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NetroLancer • 6 months ago

Olmar is such a buffoon.

noodlo • 6 months ago

hes silly

BlockHit • 6 months ago

I think he really highlights this anime's message about enemies, force and peace. You have no enemies, but you also can't have peace if you're weak. Ketil wanted peace, but he was too weak mentally to discipline his son properly. It might've eventually brought about his demise, I suppose we must wait until episode 12.

LameboBaggings • 6 months ago

you cant be peaceful without being capable of commiting great violence if the situation called for it, being unable to inflict violence on others even if you needed to doesnt make you peaceful it makes you harmless, being peaceful is a choice you can only make if you actually have the power to obliterate whoever decided to provoke aswell

in short, there's a diffrence between being peaceful and beinh harmless

Kunare • 6 months ago

The good old mutually assured destruction. Knowing you both will lose is great way if assuring peace.

Truth • 6 months ago

Peace is obtained through superior firepower...

Balder777 • 5 months ago

This kind of backward attitude is why America is such an evil country.

Truth • 5 months ago

It's actually just logic. You clearly are ignorant of history. For such an evil country there sure are lots of people that want to get in and use our flag when overthrowing oppression....

Balder777 • 5 months ago

They want to get in because they are lured by Greed and the promise of riches.

Truth • 5 months ago

its called a future and promise of life liberty and pursuit of happiness... not greed. As a consequence it can mean someone else perverts it to what you're talking about. You're too busy demonizing something you dont understand to see the larger picture.

Balder777 • 5 months ago

What's the difference between that and an invasion?

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

You said it NetroLancer.

DonDominic Mc'Quire✔️ • 6 months ago

Buffoon is Olmar

Nikola Nikolov • 2 months ago

pretty much the fact he exist kind of spells a death flag for his father from what im seeing

Kusuo Saiki • 6 months ago

Should've been a commercial for those electric thanksgiving knives.
*Your knife at home trying to cut a glazed ham*

Truth • 6 months ago

that's giving buffoons a bad name... the stupid shit couldnt even cut ham...

Guest • 6 months ago
the Finance Guy • 6 months ago

Thorfinn did snap. Didn't you see him almost punch Olmar. If Ketil and Leif didn't step in Olmar would be face first in the dirt with his little sword up his butt. Thorfinn was so scary in this episode. Like a wild animal. A true warrior.

Omg i can't lol

Psicore • 5 months ago

The Hell 😂

Guest • 6 months ago

Money? 'Cause he's the "Finance Guy."

ashcrimson23 • 5 months ago

i know he meant the other thorfinn

Balder777 • 5 months ago

Finance guy so he's on the white powder.

NamelessGuy • 6 months ago

Ehhh don't pretend seeing him snap at least once wouldn't be dope. In season 1 we all thought he would be Thors#2 and become the top dog before this sort of character development happened.

Guest • 6 months ago
Edward • 6 months ago

Most of them only read/watched Vinland Saga for the action from what I know from reading the comments from manga sites so they'll probably hate the manga too lmao

TheDarkOverlord • 6 months ago

If the anime stayed true to the manga throughout all of this, then also trash. You can have character development without nerfing the main character to the pits of hell. This should also be basic knowledge for any good writer. If you want, i can elaborate.

Balder777 • 5 months ago

You don't need to elaborate because you missed the point of the manga. It's not a fighting manga or even an adventure manga. It's a "boring" slice of life and psychological growth, or "seinen"/Adult, manga. It seeks to portray a realistic portrayal of growth, without doing unrealistic stuff. It's not the type of Manga that is about a badass Viking warrior who slays all his enemies like some shonen, and a badass vilain that never dies until the end. It's not about telling an entertaining story, it's boring on purpose because it focuses on real life. Literally all Thorfinn does in this manga is just real history. He marries, has a child, goes to explore the Americas, etc. The fighting part was just the prologue.

kwasi quartey • 5 months ago

Why is everyone going on with Manga Manga, am definitely sure most people watching haven't read a manga in their life. They are watching because they watched season 1

Guest • 6 months ago
TheDarkOverlord • 6 months ago

I'll tell you how he has been nerfed. From a killing machine starting from a young age to a depressed farmer. That's a massive nerf. Character development done right is giving your character (whether he is strong or not) a bigger challenge than his abilities. My Hero Academia, Toriko, One Piece (even Naruto) are wonderful examples of this. I can give you loads of examples. The main problem with Vinland Saga's season 2 is that it doesnt live up to the expectations its former season set. You can't have an action packed season only to follow up with nothing other than growing wheat and cutting trees. We have Slice of Life for that.

Canute had more character development done than Thorfinn.

allsmighty • 5 months ago
Character development done right is giving your character (whether he is strong or not) a bigger challenge than his abilities

And the challenge Thorfinn has been given is to drop his way of violence and live a life of peace and not war. Character development isnt always someone just becoming stronger physically, it can be a mental journey too. They don't have to do a 180 and become Eren Yaeger to be developed. Stick to typical shounens.

Naomi~ • 5 months ago

character development isn't just getting stronger and the progression of a story doesn't have to be stronger antagonists. ur criticisms are very one track minded, not rooted in the proper telling of a story whatsoever and you'd be better off just dropping the show.

kwasi quartey • 5 months ago

Very weird I see comments like this. You know anyone who watched season 1 will come in with a very different expectation. As much as am liking this season for the drama and character development, I understand anybody who doesn't like it so far perfectly.

OneFapMan • 5 days ago

I guess you just watched season 1 just for the fights and missed the whole point of the story. You can watch dragon ball and drop this anime. Anyways, season 3 gonna be action pack but the fights is still the bonus of the story

NetroLancer • 6 months ago

Well things are gonna take another interesting turn again.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Very true for better / worse hope its for the better.

adriです • 6 months ago

I think it's actually going to be for worse.
I suspect things will not go Canute's way in the end and he will die for the crimes he commits.

Ondrej Kodytek • 6 months ago

Maybe, but before that (a spoiler right out of history):

He will conquer Norway and rule the three lands until his death in 1035 (it is 1018 at this point). His reign will be generally considered successful.

I'm not a robot • 6 months ago

True as the author seems to base most of the story on actually historical events

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Adri I think so too.

Rannen 19 • 6 months ago

King Canute in history died from natural illness.

VanderWall Stronghold • 6 months ago


noodlo • 6 months ago

dat day do

Bisketbutter • 6 months ago

smh Thorfinn and Einar about to obtain freedom just for the master to be taken out of ownership and will likely be forced to remain slaves... by Canute no less- I'm not convinced Canute would treat Thorfinn with compassion if he ever finds out his situation, would likely attempt to force him to join the army

Trepanning • 6 months ago

After Olmar inherits the farm they’ll probably run away to Vinland with Leif.

Bisketbutter • 6 months ago

heard, i hope so

ILANLNMG • 6 months ago

You will have your Thorfinn S1 2.0

Bisketbutter • 6 months ago