you" confession.

Finally a gay couple in Yugioh.