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TheColonel76 • 1 year ago

Great final episode, this one really felt like a classic UY episode despite the original adapting this story differently. I’ve really enjoyed this remake and I can’t wait for the next part in 2024! Until then I’ll be watching the original and I’ll hopefully have it finished by then lol.

Vii X • 1 year ago

I ask for 3-5 more seasons...That ending was adorable, as was Lum!

Lol, they actually gave a year, unlike another isekai show where every battle is fought by games...

Whoever • 1 year ago

Season 2 confirmed to air in 2024

Gangan • 1 year ago

Damn too long

HontoniChotto • 1 year ago

But it's worth it for the quality of animation and music we got this season

Watchforever • 1 year ago


POKÉFREAK • 1 year ago

damn that a year from now

nana • 1 year ago

What a banger remake! Amazing VAs, funny callbacks and references, ost is incredible, visuals look like the original but better, humor is the exact same and still holds up, it's all there and upped to the max. My nostalgia is fullfilled and can't wait for the next part <3

Billy Bob • 1 year ago

big names as VA - I'm sure they are also fans and wanted to this badly

Watchforever • 1 year ago

What a ride this show was since fall season will miss it for a while

Judgment526 • 1 year ago

A suitably chaotic way to end the season, lol…

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Great contest the anime was amazing, Ataru for every game he has it sponsored, great way to advertise your business.

Season 1 final rating is 8.9.

Ataru is a great host.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

And now Urusei Yatsura (2022)
Source: M a n g a.
Genre: Comedy, romance, sci-fi, shonen
Studio: David Production.
(And this studio is best known for all the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure parts, The latest season of Strike Witches (Road to Berlin) back 2021, En en no Shubotai (Fire Force), and Cells At work.)

This anime is base off the some of Rumiko Takahashi early m a n g a series's whom also done Ranma1/2, and also Inuyasha, also this a reboot to boot. The reboot is like many other of the reboot anime that is redone to updated for the modern generation but with more polish shiny animation ^^

Personal thoughts:
The biggest highlight is this funny reboot gag humor rom-com brings back that plucky comedy and ridiculous cartoon-ish scenarios of a story about a weak womanizing MC and a hot alien waifu that looks like oni and their whole adventures. (And I love it XD) The OP's and ED's are spectacular (Which the first OP is better of the two while the second ED is the better of those two.)
The CGI and fluent animation are top tier but that's no surprise since It's David Productions and they don't skimp on the quality ^^

The most downside is the overused gag comedy of this series does have that came from the 80's/90's era which it's the whole charm.

All the characters are funny and lovable, as for a reboot, I don't mind since I've never watch the 80's version at all and I like 80/90's era anime/cartoons.

9/10 rating.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

See you guys next year 2024, until then seat back relax, watch the remaining winter anime, gear up for Spring 2023.

Tomás Pedro • 1 year ago

The final challenges of the Tomo-1 Queen Contest are here, and the five girls who made it this far brace themselves, first challenge, guess what's on the box by touching what's on the inside, i still can't believe they put Ten-Chan in there, probably Ataru's idea.

So many sponsors, Ataru doing his best for that cash, Ryunosuke is on the lead having cleared this round and the first one and Lum's right behind her in second, the goal this time was to reach the candy by making use of the tools available, but since Lum can fly a few points removed for not using the tools was kind of expected, cheer up Lum, next challenge is starting soon.

The third challenge is a ramen eating contest and...wait only 58 bowls for Sakura?! Are you saying you didn't have ingredients for at least 20 more? Well i guess it's enough since she was trying to eat in moderation this time.

And finally the last challenge, our five participants VS Wild Beasts

Rans "good luck kisses" ended up working against her plans, our super human candidates now face a real challenge with their strength drained, animals in Urusei Yatsura are OP (though we knew that already).

Love that gag with a Wooden Hammer appearing out of nowhere, not just in UY but also in Ranma 1/2 and several other Rumiko works.

A mysterious challenger with a katana steps in and tries to stop the wild beasts, to no avail as he's send send flying and never seen again for the rest of the match, what a wild showdown and what a wild final episode for this 1st season, Ran has to to kiss the girls again for them to win against those beasts, congrats for the team win everyone, enjoy the TAIYAKI WAFFLES!

And suddently everyone is here, the 80's anime first opening playing in the background was perfect, Ataru laughing never gets old no matter the version you watch, i guess all that announcer stuff really paid off, "Was i able to become...the Queen of your Heart", yeah you can't deny that one Ataru, maybe you should give Lum the answer as soon as you outrun the angry Sakura and Shinobu.

Fantastic season, lots of fun in every episode, combined with David Productions amazing art direction! Looking forward to watch the second season next year.

Billy Bob • 1 year ago

of all the great shows out this season, I didn't expect this show to be one of the ones I look forward to the most

UnRavel • 1 year ago

Same Idk why this was the only show i watched weekly without any fail.

