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the Finance Guy • 1 year ago

That kiss was what we needed. Been waiting for it.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

Haku: "Oh yeah i totally forgat, it's time for fan service"

Haihi • 1 year ago

Oh man oh man oh man. This episode was great. The Amaterasu scene still hit me like a truck, and I thought they were gonna save the last scene for next episode but they managed to fit it in (kyaaa moment frfr). Still has the "rushed" vibes to it but not much you can do there with only 5 episodes remaining. So far I've been loving the anime, but lets see how strong they can finish.

KrondaliX • 1 year ago

They carried about everything in this episode expect the Raiko's servant because they did not devlop her on the anime adaptation. It's a little sad because she carries a lot of emotions and backstory that would please a lot of us. Those who didn't play the game could not understand how her death was so sad.

There are lacks here and there but well, it's not a visual novel and they conveyed the important feelings pretty well i'm impressed !

mello • 1 year ago

her? those who really did play the game know that is not "her"...

Haihi • 1 year ago

no no, let him keep believing, do not shatter his dreams.

goondlaf • 1 year ago


KrondaliX • 1 year ago

Didn't wanted to "spoil"

Kranesh • 1 year ago

The kiss scene was finally animated and I think I can rest in peace now, the scene with the Amaterasu was also really well done and I can tell the anime was saving the better pacing and the budget for this moment, also this season is far from over tho and there's still some juicy stuff coming up!

KrondaliX • 1 year ago

This episode was so wonderful, i was so moved, i'm so happy to been able to see it.
And you know what, it's not the end :)

Rizwan • 1 year ago

Yes, that's what you call a True Man. Gz Haku!

idiots opinion • 1 year ago

hack the lucky bastered

(but nice one high five)

arra1213 • 1 year ago

wasnt expectin that kiss 😍

Jerome W Bison • 1 year ago

2:40 And just how many live in the city again!?!!
3:30 Real end of the world scenario. Thank you Woshis, suck azz clone!!!
6:59 Wow!!! Humans got to the point they could control the weather.
13:30 Damn!!!
23:20 Bout time.

The ultimate tragedy in all of this, all of what they sacrificed in the various battles to recapture Yamato and reinstall Anju as the rightful heir and ruler. One person, destroyed all of that. With countless civilians in the process.

And this new 'Ice Age' is just gonna make matters worse in the short term. While that fire has been lit between Kuon and Haku, it's not gonna be enough for everyone else to survive that bitter ice/snow and cold that is already here.

TheBigFool • 1 year ago


thiago pereira • 1 year ago

Haku is really a chad

Azureink • 1 year ago

Kuon x Haku is canon! Woo!

Dragnorock • 1 year ago

To me Haku x Everyone is canon. Yes, even his bosom buddies.

wwlaos • 1 year ago

This is the only way.

Trix • 1 year ago

otp otp otp

Trix • 1 year ago

Wowzers, big episode right here.

Derwin Monthe • 1 year ago


Marty McFly • 1 year ago

10:27 Wait! We're not going to kill these fugkers before we go!?!?!? I have a feeling they will regret that!! Why do these idiots in so many Japanese anime always leaving enemies alive!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

Dragnorock • 1 year ago

We all know the real reason Amaterasu was triggered. To rid the world of the BL shops in the capital. Jk. Sucks that the capital went like that. The place was huge and looked like an amazing place to live. I hope Nekone and Haku go check on their mom.
All of this is Woshis's fault. Dude does not deserve to live after all he pulled. Still has that mask, so I doubt its the end of him just yet.

MeganeMogwai • 1 year ago

So is this the end of the story? How long will this Ice Age last for? Really enjoyed these shows, might play the game if available in my area.

Toaru • 1 year ago

too far to call it the end

arra1213 • 1 year ago

5 more episodes
its 28 episodes

TheBigFool • 1 year ago

Wait...5 more? I play the game so I know there is still more but... it's not a 24-episode anime but a 28?

arra1213 • 1 year ago

yup its on wiki w link for the reference so its accurate that its a 28 episode anime

DaFulo • 1 year ago

1 more episode, the game itself is pretty good but it's a visual novel with some rpg minigame basically, so you spend a lot of time reading text not the other way around. Might wanna play the first game that got remastered too.

MeganeMogwai • 1 year ago

Cool, thanks for the recommendation. Definitely have to try it some time in the near future.