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Judgment526 • 4 months ago

That one random Jomsviking who almost killed Badger was so smoothly animated. :P

Himansh Ahuja • 4 months ago

Yeah they probably used real movements as a reference and they cost a lot idk why they used it for such an irrelevent scene

OfficialDrixMalone • 4 months ago

Because that's what great series do, they put effort in all the scenes possible, from small insignificant parts to the big important parts, they're all equal. Even the small details in cooking, or farming, to the scars/wounds and clothes are treated with utmost respect and close attention. Which is what makes this a near legendary series, putting it in a class above most, with the other few series that are also top tier. Can't neglect the small or irrelevant parts, characters, scenes, have to treat them all equally as it contributes to the whole story.

Especially when it comes to the fighting/battles, they definitely don't want to halfass it, otherwise it'll look terrible and downgrade it overall. Like watching stick figures and stiff combat, or seeing a beautiful scenery then it cuts into trashy ugly backgrounds, it would lower the rating wouldn't it?? Imagine a painting with one side being beautifully detailed while the other half looks hideously plain, you wouldn't dare purchase it since the artist obviously didn't care enough to apply the same care.

This series is amazing in every way. They put so much effort and care into every scene, even the ones that seem irrelevant. Like that one random Jomsviking who almost killed Badger. He was so smoothly animated. :P

Do you know who the Jomsvikings were? They were a legendary order of Viking mercenaries who would fight for anyone who could pay them, even Christians. They had a strict code of conduct and a ritual duel to join their ranks. They were badass warriors who didn’t fear death.

Maybe that’s why they used real movements as a reference for that scene. They wanted to show how skilled and fierce the Jomsvikings were. And maybe they also wanted to show how lucky Badger was to survive that encounter. He must have had some divine protection or something.

Or maybe they just wanted to mess with us and make us think that Badger was going to die. That would be a cruel twist, wouldn’t it? Imagine if they killed off one of our favorite characters in such a random way. I would be so mad and sad at the same time.

But I guess that’s what makes this series so great. They keep us on our toes and make us care about every character, even the minor ones. They don’t neglect any detail or aspect of the story. They make it all beautiful and realistic and engaging.

That’s why I love this series so much. It’s a masterpiece of storytelling and animation.

Kirito • 4 months ago

I love the characters here like it feels so real and the best of it is there's no 3d looking people movement here

Sprayquaza • 4 months ago

its probably modeled after tracing and 3d motion capture of a real life fight between experts. you can tell by the smoothness of the motion that its definitely 3d

Pride9999 • 4 months ago

how is that scene ''irrelevant'' ????
It shows the difference between a Mediocre warrior and heavily trained psychopaths that are machines to kill and how they ENJOy the war like dancing freely like they are in heaven while their opponents are fighting for their lives in hell.
That scene was deep af but sadly u couldnt see the art and why the invested SO MUCh in such an ''irrelevant'' scene.
All the likes u got are just other mediocre people like u, get ur crew and join in the the Ketils side.
We the Jomsvikings need only 100 to beat 1000 of u.
Such a bold thing to say to the obviously GOOD artists that create this show.

Krazy_Kirby • 4 months ago

almost nobody in that 1000 are fighters.
there would be little to no coordination

dakota clark (codycody69) • 4 months ago

it's an artistic choice. It displays the skill gap between regular/skilled mercenaries versus the jomsvikings. Very good show one of the best in the past few years imo

Shubham Kumar • 4 months ago

its going to come up in later seasons

Kirito • 4 months ago

That son of ketil could have killed Canute in that scene if he doesn't keep talking and just focused on swinging his sword

Iloveaquariums • 3 months ago

bruh!!!I was shouting PLOT ARMOUR the whole fucking time!!!

Esenpai • 4 months ago

There isn't as much combat in this season as there was in the first so more of the budget can be dedicated to high paced action scenes like this.

