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Krazy_Kirby • 6 months ago

remember when this was a racing anime?
not even pepperidge farms remembers

vovan1 • 6 months ago

i member

SkyNatsu • 6 months ago

Uraraka inspiration speech healing Deku

Kinjou and Makishima speech/letters healing Onoda


ChemicalMonkey • 6 months ago

If this keeps up they will have to add a romance, harem, and yaoi tag. This season has been one big circle jerk session. idk if i can take another episode of this, i didn't even watch this one. I just skipped every 3 - 5 minutes and it's all blah blah blah feelings blah blah from Kinjou the whole time.

JDC • 6 months ago

same here man. this anime can literally crawl in a cave and die and it wont be missed. Thats the lifespan of sports anime thats based around inter high competitions.

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 6 months ago

Most shojo anime are the exact same and a lot worse in these aspects, yet most people don't tell those to die.

Unsweetened_Tea • 6 months ago

more like supernatural, psychological, slice of life and "shonen ai" tag

gnar gaming • 6 months ago

same, its tiring ffs

Aisla • 6 months ago

this could've been a 3-episodes anime.

majaketrix • 6 months ago

200 meters per episode 😂😂😂

Haruhi • 6 months ago

Yeah man what's next? A flashback of onoda learning to walk as a toddler?? At this point just put the ending of this inter high on the end of the next season

Arima Tákuyá • 6 months ago

I think they should rename the name of the anime from yowamushi pedal to flashback with no pedal

JDC • 6 months ago

yowamushi flash, next season yowamushi flash... back.

Arima Tákuyá • 6 months ago


taijitu • 6 months ago

bullshit-wamushi no pedal

Ark • 6 months ago

next week gonna be the last ep man, i will miss ya homie

Robert_Sz • 6 months ago

2 more eps left tho..

Ark • 6 months ago

the next one will be the one to conclude this race the one after gonna be a sayonara to the senpais

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Opening is pretty good.

urboinemo • 6 months ago

I couldn’t help tearing up when Kinjou and Onoda were talking at the beach. There have been many people in my life that I have been blessed with meeting. And sometimes, you never get to let them know just how much of an impact they had on you and helped make you a better person.

ciro di marzia • 6 months ago

another useless episode

JuuginJefe • 6 months ago


Tsukkiss my ass • 6 months ago


Kaguya • 6 months ago

Yowamushi flashbacks -___-

Cătălin Ionel Pahonţu • 6 months ago

No offense, I love this show, saw the first 2 seasons multiple times, and all the rest, spin -offs, movies, etc, but you can just skip this episode. The "race" part of it is less than 30 seconds or something, the rest is just talking/flashbacks from other characters.

tom_mail • 6 months ago

Color me surprised, the race isn't over. I thought skipping an episode should be enough as they're only a kilometer a few episodes ago.

These nonstop flashbacks are not welcome in sports anime, specially in a racing one. The intensity and momentum of the event are getting killed every single episode.

Who am I kidding. It's useless to complain here. Not to mention there are only a few episodes left. Will just watch in reverse order once this anime's done.

Mebius • 6 months ago

Pretty sure the manga didn't have so many flashbacks, they could have just ended the show early and nobody would complain

Optimus Prime • 6 months ago

another flashback fr

Trix • 6 months ago

Race not finishing till the last episode huh..

Ark • 6 months ago

Now this episode was peak sportmanship

Nyarp • 6 months ago

Too many damn flashbacks

KnowYourPlace • 6 months ago

If its not for kinjou, Id probably skip this episode again.

MayuZ Da • 6 months ago

this kinda stuff which makes people drop anime, meaningless stretching that adds nothing

Walter James Bandojo • 6 months ago

After watching Blue Lock this all taste so Vanilla and bland not to mention the intense pacing is cut by all these flashbacks

Death_thekid • 6 months ago

Blue lock is trash I rather watch this

Uffern • 6 months ago

i rather watch this than cringe lock

Death_thekid • 6 months ago

Mid lock is so trash