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TheAnimeList.net • 2 months ago

I bet the resolution to this will be either very deep and emotional or just comedic and bland 😭😭😭

Aero-N-autical • 2 months ago

no in-between lmao

TheAnimeList.net • 2 months ago

exactly πŸ’€

Vii X • 2 months ago

I'm not happy with the change to their bunny girl outfits. From the original..

Manuel Pirir • 2 months ago

The remake toned down the fanservice from the start of the first season

Vii X • 2 months ago

I know. The entire series is based on fan service, so that lowered the quality a bit.

Jamison Fox • 2 months ago

iirc the ending is very nice and sweet and you should expect to see more of Inaba in the future.

TheAnimeList.net • 2 months ago

High hopes now

strange guy • 2 months ago

Finally this episode is where after a week

RedFox • 2 months ago

That few Lum+Mendo variations are new. They kept the adaptation faithful to original its great. Please notice they don't show Atarus or Lums face in any future until they shows the last one. And that last one is worth it, just wait.

EM • 2 months ago

OP and ED subs let's go
Oh damn, the future! And they even have more modern phones and gyarus and stuff! This is cool!
I'm pretty sure Kokeru's name comes from 軒ける (kokeru) - "to flop (e.g. of a play); to be a flop". Imagine naming your child like that lmao.
Okay, this was super fun. One of the best episodes. Sooo glad that this was just part 1. I want to see more futures!

RedFox • 2 months ago

Yes. It's a pun. Remember is the son of Ataru. And is like him or even worse.

Watchforever • 2 months ago

Isn’t this the same opening and ending every week ?

EM • 2 months ago

Yeah, I'm just talking about how they have English subs now

kodi_cody • 2 months ago

The way Ataru just appears out of nowhere sitting on Sakura's lap. πŸ˜†
Nice to see a continuation of the previous episode on everybody future.
It was sad to see Ran alone in the the first alternative future.

strange guy • 2 months ago

Yeah i remember this episode Shinobu ends up finding love with someone else

Momoro • 2 months ago

Who is that guy ? Who she end up marrying

RedFox • 2 months ago

First one is obvious the second shes a mature single

Talo Grim • 2 months ago

You misspelled spinster

strange guy • 2 months ago

Guess it’s pretty obvious if you seen the episode

Avery Carter • 2 months ago

I love the shocked faces in this show XD. The ones where they're reacting to Mendo and Lum future at the end were especially funny.

David • 2 months ago

How happy they were drinking tea πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Alice Jem • 2 months ago

Alice in wonderland vibes

Alice Jem • 2 months ago

Why is Inaba-kun sounds like Totty???

Trix • 2 months ago

Real episode bruv. We all just want a happy future.

Billy Bob • 2 months ago

yea just looking forward to better days haha

Some1ridiculous • 2 months ago

Playboy girls in a isekai world should be this ep

Nemesis Claus • 2 months ago

dang i wasnt expecting my comment on "i wish there was an episode with many doors to different futures and worlds" to happen in a week after lol

Annecy Change • 2 months ago

I dont want spoiler of the future. xd

Billy Bob • 2 months ago

LOL Moroboshi knew exactly the right place to sit...

the Finance Guy • 2 months ago

Shinobu and Lum in bunny suits 😍. Just wow.

Momoro • 2 months ago

Damm this show is soo good I would miss this great show if I didn't watch it I just love it ,I just can't wait for next week

Watchforever • 2 months ago

The more I watch this I end up thinking of Doraemon again

Whoever • 2 months ago

Future for everyone... choose which one you like the most!

lady vivi β˜… • 2 months ago

Some of the best bunny girls in anime history!

Nishanth • 2 months ago

Today Mendo wins!

Nishanth • 2 months ago

Sakura be like stand back and talk pls! Rei gets Lum!

SigmaDemon • 2 months ago

Another decent outcome! Thing is, even if they somehow find a future where Ataru ends up with Lum, it won't matter or count, because the first and original future is where Ataru ends with Shinobu, so any toss after the first don't count! :)))))

I only feel bad for Mendo if he ends up with Lum, but oh well he wanted that anyway.

I sure hope though Ataru gets his harem future though, without Lum in it :))))

RedFox • 2 months ago

Nope. Rumiko did draw Shinobu with Ataru first but regreted so she came up with this so any future is possible. Its like youre on a crossroad and have to pick which way to go. Now wait for the next ep since it will be quite interesting

SigmaDemon • 2 months ago

But in life, you don't get a redraw, so in terms of the first choice, it won't change the fact that the first future was Shinobu with Ataru.

Haruhi • 2 months ago

Bunny outfit!! The resolution will either make me cry or laugh my ass off. I'm now familiar with this show lmfao

Sai charan • 2 months ago

Akaru mean future thats means the son of ataru

Helia • 2 months ago

Going down the rabbit hole...Again...

dillz • 2 months ago

here we go again with the white rabbit + time travel symbolism. why does this occur so often in anime/tv shows/movies? is it really just "oh hur dur it's just inspired by alice in wonderland"? alice in wonderland NEVER HAD TIME TRAVEL

KiboE • 2 months ago

Among my favorite arcs in this series! Can't wait for next episode! The manga of this arc was fun!

RedFox • 2 months ago

The moment they see inside the last door was one of the highlights of the show.