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Usami Mizuki • 4 months ago

That's sad for Claire she's the Big Sister figure of her since Childhood.

So that's the reason why Rae decided to give the Recipe of Mayo to Lene in the previous episode.
I can see of her being a famous because of that recipe.

Mayonnaise is really the survival kit on isekai.

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

But is mayonnaise an instrument? lol

Usami Mizuki • 4 months ago

I just remembered a certain isekai I watched before, they made a religion with the help of Mayonnaise.

kousetsu • 4 months ago

The seven prodigies

Junnie Mae • 4 months ago

Someone remembers that series! I'm happy that's being referenced by this comment.

Oviej • 4 months ago

My favorite is the business guy. Everybody else is just mid imo.

Usami Mizuki • 4 months ago


Saiki • 4 months ago

dunno but I know that it can go up an escalator.

gundamforreal • 4 months ago

No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

Akebi • 4 months ago

Ingredients for Mayonnaise incase people get isekai
2 large eggs, at room temperature
2 teaspoons fresh squeezed lemon juice (or vinegar)
1 cup of neutral-flavored oil (like light olive oil, grapeseed oil, walnut or sweet almond oil)
A pinch of good quality fine grain sea salt

TheCabra • 4 months ago

Rae wasn’t kidding when she said that things would never be the same. Lane and Claire interactions were so fun but we won’t get to see them anymore…I guess now without Lane,Claire will start relying more on Rae and it might speed up their development

さとう🍬 • 4 months ago

It's unique after all and easy to create

KuroPanda • 4 months ago

need to learn how to make mayo so that in case I get isekai lol

arra1213 • 4 months ago

love the different hair style of rae they shown so far xd by the looks of it the anime wont reach the best part of the manga

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

but I'm still glad with the pacing and that they didn't rush things... hopefully will get multiple seasons until they complete the LN and even the side story! XD

arra1213 • 4 months ago

yeah im satisfied with this adaptation hope it gets s2 this is my 2nd favorite yuri anime next to citrus and my 2nd favorite villainess anime 1st if tearmoon empire doesnt count as a villainess anime lol

yuzu • 4 months ago

Yup, waiting for the next seasons.

Meh • 4 months ago

Agreed. Let's hope for season 2 but usually yuri anime doesn't get renewed 😭

arra1213 • 4 months ago

yeah specially my favorite yuri citrus thats the anime that made me watch romcom but ill take yuri is my job s2 since the next arc is the best one with sumika and kanoko that even the author forgot about the 2 mc exist lol

Meh • 4 months ago


Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Getting exiled > Getting executed

On the bright side now they can be incestual to their heart’s content lol

Simphorny • 4 months ago

Good for them. Where are they moving anyway? Alabama?

norigami • 4 months ago

They are going to establish the nation of Alabama!

RazzaQ • 4 months ago

Washington DC

Simphorny • 2 months ago

They let siblings fuck each other there?

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 4 months ago

WIN-Cest ! 'Tis the BEST; it's FUN for the Whole Family!


Rae Taylor : «You finally understand me, Miss Claire ! All that's left is for us to get married !» =D
Claire François : «That's not happening !» (and the way she says it is really quite hilarious for those of us who recognise that the ですわ, desu wa, manner of speaking is being used to object; to explain this in a way that might be better-recognised by non-Japanese-speakers, saying something like «As if !» might be considered street-talk or a «commoner's» or maybe like a slang way to say that it shall not come to pass, but, hearing «high-class» versions of what should normally be «dignified» and/or «refined» speech typically heard when someone of much higher social-class than the masses, such as royal-aristocrats, certainly makes for quite the amusement !)

Jullian J. Weskier • 4 months ago

“We will see each other another time”

… by the age of transportation, distance, and other bs to come. They would be out of the school by then, so theyd most likely visit Lene raising her 2 5yo incest spawns

Pinku • 4 months ago

in the end they kinda got what they wanted anyway lol

TheCabra • 4 months ago

Kinda bittersweet since we won’t get to see her anymore in this season I bet,but at least now she’ll be happy

Ritsulove • 4 months ago

Lene and her brother got exiled to.. ALABAMA! 😅

Another • 4 months ago

to alpes

vandalbear • 4 months ago

Goddamit beat me to it

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

Thane looks so much better with the haircut. But man that poison was really fast acting, that looked scary. Good thing Rae had already been preparing for the events from the game, hopefully they will not make anything new in the meantime.

Interesting to see Claire blushing more around Rae, without Lene around I am sure she will depend on Rae more and warm up to her more than she wants to lol.

Well it looks like Lene and Lambert will be able to live a quiet life as a couple since their own family disowned them lol.

Utsuro • 4 months ago

Lene and Lambert won in the end ig

Usami Mizuki • 4 months ago

The next Episode preview tho.
I can sense a strong Jealousy next week

TheAnimeList.net • 4 months ago


zEscOOt • 4 months ago

All this for some incest

RazzaQ • 4 months ago

Huh? Is that what your pea brain, took all from that ?
Oh well, another bites the dust..

Forget the romantic aspect, Lene was still a hostage, what, are you gonna let your little sister get murdered by the mastermind or try to find a solution (if any will present, in this case Rae and Claire).

If you have ears and eyes, use them, if not just stay dead and blind, my

Little lamb 😌

I see Claire has started blushing 😍

Lucyw18 • 4 months ago

ohhh Claire being blushy with Rae and wait Claire had a crush on a girl before? i guess she has a bit of a thing for silver haired ppl plus a soft spot for Rae

Keith Anderson • 4 months ago

well, a princess from another kingdom has a crush on Claire wonder if will get to there this season

Meh • 4 months ago

Isn't that in the next episode? Or there's someone else? If so who Cz I don't remember 😭

Keith Anderson • 4 months ago

Probably yup lol it's a reason I hate rai during this exchange between them

norigami • 4 months ago

@15:33 - That smile must be protected at all costs!

Sexist Okabe • 4 months ago

All this drama because bro couldn't keep his hands off his own sister.

Every new outfit Rae gets looks so good. This girl could pull off any look on the planet. The hairstyle looks great too.

Honestly I kind of expected them to just execute the Lannister siblings anyway. Would have been a great "oh shit, there's stakes" moment

WorldGN18 • 4 months ago

honestly I hate that the siblings got a happy ending and Rae and Claire weren't more pissed off, especially at Lene, lil bitch almost got them kill for nothing cuz they could have just run away withouth all this drama

TheCabra • 4 months ago

Let’s face it,as much as it annoys me too,they would never get mad at them. That’s just how these relationships in anime always goes

WorldGN18 • 4 months ago

I know, I understand that this is the type of anime in which the "good guys" seem to not be allowed to hate and have to always forgive but it was still frustrating to watch, they betrayed everybody's trust and Lene was willing to hurt Claire if she had to, all because they were stupid enough to get themselves in such a situation, they should receive actual punishment, all of that for them to just get what they wanted at the end, honestly they could have just run away with some money/jewels from the start

Warhion • 4 months ago

I mean just think person has her life in danger long time and she is scarried all the time this person is you friends and you just get to know this and they don't know what to do
considering all of this I will not hate someone who life was threatened all this thime I don't mean these actions was good but mostly I will feel pity for people like this not hatred this pair f siblings didn't even want to do this they was forced by their circumstances and even if they wasn't couple they still will be with Lene in danger but there will be acting on diferrent circumstances

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

The sister is just as guilty lol.