Hmm just about Ataru wants to confess to Lum than Sakura bother them 🤣

Gangan • 1 year ago

People skipped on this but it was great throwback to oldschool humor. And the Openings and EDs slapped bop. Looks stunning and gorgeous at 4K 120Hz 10bit HDR

kodi_cody • 1 year ago

A lot of Yuri Kissing in today's episode. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Well that's it for part 1, see you all for part 2 next year.

Watchforever • 1 year ago

2nd course is announced to air next year 2024

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Great news, Urusei Yatsura Season 2 confirmed it will be next year 2024.

nicktrito • 1 year ago

Im a little annoyed they ended this series on this best girl competition thing, but the fact that another season got announced right away makes it a little more bearable. Loved this series. Never had the chance to watch the original, so Im very happy they put in some effort into the remake

lady vivi ★ • 1 year ago

Fabulous, can’t wait for the gang to return!

FateStayBite • 1 year ago

Exactly. That was a brilliant finale. I love how the whole cast got a role, even folks who were restricted to the first 12 episodes.

Suprisingly, i think my new favorite character is the big lip guy who chases after shinobu. His comedic timing is alwys perfect . lol

_Ameron_ • 1 year ago

That was a fun and chaotic end to the season

Some1ridiculous • 1 year ago

Ahhhhh omg that end part with Ataru and Lum melted my heart 😍😍😍😍😍
I can’t wait for season 2 next year, wish it wasn’t so damn long to wait cause it is just such a funny show ❤️

SigmaDemon • 1 year ago

This anime had some annoying things here and there, but overall it was better than most garbage series out there! Absolutely great! I did like to see Ataru make money off their pain as its in his character as a slimeball! Mendo appeared as well, which made me happy as he was a character with great contribution to the series. Looking forward to the next season!

Overall rating: 8.5/10. Sayonara! :)

actually this is just remake one, you can watch the old one for the entire series for this hahahaha

Kanon • 1 year ago

Lum's love song by Sumipe, the best way to finish this season ❤️, looking forward to the second part

Yuri Lowwr • 1 year ago

2024 Ah! I can wait

the Finance Guy • 1 year ago



Those cuties are here to cuddle not to be hit.

What happens if those kemono injured those cuties?

It would be a travesty!

I hereby petition those kemono apology to those cute innocent animals. Animal abuse is wrong. Where is PETA when you need them?

TheAnimeList.net • 5 months ago

Ok this was super funny lol rewatched this because of Season 2 lol

Anime Freak • 1 year ago

I really loved this remake honestly. Usually remakes are kinda shit but this one was both good in that it gave off a real feel for the original and was also different and felt original in its own modernized way.
Plus i never had a real thing for Ran but in this one i definitely did lol

HontoniChotto • 1 year ago

I haven't watched the original, however I loved the colour and sound design from this series. But you can expect nothing less from David Productions, the studio responsible for Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.
The style crossover with Jojo is definitely noticeable with the animation relying on freeze frames with dramatic poses and striking colours, such as at 14:18. Even though there are far fewer drawn frames than your average anime, I still love the style because it emphasizes the overblown personalities of each character instead. The series' name itself, Urusei Yatsura, is translated to Obnoxious People, so I think the animators stayed true to the name!

Yveltal • 1 year ago


rane rong • 4 months ago


Sai charan • 4 months ago

This anime characters are really reflection of our world, like everyone want other people to love us but in end no one wants truly

Grin Berryall • 9 months ago

PETA does not approve of this episode.

bari • 12 months ago

animation is rly on point <3

Haruhi • 1 year ago

Oh man one of the best last season and this season imo. VA, OSTs, animation. This is so niceeeee. I love chaotic shows and this is so chaotic that the emotional and heartwarming moments actually shine much more. I'm definitely gonna wait for that season 2

Helia • 1 year ago


This has ended ?
Such a great show.

RedFox • 1 year ago

Sumire giving us "Lum no Love song" at the end was the cherry (no pun intended) on the cake.

guesswho • 1 year ago

I didn't watch the original show so I went blind on this one and I will say the fact that this is still entertaining for me in 2023 despite it begin that old baffles me. I laughed way too many times watching this one. Chaos everywhere. I wish Mendo and Ataru's parents has more screentime tho in this episode tho. As much as I don't like Lum (she's basically a female Rei), the other characters, the humor and the chaos made it really great. I just don't like when they get too serious or emotional in this one.

David Productions delivered perfectly, I hope they plan a new Jojo tho.

Anyways a 9/10 for me. Will watch the part 2.

Emergency Sustenance • 1 year ago

Yes season 2 confirmed!

SenzaNome94 • 1 year ago

AHAHAHA crazy! Though it was one of the few if not the only one where I preferred the anime episode over the manga chapter

john • 1 year ago

aint over yet! that yuri kiss was underrated lol

Caffeinated Milk • 1 year ago

gotta love how ataru of all people has the ability to be an unbiased judge