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Another • 4 months ago

i saw bikinis so now arrest me

Zain Mudassir • 4 months ago

Honestly women look great in bikinis👍

Jabrwok (Lord/Master) • 4 months ago

SOME women look great in bikinis. Some look like Lovecraftian horrors from beyond time and space.

juv3nil3 • 3 months ago

lmao... probably american

Estobar • 4 months ago

staring at bikinis is not a crime.

Mart • 4 months ago


Pakray M • 4 months ago

Japanese police, and in fact their whole judicial system down to their penal system, is the most cruel and backwards system among all the first world counties.

If you look into it; you would totally change your mind regarding that country.

Archaic Sage • 4 months ago

It's not backwards, you are. Which is why long after we destroy ourselves, their country will still be going strong. Your minds are the ones that need to catch up to natural order. Not everything needs to change, some things are the way they are for a good reason.

Emrys_R • 4 months ago

don't they have that hostage jail thingy?

where they detain someone for a while then can add a new charge and start their whole detainment process again to the point where they will lose jobs etc. and won't be granted bail if they stay silent innocent or not?

Ed • 4 months ago

No. After the first 2-3 days, it is not the police deciding to make your life extra miserable, but the judge looking at the then avaliable evidence and deciding that it is best that you remain in custody.

Pakray M • 4 months ago

That's right Emrys, you know something about the social sickness in Japan. Thanks to internet; a lot more people are beginning to see that country for what it actually is. Someone like ED (named after a medical issue) can say whatever he likes, but the fact is that the Japanese are racist af, they live in a police state, and even though they have a first world economy; they are not first world nation socially.

The Japanese who have lived in US or Canada, are blown away by our social freedoms.

ClaudfromDer • 4 months ago

Ed's a common nickname for Edward you nitwit. The depths of your stupidity is definitely something to marvel at.

Stop Upvoting Yourself • 4 months ago

... if you look at his reply, you can clearly see that he's replying to Emrys, not Ed. You calling him a nitwit and saying, "The depths of your stupidity is definitely something to marvel at" reminds me of the saying, "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones." ⚆ _ ⚆

Dreamblade • 4 months ago

I dunno, the US bail system is pretty bad. It takes a lot of money from poor people who are innocent of any crime. Also, a lot of innocent people have to plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit, because otherwise they will be held in jail until the court date, which might be months away. I don't know the situation in Japan, but it's hard to say that it's the worst in the world without giving some specifics.

I do think ACTUAL criminals should be removed from society though. In the US a lot of the laws are really there just to shake people down for money. Someone who commits many driving violations but doesn't have money to pay fines often won't spend very much time in jail; even if they are caught driving without a license many times.

I've also heard many cases of drivers hitting people on bicycles intentionally and not being punished. Apparently a lot of people in America think cyclists are "hippies" and don't deserve to be protected.

Anyway, I don't doubt you that the Japanese penal system probably has a lot of problems too, but I don't think it would be enough to change my view of Japan much. Penal systems in a lot of places need an overhaul.

Pakray M • 4 months ago

Having some healthy skepticism is an absolute must. Not just when one's online; but always.
As for US; you're right. The country is huge, highly populated, and each county has its own law enforcement group that prioritize the local and state law a lot of times, But the US constitution, which sets precedent over the local laws ensure a certain freedoms that I am happy to see nowadays more and more people are auditing the police to see if they look out for. Look up any Audit channel on youtube to see more. The channel Audit The Audit comes to mind.

Basically; in US, you have the constitutional right as to be able to walk down the public sidewalk without being harassed by the police. If no obvious crime has been committed, you can't be searched. You don't even have identify yourself. These are some basic but fundamental freedoms that anyone anywhere in the world should be able to enjoy. If you can't have that in a first world country, where else could you have that opportunity?

Ed • 4 months ago

And yet I bet you will feel one hundred times safer if Japanese policemen come knocking on your door compared to American ones.

Dreamblade • 4 months ago

As an American (who has visited Japan), I agree with this. Of course, I'm not a pot-head, so there's that.

Pakray M • 4 months ago

No my dude. I have travelled to places where the Police act above the law. Knowing that it's the norm at a 3rd world country for the cops to be on the take and tools of the regime; I stay clear off of their politics and give the Police generous "gifts" when asked for.
But at a 1st world country where the cops can check your phone, see you and your friend smoking weed in a dutch pot cafe, deport you and arrest your friend, after having kept you in a sadistic prison, without any charges, for 6 weeks, putting you through Gestapo style interrogations and such... it makes you a lot more callous when people are expecting nuclear sympathy from you; if you catch my idea.

Ed • 4 months ago

Sounds like you and your pal thought that you could ignore Japan's famously strict as hell drug laws and still refuse to man up and accept that you fucked up.

AliasForeman • 4 months ago

Agree with Ed. Sounds like you and your friend got what you deserved. "Gestapo style"... go back to school and look up what that actually means you ignorant prick.

Pakray M • 4 months ago

The above example had happened to someone in particular. There was a detailed video on youtube about it.
But before you start agreeing with someone named ED, look into the Japanese Police conduct.
If you go there as a tourist, depending on how you look, you WILL be stopped by the police and asked about your purpose in Japan, what you're up to then and there, get searched, or even taken to their stations for hours. All of this happens to you for no reason but if you ARE in fact suspected of a crime, you can be arrested and held in custody perpetually, full on tortured into confession. I am more informed than your average junior high student you come across here Foreman. The point is to just look it up for yourself. Japanese society is sick. They are racist af and although they are a first world economy; they are not a first world society.

Krey G. • 4 months ago

Lol get rekt idiot. Come to the U.K so we can deport you and your friend too.