The supreme one • 4 months ago

Thats vinland saga for u.. a great show.. every scene deserves to be im the center… love this show! ❤️

Skd009 • 4 months ago

MAPPA always does that, they just give random scenes the highest quality possible and then give medium quality to some important scenes. they are not very consistent. It was like that to AOT and chainsaw man too.

stumpy • 4 months ago

what a jaded response. just appreciate something for being beautiful, jesus

LIL' GAMER • 4 months ago

rotoscope, i.e tracing frames of real footage

Anonymous User • 4 months ago

Because MAPPA just goated like that and Vinland deserves it too

Kirito • 4 months ago

What I love here is there's no cgi

shoyu • 4 months ago

I believe it's called rotoscoping

Ali Tadili • 4 months ago

I don't care how relevant the scene is, but it was beautiful

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

We know where all the budget for this episode went towards lol

𝕭𝖗𝖞𝖑𝖊 • 4 months ago

Rotoscoped, which is why it is so smooth. But this time Mappa did it more fluidity that you barely notice it

Kirito • 4 months ago

I couldn't believe it that arnheid died I thought she gonna make it and this made thorfinn wanna fight back and talk to Canute his old buddy

EM • 4 months ago

Oh wow I didn't really notice that. Badger himself was animated insanely well too. Props to everyone who worked on this.

Bogdan Uricec • 4 months ago

Pretty sure that was rotoscoping. They just traced the lines over live footage of real people.

Ramisama • 4 months ago

I mean they needed to show how experienced the jomsvikings are and that was a good opportunity like yes they are strong by just winning but i believe that single instance showed us why they are considered the best

wwlaos • 4 months ago

I was rooting for that one random Jomsviking, to be honest.

Time. • 4 months ago

MAPPA rotoscoping has always been phenomenal, as shown by their other works.

NetroLancer • 4 months ago

It was such a cool and smooth scene, looked real natural too.

Kirito • 4 months ago

Actually every episode in Vinland saga season 2 is all good the animation all of it is top quality hd

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

thorfinn: He's only got 100 men. I think my odds are good. Thorfinn about to cook!

Dustin Bolyard • 4 months ago

the fact that he said it plainly, without boasting, and realistically... damn...

Ondrej Kodytek • 4 months ago

Well, in his warrior days, Thorfinn would simply take the king's head after killing anyone who stood in the way.
But we can suppose this time he has chosen a more difficult task for himself.

Truth • 4 months ago

It's Canute... he has a previous relationship with him. He legitimately believes he can talk it out while also understanding it may go the complete opposite.

Truth • 4 months ago

Literally, "no matter how bad it goes, i should be able to make it back alive"... determined Throfinn is one cold calculating dude.

Herbert • 4 months ago

Guts from Bersek could win easily, hehe

Billy Bob • 4 months ago

the real black swordsman and not kirito

ComfyCouch • 3 months ago

I see that reference. 😊

Whoever • 4 months ago

Snake's kicking a*ses

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Per usual lol

Billy Bob • 4 months ago

snake would have sneaked up behind canute in a cardboard box

real nigga • 4 months ago

this is a goodass comment

Kazuma • 4 months ago

honestly violence is never the answer. It may seem needed but as a wise owl in ATLA once said: "everyone thinks their war is justified"

Sprayquaza • 4 months ago

"No but you should be capable of it , restraint is a virtue that only the strong can have"

Timbeans • 4 months ago

violence and strength are different things... i've lived in really rough shit for years, watched people bleed from gun wounds, listened as shots fired nightly right out my window, watched people get jumped and had my own involvement...

this 'supervisor' i had once, all these emotional issues and he thought his way of dealing with it was 'jujitsu' thought he was 'tough' no one is tough against blade, guns, or bricks... and one day, his emotional bullshit got to him, and i told him about how it goes in the hood and his ass jumped...

he thought he knew violence, he didn't know violence, and hope you never do either.. its nothing to brag about.

Sprayquaza • 4 months ago

It sucks now , for you and many others. guns removed the sort of psuedo balance the world had before , it was about who had more skill discipline and better built body , now even a kid can end a grown man with a little pull of the trigger that however, isnt violence of man , but an efficient method of killing for sure and it sucks that is only ever used to kill rather than a detterent which is why you should either be strapped with a weapon or be strong , and be capable of "self -defence (which basically means capable like i said)".Hope you are keeping safe buddy! Truly violence is never the answer and I am thankful you dont want any of us to witness it , but when it comes down to you or them , it better be them.

Whoever • 4 months ago

Wan Shi Tong and then he tried to kill Team Avatar cos they learned about a solar eclipse :P

Kazuma • 4 months ago

I just fainted with laughter because of this. Everyone forgets that he felt that his war against them for using his knowledge to gain an advantage was justified

Whoever • 4 months ago

and btw you sparked my ATLA addiction and now I will be forced to rewatch it not that I'm complaining