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Judgment526 • 10 months ago

I love how Eita was just represented as a rabbit in all of the comedic scenes this episode. :P

Anime & Rutabagas • 10 months ago

A rabbit is Eita’s spirit animal lol

Kirito • 10 months ago

Yamada is so popular that he doesn't notice it I guess lol but hearing yamada saying akane is a prize that's like rare is like saying he has feelings

Nikola Nikolov • 9 months ago

yup i love how that played out for both of them was like an half confession with out fully being aware of there own feelings starting to be more than just friendship

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

Every moment was hilarious :P

Indeed 😂

Nikola Nikolov • 9 months ago

yup such an wholesome and funny episode and cudos to that dude at the end on the stage :D :D :D he really deserves to be treated at least an burger or something

Kwarevo • 10 months ago

Eita really likes bunny girl senpa*

Cari • 10 months ago


I had the same thought!

Darlatteyy (datte) • 10 months ago

This episode was a need for us after all the sad eps of hells paradise, heavenly delusion, demon slayer (。-_-。)

This episode is definitely a good comedy and hilarious episode

Battōusai98 • 10 months ago

ha jokes on you.. im going to watch it now guess I should have watched hell's paradise first

skynight • 10 months ago

lol I'm starting these just for your comment. except demon slayer thats a fav

Lord Of Pandemonium • 10 months ago

Hells paradise was especially sad, I found myself almost tearing up

Panda • 10 months ago

Rurihime also wears rabbit headwear i think

A lot of people came to this comment in the same 30 seconds 😂

s s • 10 months ago

i love all the chibi moments in this series...

s s • 10 months ago

this is gonna need a s2 fr. Like s1 is just gonna capture ch 1-34 in manga. But its peak 34-79.

Nikola Nikolov • 9 months ago

yup it fits him sooooo well ^_^

Mr.Cookie • 10 months ago

kinda gay

Sean JohnBull • 10 months ago

That's what they're trying not to say explicitly. Otherwise they simply want to feminize boys any chance they get. Qqqqq

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

Lol Okamoto the MVP, he's quite the daredevil putting himself in that sort of position. The girls were ready to wield their pitchforks when he came out instead of Yamada and he was still able to wholeheartedly laugh.

I am surprised none of the girls got pissed at the teacher considering he was slapping Yamada's back so many times throughout that exchange.

It was interesting to learn how highly Yamada views Akane but she is bright in comparison to him so that might be part of the influence on his view.

Ohms Nuttachai • 10 months ago

RIP Okamoto. You will be missed lol

Time. • 10 months ago

They was about to riot and protest too haha

wwlaos • 10 months ago

If he survives, I'll buy him a hamburger, too.

Dbz Directioner • 10 months ago

That Last bit was actually Anime Original. It was not in the Manga, so it was nice to see Okamoto getting some Screentime.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

Original content done right.

s s • 10 months ago

Bro, he views her that way bc she is deredere, shes happy, humble, good cook, thankful, forgiving, good at cleaning, modest, a good friend, communicates well, fun, accommodating... the list is longer fr, and nah fr Yamada is wise beyond his years to see that she is a 'high valued' woman. Shes waifu material, very few 19yo ever get to that level (like of women at that age, its gotta be <1%), let alone those who are in their 20-30s...many single guys should take some notes from Yamada, and value a woman who is like that... as a woman who is borderline unattainable.

Vince :D • 10 months ago

Yamada was a chad for being honest like that!
She was afraid of his answer, and he ended up making her day with that praise!

skynight • 10 months ago

actually because she has all the characteristics you listed I keep thinking she's older than 20, even by the way she dresses I feel like she's supposed to be in her late 20's?? idk then I keep remembering they're 19 and 20 lol

s s • 10 months ago

bro, thats why i keep saying Yamada is wise. he found a mature, modest waifu... he realizes her worth

skynight • 10 months ago

lol yeah 100% a keeper I love her character and her voice

LesK • 10 months ago

she drinks alcohol so she's 20... that's the legal age in Japan.

s s • 10 months ago

bro you read a lengthy paragraph and pointed out an irrelevant point lol 19/20 same difference for the main topic lol :p

LesK • 10 months ago

nope it wasn't irrelevant, or i wouldn't have pointed out the error.

s s • 10 months ago

smh it changes nothing...

Mr.Cookie • 10 months ago

or shes got a dealer

LesK • 10 months ago

ALSO it is illegal in Japan to DEPICT on a BROADCAST show, minors consuming alcohol. that's where the "It is just juice!" meme came from about anime. if you see a group of adults drinking an adult beverage around a minor in an anime... the MINOR's drink is ALWAYS depicted as a totally DIFFERENT color than the adults' drinks.

LesK • 10 months ago

first time they hung out it was in a bar. Japan HIGHLY frowns on underaged drinking, their laws on it state that ALL the staff on site would be ARRESTED if one minor is found to be drinking an alcoholic beverage. now if those arrests 'stick' so to speak it would be up to the police and prosecutor's office... but it is a VERY harsh punishment of up to 5 years in PRISON for serving a minor alcohol in Japan.

Byno • 10 months ago

He scored a homerun with that hit! Yamada had to have bought him a burger!

Time. • 10 months ago

Akane was for sure getting worried about the slapping tho lol

Kirito • 10 months ago

He sacrificed himself and the girls hated him but his homies supported him

LesK • 10 months ago

yup, dude just trolled the ENTIRE female student body of that high school! :> now that took some GIANT SIZED brass balls! :D hahahha! :D

Nick Raph • 10 months ago

Okamoto got alot of supporters too....that girl might even have a crush on him....it's not that weird since he's the happy go lucky type....people cant really hate on him on earnest...it's hard to

KingKrash • 10 months ago

from what I can tell Yamada seems to admire Akane's hard working and honest personality(and he might have a thing for long haired girls, although that part is just conjunction)

Ohms Nuttachai • 10 months ago

Runa: "My stomach aches but I haven't eaten anything since last night"
Yeah. I wonder why.

Akane ran away
Yamada: "You ain't getting away. B*tch!"
I love how they showed Eita and Kamota having fun while Yamada and Akane were having trouble lol

I can't really remember but was that the first time Yamada called Akane by her name? And it was quite a surprise knowing how Yamada feels about Akane since it's almost impossible to read his expression.

The expression of those girls after the end credit, though lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

Akane wondering if Yamada knew her name when Eita always calls her by her name around Yamada lol.

Darlatteyy (datte) • 10 months ago

I wish yamada would say that sentence tho but I loved how he expressed his affection towards her

“For a nobody like me, you are a prize that I couldn’t reach”

Damn this is really so like yamada thinking

Time. • 10 months ago

It was cute to see Yamada chase after Akane

Anime_Lover_XD • 10 months ago

If I remember correctly then Yamada always called her Akane-san but here he called her only Akane. I think that's the only difference

MeguminExplosion • 10 months ago

Akane shuffling away from Yamada @9:00 like a dam NPC 💀
Everyone else 22:27 straight up NPC