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Sinja • 4 months ago

In Hachiman we trust🗣💯

AnimeSenpai2003 • 4 months ago

End of conversation "let's kill him"😂.....
I think it's time to re-watch this ROM-COM @nime again.

Dbz Directioner • 4 months ago

Yes time re-watch this for the 6th time.

Trafalgar Watel • 4 months ago

glad to see ppl also rewatching it multiple times. just finished my 11th

Dbz Directioner • 4 months ago

Keep up the Grind my brother.

Os • 4 months ago

One of the best :)

s s • 3 months ago

we needed the teacher to walk in and make a comment as well... she was always my fave lol

KeqingMain • 4 months ago

Well said my comrade

8man • 4 months ago


Bottom G • 4 months ago

need more not enough 🙁

AnimeVibesYT • 4 months ago

Yes Indeed!

Sayan Das • 4 months ago

Always speaking Facts

Goku D. Uzumaki • 4 months ago

aside from the love rivalry Hikki vs Yukino's mom was the best lol i mean he forgot about their family business but remembers that old sark from aquarium lmao... 🤣🤣🤣

Nikola Nikolov • 4 months ago

Yukino's bis sis man the teacher is best girl out side of the 2 main leads ^_^

Goku D. Uzumaki • 4 months ago

In game he ended up with everyone (Optional way)...😁🤞🏼

Nani?! • 4 months ago

There is a game?!?!?

Goku D. Uzumaki • 4 months ago

This ONA was uploaded to promote that very game...

LesK • 3 months ago

there is a PS Vita visual novel game for every season of the anime. but i can't remember if this OVA/game bundle was exclusively available on PS Vita or any other platform. the (optional way) @gokGoku D. Uzumaki u d. mentioned is because EACH of the visual novel games has a 'dating simulation' plotline/storyline set of path-choices you as 'Hachiman' can take with the story.

now, we're not talking about a RPG-like game where you play it TRULY like a dating-sim... it's more like those 1980's to 1990's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' paperbacks that MANY franchises like D&D released. the story comes to a branching fork in the choices... 'take left path? turn to page 100', 'walk center path? turn to page 200', 'walk right path? turn to page 300'... and so on.

whityjack • 2 weeks ago

So much touching between them, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh They are so cute ><'

Maverick • 4 months ago

"well, at least better than you" and 'It was a credit agency, right?". God, I missed Hachiman

Craftz • 4 months ago

In other translations it was also named " it's a investigation agency, right?" Which kinda implies about how they keep asking him stuff

whityjack • 2 weeks ago

Can someone please explain the 'credit agency' part because I thought they were major events/cultural planners. Did that imply they were after people's money?

Joe Devaney • 4 months ago

Gonna need a first aid for those ones. All things considered, though, Hachiman does seem to be in the Yukinoshitas' good graces.

Suyash Garg • 4 months ago

this is the hachiman we trust

Kwarevo • 4 months ago

8man is back
Takuya Eguchi, Saori Hayami, and Ayane Sakura is back from Spy family.
Get knife knife and fork

Dbz Directioner • 4 months ago

That's why I've been keep saying that we need Nao Toyama in Spy x Family to complete the Trio.

Joe Devaney • 4 months ago

I think it would be funny if she voiced a villain who tried to kill Anya (the Yui of the show). Maybe have her be voiced by Jad Saxton in the dub for good measure.

Dbz Directioner • 4 months ago

Yeah, That might be interesting.

8man • 4 months ago

don't tell your father

echykr • 4 months ago

Really does feel weird coming back to watch Oregairu again after Spy Family. lol

Joe Devaney • 4 months ago

Also, I'm pretty sure Kikuko Inoue or Mai Nakahara (Yukino's mother and Haruno) will voice Melinda.

Kanon • 4 months ago

"Since it belongs to someone else, it's really delicious" damn, Iroha going for the ntr route

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Netori. Iroha stealing guy from other girls from the perspective of the NTR person (Iroha)

theultimategamer95 • 4 months ago

This was cool and all, but it just feels kinda wrong having a sequel OVA when season 3's ending just felt really good imo.

That said... Holy MOTHER of long titles...

Milla Mathis • 4 months ago

i wanted it all to be about yukino and 8man's relationship TT

nalgaswangas • 4 months ago

same its a shame we didnt get to see much of what their relationship is like now that they're dating.

Cix Ren • 4 months ago

we already did see from s1 to s3

Scramler • 4 months ago

Man...I missed this feeling. I remember watching this when I was 8man's age... I am getting old bois

Dazed • 4 months ago

They're actually still trying to progress this story.

To be honest this OVA didn't feel like the snafu I'm used to. Like it lost it's edge.

BuyMeDinnerFirst • 4 months ago

This is just a bonus ep from a game.

Yamamoto Takeshi • 4 months ago

Well, the three way drama was resolved so it would a little. Plenty of other interesting stuff to expand o though. Hachi, Yukino, and sensei's character stories ended but the other characters not so much

Dazed • 4 months ago

In that case I would prefer they entirely break free from the highschool theme. Things have been resolved in this setting, so I feel a change of scenery would be appropriate to showing 'other interesting stuff'.

Yamamoto Takeshi • 4 months ago

I agree, show Yuki and Hachi as cameos and as a reward , we see Hachi groom to a more fun, friendly, and refined character little by little but some things remain the same.. like his humor. We still need that ramen scene though but a bigger focus should be the other characters

Ani-Monarch(AM) • 4 months ago

The day has finally arrived

RAJVEER-KUN • 4 months ago

Only we know how much we waited for this🥺 I m BLESSED to beALIVE

Poke Chan • 4 months ago

Im already dead from inside.. BUT One Piece is still on going...

RAJVEER-KUN • 4 months ago

Frfr someone just end it already 😩

Ani-Monarch(AM) • 4 months ago


Somebody (dumbass) • 4 months ago

wait, you're alive?

RAJVEER-KUN • 4 months ago

Yes ofcourse im alive but ded inside😞