ClaudfromDer • 4 months ago

You prove yourself to be racist, uneducated, and unintelligent. Oh look, you got your evidence from Youtube. How trite. The only sick person here is you and you should feel ashamed of your ignorance, "my dude".

Pakray M • 4 months ago

lol You must have ED. That's how butt-hurt you're coming off.

J Rodgers • 4 months ago

I lived in Japan for 5 years due to my work and I can confidently say this is very much false. I was treated with nothing but kindness and courtesy even though I'm about as far as you can be physically from them.

It's a far cry from how cops treat me in the U.S where I grew up sadly. The difference between their police and ours is pretty laughable. Never once felt scared over there.

Pakray M • 4 months ago

Black people and European males are usually left undisturbed. Also; the women folk are not harassed usually either. The Middle Eastern looking folks are the usual targets. It might be due to heavy Iranian gang activities in Japan.

Also; I never said the Japanese police force is rude. I am saying the entire Judicial system is the worst among all the other first world countries.

So Jay; tell me how it was that during your 5 year stay there, you needed to have so many encounters with the Police in Japan? even if all them encounters were done "with due courtesy and kindness?"

How many were they?
What reason was indicated for them to have stopped you?
Were you searched?
Were you taken to the Police Box?

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 4 months ago

Country doesn't matter; the whole entire Prison-Industrial-Complex is corrupt to the core in absolutely every way possible and Profits the Human-Trafficking Industry; it's not an accident that the «Bonds» are sold/traded on the Wall-Street Stock-Market (and Standard & Poor's & Dunn & Brad-Street; alright, well, the stock-market in general; related to CUSIP-Numbers).

Did you think a «Bond» (Jail-Bond, Prison-Bond, Release-Bond, etc) meant anything else OTHER than an Instrument-of-Exchange ? Just like any other Stocks, BONDS, 401Ks, IRAs, Time-Shares, Derivatives, Money Market CDs, Promissory Notes, IOUs, and, basically, any other form of «Instrument-of-Exchange» (as it's termed in Finance/Banking), etc.

The U.S. is also responsible for over 27% of the entire world's prison-population despite consisting of less than 4% of the entire World-Population. And there's also a good chance that being confronted by cops will just get you shot, like what happened with Daniel Shaver, Justine Damond, and quite a few other names (although at least it's not as bad as Brazil where simply being so-called «black» gets them shot-on-sight by their police; and Venezuela is also in a very bad situation since over a decade ago). History keeps being repeated because people in general seem to be too stupid and/or fearful to resist against negative social-engineering (historically called : Propaganda).

Pakray M • 4 months ago

The point I am making is that as a First World nation, Japan has a third world Judicial system. Ultimately; you are right, but the majority of people are silent. That's why any change usually starts at the universities. Your average citizen is too busy and callus, has too much to lose to openly defy the status quo.

Dreamblade • 4 months ago

There was an old white church lady who was shot by a cop close to where I went to school (Culpeper, VA). You can find the story on youtube. He only got two years. It was way worse than Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, but the national media only picks stories with a racial element.

signaru • 4 months ago

do you think it has a correlation to the claimed low crime rate?

It's most likely tied to their deep-rooted collectivist mentality. And I think it's quickly dying with the new generation of liberal Japanese teens lmao.

Dreamblade • 4 months ago

I don't know what your definition of "liberal" is, but I wouldn't trust the youtube videos about Japanese society. Are you Japanese?

Of course not lol. I meant liberal as in more exposed to the internet and the rest of the world.

Maximilian PabonYoung • 4 months ago

I hear you dude people forget what it means to be isolated for 1000 years then have DEEEEEEEEEP rooted traditions that manifest into the modern times. its especially hard for us americans to wrap our minds around the concepts of legit tradition (our country is only a meager 300 years old) Still its .hard to decide which country is worse to try and bring weed into lol; canada ( b4 legalization) or japan. both contrary to how both countries are portrayed, have no chill about very specific and anachronistic (arguably outdated) about very specific philosophies and legislation.

Shiro Aikawa • 3 months ago

I honestly just watched it for *AHEM* personal reasons and overall... it aight :]

renji • 4 months ago

I guess Im only person old enough to recognize this anime here. this anime aired on TV during my childhood time.

Kuriyama Nikki • 4 months ago

damn i really missed this kind of artstyle, very nostalgic

ilisan • 4 months ago

That モトコンポ at 11:15 is still super popular (today among otaku) and back then this show was the biggest ad for it and the car.
Back then people seem to have been a lot more carefree and unburdened, must have been nice...

Dreamblade • 4 months ago

Was this really what the 90s was like? I was a kid then so I don't remember :(

Astera Lililuke • 4 months ago

I love this holy fuck! MAAAN so many candy shots

Pavie Olivier • 4 months ago

I remember watching this anime when I was a kid,
more than 10 years ago....
I forgot it ever existed... but when i saw their face i remembered 😅
I had such a nice childhood

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 4 months ago

Holly molly. With that title & no loli? löl xD

Eber • 3 months ago

Does this website have the sub version of the original series?

anarekist • 4 months ago


gizen • 4 months ago

20:50 yoriko so cute

Christian Appel • 4 months ago

Funny thing is that they have to make sure there is no congestion to and from the beach but they (un)intentionally cause it themselves and I don´t want to know how long this remains.

Maybe until the chief arrives and breaks it up while yelling at them.

Klimyssup • 4 months ago

nice boohdy!

dwagsragon • 4 months ago


Kuraishi • 4 months ago

Man i love this anime.. One of my favorites back in the day

Weeb • 4 months ago

Some of the movies were great for their time. I got into anime because of how well animated the hair was.