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Fortune's Feline • 6 months ago

Whoa, I'm surprised no one has commented on this ep yet. Huh, well there isn't a ton to say it is pretty straightforward.
My cats do this too, but especially my youngest one, when I'm petting him or scratching his chin and he really likes it, you can tell by his eyes and pupils, but as soon as he's had enough or not really enjoying it anymore they change quite noticeably. It's extra fun if you know where the best spots are because you can watch his eyes change back and forth sometimes. XD

In fairness, human eyes do something similar, but not to near the extent that a cat eye does.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

The same with my cat as well, and when I pick up cause she wants attention she turns a 180 on me and just nips at me.

Angelise Noir • 6 months ago

They think it's a fun game treating your hand as prey. >D

Fortune's Feline • 6 months ago

I hear that, thankfully I have successfully coommunicated to my youngest (and largest) on that if he bites, I go away and I take the treatos with me. His reactions the first few times I did that were hilarious. XDXDXD

fabulous max • 5 months ago

lmao when my cats play like they're hunting or readying to pounce their pupils dilate soo much it's the cutest thing~

Fortune's Feline • 5 months ago

XD I hear ya! Mine does that too! Also, when I'm petting him or scritching his chin and then stop and walk away suddenly, his pupils get huge and he gets this look on his face like I just said goodbye forever! It's both adorable and hilarious at the same time.

fabulous max • 5 months ago

lmaoo so cute!!

Fortune's Feline • 5 months ago

I mean, it's been said, all pet owners think their pets are cute....and I'm no different, he really is! He's freakin adorable, a clumsy goofball in a furry tuxedo and two little white boots on two feet and little black boots on the other two feet. XD

lady vivi ★ • 6 months ago

And they were not able to save her hand.

vovan1 • 6 months ago

she became a zombie

Angelise Noir • 6 months ago

The cat sleeping with his eyes open...just in case. Lol!

OMG, I saw that coming when the cat suddenly became possessed!

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 6 months ago

Öh nö not the bitinggg :<

Nymphaea • 6 months ago

New cat game: are you just by the light or are you gonna gnaw my hand off?

Evilspyre • 6 months ago

I have a ginger chunky fat cat and he is dumb as a rock but never attacks me,

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Nice episode.

PicHor • 6 months ago

cats don't understand that humans move slow. sloooooooooooowww. humans don't notice all signs immediatelly and/or will act accordiatenly.

wwlaos • 5 months ago

"I really want you to catch me, but if you do, I'll bite you."