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PicHor • 5 months ago

now i got questiions. like, is the boy going to join too?

SkyNatsu • 5 months ago

Possibly. Wait and see during the 2nd half.

Thistlesniffs • 5 months ago

I'm honestly hoping the boy and his rabbit both join the team as a mid-season cure duo. It would be fun to have two boy cures on a team of six. But all we can do is theorize and guess at this point, yeah?

ShyRoc • 5 months ago

I'm hoping for this to become a reality as well🤘🏾

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

I'm wondering about the boy's position in the show too

Cillian • 5 months ago

Satoru-kun going to know about Precures very fast, I feel it.

SkyNatsu • 5 months ago

Our next male Precure🙏

Josh Kala • 5 months ago

it reminds me Happnessecharge

SkyNatsu • 5 months ago

Cute Friendly Debut Episode!!!!

Noah • 5 months ago

Okay 3 things

1. Cure Friendly’s Cure Outfit kinda reminds me of a detective’s outfit with the hood and the hat does anybody else see that?

2. I have a feeling that this Monster of the week is going to like a wild animal thing honestly

3. I should have said this during the finale but the one thing that I’m mainly disappointed About Soaring Sky Pretty Cure was their was no Pegasus reference at all yet their were talking birds, a Pig, a Minotaur, a Snake Man, And DRAGONS but no Pegasus what so ever!

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

True they should have had pegasus. I wonder if there will be animal evil generals

lady vivi ★ • 5 months ago

She’s Cure High Frame Rate!

Julius Macansantos • 5 months ago

that was a nice debut of Friendy and free housing for Komugi just turn back to a dog and boom no more school unless Iroha reveals her to her parents.

I feel the rescuing of the animals won't be that long similar to Kira precure purifying the thieves until episode 12 then we get the usual MOTW with finisher

George Cowley • 5 months ago

Tell them you don't know, which is true, then tell them about the Precure, which is also true.


Melfina Rose • 5 months ago

That bunny is a mood, I hope it becomes a Precure later down the line.

Which is possibly worrying if a bunny who is done with everything is the best thing of the show so far. The lead is just ugh, just too much and don't tell me this season is going to be nothing more than hugging it out?

SkyNatsu • 5 months ago

Hugging them in first 12 episodes then move on to finishing them off. Kira Kira Precure followed the same formula here then changed afterwards

Shadowenclave47 • 5 months ago

So i guess this season won't have any flashy finishing moves to defeat/purify the monsters?

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

A flashy hug

Julius Macansantos • 5 months ago

not yet until they rescued perhaps the main niko animals that will give a power-up

Paladin Mama • 4 months ago

calling it. Boy and rabbit go Tuxedo Mask or Black Pepper.

TheDaviesCR • 5 months ago

It's interesting to see a PreCure series where the magical companions have no more of an idea what's going on than the kids do.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

So is dog girl the Mc or is owner girl

霜降 Quon🍓 • 5 months ago

seems to b the doggo

MafiaMinister • 5 months ago

i think this girls have ultraman cosmos power

Tangerine • 5 months ago

Not sure how I feel about this pacificm type Precure thing going on. Im just hoping they finish rescuing the Niko Garden animals and there will be an actual villain team that they can fight against. No magical wands or finishing moves yet either. Also, it seems like Friendly's innate Cure power is to run fast or is it like... she just caught up to Wonderful?

Santat Angsupan • 5 months ago

Okay, this is just Precure equivalent of Ultraman Cosmos

ShyRoc • 5 months ago

To be honest I'm not sure how to feel about this season of Precure🤔 don't get me wrong but the fact no explanation of why Cure Wonderful even came about is still not clear. Is it that already they are aware of Precures exsistance🤔 like it's just not pulling me. Another cure pact to transform them so Yuki the cat will also become a Cure🤔 yea I just don't know how to feel

Beatrice • 5 months ago

so we still didnt get a finishing move huh... and no ending roll call too... which is really surprising.

xentipiiides • 5 months ago