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Whoever • 5 months ago

Victhor has arrived

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

And is looking badass as ever lol

James • 5 months ago

Mfr looking like super Saiyan 4 without the red

oan124 • 3 months ago

i swear this started as a dragon ball fanfic

Fruit punch samurai • 2 months ago

The first thought i got when i saw Andy's transformation bro went super saiyan lol

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Agreed. 🔥

TheCabra • 5 months ago

Out of all the things I thought that could happen if Andy removed his card. An OP alter ego that buffed his abilities tremendously was not on my list. This Victor guy is so fucking cool!

Whoever • 5 months ago

There is one problem with Viktor, HE is the Original Personality and Andy is only his alter ego. Victor is cold and ruthless, the complete opposite of Andy

Ex_go1 • 5 months ago

Not only cold and ruthless but also a master at battle.
Andy is Victhor's kinder side.
(random lore talk below)
I have a vague hunch that they should ABSOLUTELY NOT unite back into one personality,for Victhor and Andy's safety,as long as their enemies are still on earth at least.(in the anime)

Rannen 19 • 4 months ago

I see Victhor is a Super Saiyan 4.

Solar • 5 months ago

I know like damn if Andy would’ve switch places with Victor/Victhor he would’ve killed Gina by himself, The barriers wouldn’t even been nothing to him I bet!

Jacky-Chan • 5 months ago

If all of them came earlier they could've stopped Spoil and avoided Victhor lol..

xXPORTALXx • 4 months ago

That's against the rules, they had a participant limit.

Sense1 • 4 months ago

bruh... did u not watch the apocalypse episode? They clearly explained it

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 month ago

2 for 1 special.

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Shen smiling is kinda scary lol

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 4 months ago

The words doesn‘t match the mouth movements, at all :<

Judgment526 • 5 months ago

It looks like Andy went Super Saiyan 4. xD

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

"Unluck? What is that?"
- Victhor, definitely

Saint Evo • 5 months ago

No matter what you do you can’t escape dragon ball. Next time he’ll probably have an ape form😂

Talo Grim • 5 months ago

LOL I thought the same thing

vovan1 • 4 months ago

whole episode was from DBZ universe.

Ex_go1 • 5 months ago

Yep and it looks as fun as i wished it 2b.

Lord • 5 months ago

Victor was cool. Too bad it's not the same person.

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

It was technically the same person, just different personality.

N99dels • 5 months ago

I loved the part where victor introduced himself and flashes of a dictionary popped up
Imagine being so powerfull that you get words from the dictionary to explain the greatness of your name

Whoever • 5 months ago

Space the final frontier

Reemus • 5 months ago

So what happen in this episode:

Victhor is some sort of split personality or the original "Andy" body owner, with Andy being *the* split personality?

Victhor is a unique rule/exception that doesn't seem to abide by other rules. Interesting how that will work logically.

Andy has undergone modifications previously to, possibly his own idea, weaken Victhor once he emerges?

Also, Victhor asked what day it is. Possibly, since his last emergence, the rule governing days has been eliminated and no one knows about the concept of "week days". Victhor being an exception doesn't forget about it, so he might casually mention stars, eventually.

This is how overarching narratives and foreshadowing should be done in series, most other authors could take a hint out of this.

Terian__ • 4 months ago

No, he isn't the exception to rules. It's how the other rules work. Unluck works based on how much she likes the target, and she doesn't even know Victor; same with Shen.

Reemus • 4 months ago

That makes sense, I now vaguely remember Shen mentioning that, weird but OK.

Guest • 5 months ago
Reemus • 5 months ago

No one asked for spoilers, but you also need to train your reading comprehension - I covered that.

Zekkon • 5 months ago

My boi Victor about to throw hands with the whole squad.

Utsuro • 5 months ago

Victhor is more than off the rails lol

strange guy • 5 months ago

Nothing interesting me for Black Friday shopping folks

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

Zombie Friday you mean.

strange guy • 5 months ago

Yeah I get what you mean

strange guy • 5 months ago

Love the animation in this episode

DesuYoda • 5 months ago

Spoil's plans got spoiled from spoiling everything.
Are there clones of unlocked Andy floating around in space now??🤔🤔🤔
Unlocked Andy is scary, yo...
Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Weebs!!!
Welcome to Anitaku, Weebs!

Solar • 5 months ago

Wow there really is no stars in space that’s weird🤔

Solve for {x} • 5 months ago

Victhor is what Subaru from Re:Zero can be if he wasn't such a Beta

Alucard Pawpad • 5 months ago

i mean, technically..... He doesn't know when the death he experiences may be the final death. it's shown throughout the episodes the save point is unstable, and sometimes gets closer and closer to the moment of death.

Himura_Kenshin • 4 months ago

Isnt that from another show? Summertime render

NamelessGuy • 4 months ago

You talking about Re:Zero? Cause that's not even true lol

Breathing is Fun • 5 months ago

The fact that Victhor asked for the day of the week and Shen didn't know what he meant, makes me think that Victhor is older than we're being told; like, from an era before negators, rules, and quests. How else would he know about a rule that hasn't been given yet?

Micfal • 5 months ago

It could also be a rule that they managed to remove since even things we take for granted like different languages are a rule

ESJ • 4 months ago

Killing of the rule results in memory wipe probably, but if Victor was dormant during that time, he was unfazed.

EditDotEXE • 5 months ago

He is a negator himself, so I don't think so. I think it might be his memory (or the brain matter that had it) of days of the week didn't exist when the rule was removed so the removal didn't effect that memory.

Srrymania • 5 months ago

I understando

Amadeus • 5 months ago

Goddamn!! Victor is too f**king powerful. I don't understand why Shen's ability doesn't work against him though.