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vovan1 • 1 year ago

7km left. At this rate they cross the line by next Xmas

Yo mama • 1 year ago


Con D Oriano • 1 year ago

Nice new opening, if it was true, then final would be 3 way battle between Onoda vs Manami vs Midousuji, a rematch from last year interhigh, cool

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 1 year ago

I'd absolutely love that! I feel like in the last inter high, Midosuji was robbed of his chance to get first place bcs his bike got wrecked! No fair! He is super strong and deserves to be in that last race! :(

Con D Oriano • 1 year ago

I think you remember wrongly, the one got his bike wrecked is Imaizumi, Midousuji is purely out of stamina, but yeah I would love to see he race in the last race, then it would be like Fukutomi said: era of three powerhouse

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 1 year ago

I suggest you revisit the episode. Yes, Imaizumi had his bike damaged, but the one who got his bike wrecked and got into an ambulance at the end was Midosuji - what happened is that Imaizumi surpassed his speed and Midosuji used EVERYTHING he had to pedal and catch Imaizumi that his bike's pedals broke and he ended up crashing and was disqualified of the race. Midosuji pedalled way WAY too hard for his bike to handle all that cadence. I am sure this is what happened.

Con D Oriano • 1 year ago

Not sure if that's a manga thing or what, but I just rewatch whole Yowamushi season just before this season release so I remember and nope, Midousuji collapse because he out of stamina, nothing wrong with his bike. Grande Road Episode 21, starting from 16.00. Yes I rewatch the episode again, I can be quite stubborn and have nothing better to do lol

Marktherapist • 1 year ago

Lol okay I didn't remembered his bike got wrecked either but you seriously have no life, rewatching the episode just to prove it

dark flame • 1 year ago

Well if you have been here long enough, you would know that the one he replied to are a jerk and someone who keep thinking he is right, no matter how wrong he is. Its way faster to rewatch episode to prove he is wrong rather than keep arguing with him. Not rewatching and keep arguing with him would be the one that have no life.
And tbh nothing wrong with rewatching to prove someone mistake, its not even took 5 minute of your life to do it. Did you think they rewatch everything to prove it? people could easily skipped some episode and the time to reach the episode and the right time where the proof happen. Someone who rewatch some episode would still remember the moment where it happen, they just need to take a few minutes to find it.

P.S. oh and if you wondered why i call him a jerk, its because he gave a very sexist comment in Prince of Tennis episode 5. I remembered it because how sexist his comment is and this site never deleted that comment, no matter how much i or my friends reported it.

Marktherapist • 1 year ago

Woah okay you have a point, and I am so curious about the comment and just went to see it. Wow that was horrible can't believe they approved the comment. I too have reported it. Hope they bring down the comment soon

Nox--- • 1 year ago

I just read it ^^. First part of the comment was a bit opiniated, but everyone is different, and there is nothing wrong with it. Problem lies in his last sentence indeed. Even i was pretty... surprised that anyone could actually post something like that. Worst part is that he seems to believe what he wrote. Words are only words though, and nobody seriously cares about his comment being deleted, aside from extremists on the opposite side. Extremes are never right. What i personally worry about is more how someone who post that kind of thing treat people in his immediate surroundings in real life. This... is actually worth signaling. Although obviously, some countries have written in laws that women have no rights and are slaves to men. By using islam as an excuse. And the dark ages spread.

People should let other people live but never forget to look out for those around them. Justice isn't an internet thing. This fact matters a lot to me, and so, i thought i would put this comment here.

Optimus Prime • 1 year ago

idk why i still can feel the dangerous coming xD

Reisen • 1 year ago

those 6 in the ending. Imagine if those guys go into the same school. They would prob be the strongest team.

Trix • 1 year ago

Can't wait for next week episode dawg, fight Naruko!

Krazy_Kirby • 1 year ago

riding behind the car that close would get a lot of exhaust

Krazy_Kirby • 1 year ago

bulls don't see red

Marcelus • 1 year ago


Vince :D • 1 month ago

Naruko was insane! how did he develop so much stamina!
He's now like sprinter with endless stamina!
Imaizumi really is shaping up to be an awesome downhill specialist
Anyone felt like this season of Yowamushi Pedal also reminds you of Over Drive anime?
even the term "uncrowned king was mentioned!

Alex • 1 year ago

SO Manami just tired himself out completely and lost his chance to get fresh to the top and win by having his teammate do the job.

Naruko just blowed his game by saying why he challenged Manami and where he expected to win.

They really are 15 y.o. boys, testosterone above everything else ^^

Tsukkiss my ass • 1 year ago

and omg i love the new ed~~<33333333333333

OK Brain • 1 year ago

This Deku and Senpai .
Saturday we have at least 3 Mc with same voice actor.

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 1 year ago

Feels sad that Naruko will not be able to continue, but something tells me both him and Imaizumi will drop for some reason. The final battle ill be a 3-way between Onoda, Midosuji and Manami.

bari • 1 year ago

it feels like the end is near

Daemon Redfox • 1 year ago

narukos dream is beautiful, but it seems it will be just that
a dream u.u

taijitu • 1 year ago

Bullshit-wamushi no pedal !!!!