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Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

If the weird kid from class appears in your room in the middle of the night saying not to come to school tomorrow....

You should probably listen to them lol

Kristopher • 5 months ago

lmao that scene was a school shooter moment

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 3 months ago

Hmmm school shooters can’t climb anywhere imo.

MeguminExplosion • 5 months ago


Talo Grim • 5 months ago

Reverse weeb

Judgment526 • 5 months ago

Noguchi sure sounded disappointed when she realized that Kuro had only snuck into her room to give her a warning, lol

Wow, Yamada was the last person I expected to be such a bada**. You really never know what to expect in this show huh?

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Ofc the dumb one is always the strongest lol

sol666 . • 4 months ago

Isn't that girl the one that eats her own boogers?

arra1213 • 5 months ago

if not for the booger that i cant forget yamada will be on my top 3 waifu here lol
so far its mama milf editor blonde and that new kunoichi under kato are the top waifu here xd

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Knew she was sus but now I know she's a ninja to.

YOSHIDA MAN • 4 weeks ago

For once I decided to read Manga and Yamada instantly made me regret that.

What I read was unexplainably unexpected.

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

Should take that chance to ask, " or you want me to do something to you?"

Beastiestmode • 5 months ago

mildly sad this show is so underrated. i LOVE the amount of competent characters. The determination! the skill! The PURE consideration!

Violetta Bertini • 5 months ago

Girl in her bedroom: "aah, hentai!!"
Girl in her bedroom when he leaves: "hey, want a drink? Sure you want to leave so early? You don't want to do anything else...?"

I think we all know what kind of literature she might be reading. Regularly.

And, lol: the failed novelist turns out to be Japanese Alex Jones :D

20:30 - well, in the end he managed to see her panties; through bloodied eyes and broken glasses, but, still...

More importantly, I am not sure if we have no 2 or 3 ninja factions (plus random foreigners as needed) fighting each others, mh🤔...

vovan1 • 5 months ago

I would welcome anyone in my room who tells me not to go to School tomorrow xD

Violetta Bertini • 5 months ago

Don't complain if in few nights you start to have many more tentacled friends, then!

Jacky-Chan • 5 months ago

Just in case if you're curious, some main points

The blonde Ninja is trying protect Novelist from getting killed by keep rejecting his stories.

yes, there are other factions who are trying to destroy ninjas, Yamada is from one of them tasked with the annihilation of Kuro Clan, later revealed its not her first kuro hunt.

I'm actually curious when Kato passed under the bridge he couldn't miss Yamada beating up others, probably indicating he knows something, since he gets trialed later in the Ninja hunting show by higher ups for his sus activities lol, I didn't go far so I can't tell if he knew Yamada or not

Also the anime keeps omitting some key details from the Manga, there was a past story before Yamada woke up to give us her idea.

Stephen_Daedalus • 5 months ago

There are three factions: "NIN" the main ninja organization, "Enkou", the faction that the gyarus belong to and "Under Ninja", whose members the anime hasn't revealed yet. There's also the principal who isn't affiliated with any faction. Here's a very helpful info graphic from the manga https://ibb.co/HxzgDFs

Alex Jones never interviewed spec ops sekrit ninja CIA though.

Violetta Bertini • 4 months ago

We can't tell for sure!

Sumbudee • 5 months ago

This anime is blowing my mind. Even dumbo hot booger eater girl is super secret ninja. Look at that body!

Kuro gets a lot of screentime, but he is somehow still just as mysterious. I love this stupid anime.

That girl thought this was a different anime.

gino188 • 5 months ago

lol everybody could be a ninja in this show!

Sumbudee • 5 months ago

It's crazy. Curious to see who the non-ninjas are.

Endcsline • 5 months ago

episode 8 and I still only have a slight understanding of what is even going on

Watchforever • 5 months ago

Happy thanksgiving everyone

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 3 months ago

Well… at least those guys got to see her, as promised, but at the price of being beaten to a pulp :3

Coldplay23 • 5 months ago

lol another fun yet weird episode. it was funny how the girl whose room he broke into was almost disappointed he was leaving her without doing anything, also dumbass still went to school. that naked chick going full spiderman.......i'm just gonna say my mind made all that up cause i'm drunk. I wonder if that girl is related to the girl on the bridge who kicked ass. that cat got an amazing view of sleeping chick, kinda sucks for him his mind comes and goes. mc made lots of savage comments this episode

Steel • 4 months ago

It is the same chick. She's a ninja. She has a ripped body.

Billy Bob • 5 months ago

so many disparate pieces but yet they fit! Happy Thanksgiving all!

Shadow Bison • 3 months ago

5:56 It was like she wanted to see his Ninja blade, Giggity!!!
20:32 That ass whooping was NOT worth it to see her draws, Lol!!!🤣

And I bet y'all thought the girl who ate boogers was Dumb AF.

If you haven't noticed, no one in this series is what they seem.

king_midas • 4 months ago

We can now appreciate Sasama breast milk pumping. Dammit, I forgot that she swith her baby brain's with that of her former officer's not so hot anymore. I am with Kato and everyone who decide to follow him.

Jacky-Chan • 5 months ago

I read the Manga out of curiosity...they keep omitting several details from the anime, which should not impact the anime storyline but still they're interesting, Such as booger eater girl past right before she wakes up.

And she's hella strong lol. destroys Kuro in a single strike, that was sad. 😞

Mecazor • 5 months ago

holy shit, so that dumb looking girl is a psycho ninja. this ep ended so fast. the way kuro said 'i dont think so' to the cat was so badass 😂

Esenpai • 5 months ago

When the sketchy kid from class tells you not to come to school tomorrow and all you can think about is getting laid lmao

Glinda • 5 months ago

Good episode.

Utsuro • 5 months ago

Yamada eating her booger fooled us all lol.

Golb89 • 5 months ago

- Chiyo ("Four Lies")

strange guy • 5 months ago

Happy thanksgiving

Watchforever • 5 months ago

Great episode

sol666 . • 4 months ago

I have so many questions! But the one that bothers me the most is how could anyone not be creeped out by an old bum standing over you while you sleep and pump his man boobs?

c2 • 5 months ago

It's getting a bit difficult to keep track of all these characters and their secret identities I have to say

the Finance Guy • 5 months ago

No wonder Suzuki is a fan of the author. He keeps writing ninja stories. To spend more time with him she pretend to be his editor. A true fanatic.

Golb89 • 5 months ago

Yamada was SO much cuter with longer hair...

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

12:35 That physique is so sexy lmao.

Just here to help • 5 months ago

So Kuro got Hibi struck by lightning so he didn't have to kill his best friend. Thats kinda touching

Yasir Amin • 5 months ago

The cat was damm right about the boobies

Another • 4 months ago

i feel sad for the mc's future :(

hahah who is the real MC?

in the manga the cover art implied that are various MCs, and they're all from the Kuro clan.

IMO, Kato might be the real MC and UNDER NINJA.

Another • 4 months ago

have same eyes too :D

Xenil • 3 months ago

Anyone else thirsty for some milk all of a sudden?