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Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

And cutese deck beats the pretty boy deck.

ThatMan666 • 4 months ago

Not surprised this got uploaded before the delayed Pokémon episode. Guess I'll find subs elsewhere.

Luke Roa • 4 months ago

oh no Zwijo gains a new ally

Shmarfle • 4 months ago

Well that's certainly a twist. The Earthdamar broke out of containment and now is possessing Ranran.

Ny3 • 4 months ago

Earthdamar voice gives me Incubator vibes.

kvoetvae • 4 months ago

42 episodes and still no clue on what an Earthdamar is

ThatMan666 • 4 months ago

Earthdamar looks to be the next bad guy.

Genierce • 3 months ago

Earthdamar is more like a kid who wants to have fun than a bad guy. I guess its going to be manipulated by Zwijo or it simply just follows him for fun.

Vincent • 4 months ago

They're just pretty boys with wing props and bird codenames and that made them Winged-Beast?
Well, at least it's not as weird as Blackship of Corn, a ghost pirate ship, having Plant type

Random guy • 4 months ago

Hey we have a ritual sandwich monster (I forgot it's name) that's a warrior type

Gilad Ohayon • 4 months ago

Hungry Burger from the good old days.

ThatMan666 • 4 months ago

Blackwings & Lyriluscs were like that too.

Vincent • 4 months ago

They're birds with humanoid bodies, similar to Harpies.
But these ones are perfectly human, nothing birdlike at all. Heck, Elemental Hero Avian looks more birdlike than them.

Gilad Ohayon • 4 months ago

So far Zwijo is Revolver 2, he's still around and he's still bad even though he lost to Yudias and i like it because all the bad guys in SEVENS became good after just one loss.

Allen Walker • 4 months ago

man time surely fly fast. last time I checked Go Rush only just came out 1 episode. at that time I even comment that is Seven introduce new summoning like maximum summoning I wonder what else are they going to introduce. Now look at that we have episode 43.