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Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

I was more interested in Yae's backstory and flashbacks then anything else in this ep.
But the Aladdin performance was pretty good though.

Anime & Rutabagas • 10 months ago

Yae just want to be on the same stage as Hiiragi again T^T lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

Finally Kokona is starting you use her sense properly, and Shizuka.

Anime & Rutabagas • 10 months ago

Shizuka acts it and Kokona performs it lol

Byno • 10 months ago

Kokona has that Sharingan to copy something perfectly XD

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

I thought we'd see some focus on the girls adapting to Kokona's change in acting style but I guess the rehearsals took care of that.

Anime & Rutabagas • 10 months ago

Kokona finally got Dugong's seal of approval lol

guesswho • 10 months ago

Oh come on, they were having a moment there... Why they never finish their lines ? And LMAO she basically said Yae was too OP for the performances.

Also Yae gives me Kokona (from Yama no susume) vibe.

JadeJade • 10 months ago

I'm still unclear as to how Kokona's sense works. Is she imitating Shizuka? Is Shizuka taking control of her? Idk

UglySatchFanatic • 10 months ago

Kokona is perfect copy while Shizuka is immersive visualization. Kokona can act perfectly even alone but she feels empty as she's just copying without a heart like how we speak on stage perfectly but that's because we got a cue card. It was shown before when she copied Yua.
Which means Kokona really needs Shizuka. Think of it that Shizuka is the brains while Kokona delivers.

guesswho • 10 months ago

lmao I love anime

Monkey D. Luna • 10 months ago

She's her stand... Za World Dai Star Platinum!

She has a mind of her own... her special attack is...


JadeJade • 10 months ago

Lmao it fits too perfectly

UglySatchFanatic • 10 months ago

So in this episode we get to confirm that Kokona got Sharingan making Shizuka her battery, Thus, it means that Kokona always needs Shizuka to be perfect as if she's not around she'll just copy whoever enters her mind.

Glinda • 10 months ago

A very great episode 🤗❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗

UglySatchFanatic • 10 months ago

Call me a fanboy or whatever but I actually watched this episode for 4 times as I actually enjoyed it especially when Kokona sings then I finally realized what is Kokona's real sense is: It's the deliverance of the played character's emotions and thoughts to the audience while Shizuka's is similar to Christina that she gets into the role as if she's the character itself which is slightly different but technically the same. If Shizuka returns to Kokona then both of these abilities would be Kokona's and then she would be the perfect theater actress.
So aside from the aforementioned two, the other known senses would be:

Noa is to detect the senses of others but she got the instinct to tell how they can utilize it to its fullest.
Panda is to read the audience's thought's during play.
Christina is total absorption of the role.
Yae is the charm of a diva.
What's Chisa's? I can't recall her sense. I think it's not revealed yet.

Sena Izumi • 10 months ago

the opening tell you everything dude, xD

looserr • 10 months ago

what a nice comment. I kind of needed a point-out of all the senses

Keith Anderson • 10 months ago

kokona va also plays akane oshi no ko

Keith Anderson • 10 months ago

Wonder who will play Romeo and Juliet kokona is pretty boyish haha, and I'd like to see a new play with Kathrina and kokona again, but the other two will probably be show more since we have never seen them preform with her hope it's not panda, but I like chisa tho

Christian Appel • 10 months ago

I think it will (surely) be Kokona x Kathrina because Kathrina - even if she denies it (for now) - is in love with Kokona and R x J is the perfect play for her/them.

Keith Anderson • 10 months ago

That's what I was thinking, it's like the perfect theme for them, plus I bet kathrina wants a redo of the first play

Delete Zero • 10 months ago

I knew Kokona and Shizuka shared one sense. That they are connected. It was obvious. That's so beautiful

Hendri Saputro • 10 months ago

The ending art.. Hiiragi in sport bra + spat + Sweat... My God.. I cant...

Hendri Saputro • 10 months ago

Chisa... Be patient.. Your time to Shine.. Will come.. Just not today.. 5 episode to go!!!!

Utsuro • 10 months ago

Dugong took a liking to Kokona

Fibel Sistine • 10 months ago

So finally they are perfectly linked, shizuka is the one who act and kokona that perform. dunno why people saying perfect copy since shizuka is literally kokona's ideal actress (of course they are practicing together so it wasnt just blatant copy shet or something) and they should are think together how they are gonna perform

And in the other side, yeah yae's sense is extremely OP, just show and singing and boom, atmosphere instantly change it's just too strong like hiiragi said, and good to see that yae realize that so we can get to see how she and kokona gonna evolve in the future (P. S. Good luck to the other 3 too lol)

Neyney • 10 months ago

That was such a great episode, cant believe how many people have been sleeping on this.
Also not sure if im the only one but I absolutely LOVE the eyes in this show Sense active or otherwise there's just something about the style that draws your focus in a good way

Keith Anderson • 10 months ago

The only thing bad about this show is panda, she's just two faced persons who act nice one moment then criticize you behind your back

Paradise SLU • 10 months ago

Another wonderful episode, it was really nice to watch.

Monkey D. Luna • 10 months ago

Forget the lamp... I wanna see Aladdin rub the Genie.

Blue Panda • 10 months ago

it end pretty peaceful, i expect a bit more drama,ngl.

also if shizuka is actually her split personality, doesn't this mean kokona dual wielding sense? since she is perfect copy while shizuka is perfect visualization. shizuka visualize how the role works, kokona copy shizuka. and there might be more to both sense, since how the fck shizuka materalize if both sense works as i said. dang ! now i really want some backstory of shizuka.

also next eps gonna be romeo and juliet. can we get kokona do juliet ? i wanna see her act feminine

Hendri Saputro • 10 months ago

What a great ending. Its over everyone. Pack your stuff. World dai star ended at ep 7.

What? 12 episode you say? But this is the perfect ending for this show. Shizuka is still there and the show was Success.

Ro Ha • 10 months ago

Best episode so far. Kokona's finally shine.

I feel like this anime need to separate the off stage scenes and the On stage scenes by episodes. One episode to dedicated fully for Internal conflicts between SIRIUS members in behind the scene to build up the suspense. And another whole episode dedicated solely on stage, for more immersive acting and to answer all the pent up suspense.

Mochi • 8 months ago


Usami Mizuki • 10 months ago

I still think Kokona's sense is not just having Shizuka as her ideal Star.
She and Shizuka might become just as one person together.
Still thinking just how smooth and how many frames whenever they were on-stage.

Pietje van Dongen • 10 months ago

Does shizuka needs to see the stage perform perfectly? or can she also be in another room? at first i thought it was all in kokona's head, but after she materialises i got clueless how.
The show was even a greater success then before

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 10 months ago

I noticed this for a while. Kokona's sense created a presence in her life that looks and acts the opposite of her. This can be hinted that Kokona doesn't believe that who she is today is god enough to be a Dai Star, unless she becomes like Mizuha (or whatever blue girl's name is). I redict the end of this anime will either be Kokona becoming a good Dai Star as she is and the girl disappears, OR Kokona and her will still work together aiming or a second season to improve Kokona.