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Grey Alters • 9 months ago

Truly a wonderful ending for a great show. Hope we can get a nice toku-anime soon.

Paradise SLU • 9 months ago


Dio Joestar • 9 months ago


Paradise SLU • 9 months ago

Ultraman final season was amazing, it was worth the wait.

Fight scene was intense.

Final rating is 10/10 masterpiece.

poorguy • 9 months ago



Grey Alters • 9 months ago

Yup, another one for my cringe compilation.

aboubacar • 9 months ago

naah we need another season this was too good!!!

Elias001 • 9 months ago

why is this the "final"? what happened to all the previous ones?

Grey Alters • 9 months ago

There are 3 seasons, this was the 3rd and the final season.

Rohit Sonar • 9 months ago

I haven't seen one episode yet. Is it worth watching?

Grey Alters • 9 months ago

Yup. It starts slow, grows on you in 2nd, this last season is amazing.

Lucas Nóbrega Maia • 9 months ago

it is , but a reminder that this anime have a filler ending.
The manga which is based on is still ongoing.

Just here to help • 9 months ago

the anime has been kinda doing its own thing for a while now. I think theyre just two different continuities at this point.

Shiny Bidoof • 9 months ago

it was pretty good i like it

Paradise SLU • 9 months ago


Puppet Dollieca • 9 months ago

My personal opinion…ultraman netflix is the best…more realistic,brutal,fantastic fight scene etc. and maybe in the top 10 strongest ultraman list….other ultraman is just a bit too slow and soft 🤷🏻

Shadow Moon • 9 months ago

tbf, most of the other series were just people in suits

ShadowKoji • 9 months ago

Really nice I watched this last summer when I wanted to watch anime on Netflix and found this, I'd definitely rate it a 10/10
And would wait another year for season 4 but well that's never happening I guess

Dinobots Grimlock Dinobots • 9 months ago

Zetton the Final Kaiju

Shadow Moon • 9 months ago

that awkward moment when it, og belumar and the other kaiju's reincarnate into a magical/monster girls.

Paradise SLU • 9 months ago

Great final season was very exhilarating.

Arpit • 9 months ago

Is this is worth watching them pls reply ok

vovan1 • 9 months ago

i liked the groovy ultraman dance in the end xD

Holy Geezuz • 9 months ago

Nice to see there's people clearly having fun while making it.. so there's that

Paradise SLU • 9 months ago

Yeah you might like it, I am watching ep7.

Puppet Dollieca • 9 months ago

The best ultraman version for adult taste

BangZad • 1 month ago

when i see netflix = cheap animation ~

JinnRoh • 2 months ago

Kinda hoping for the og look instead of the mechanised one after shinjiro awakened
. Almost shed a tear of nostalgia

Ricardo Araújo • 7 months ago

when Ultraman Becomes Iron Man and unlocks Ultra Instinct

poco_legs • 8 months ago

Surpringly good final episode, but lets be honest, the earlier ones were hard carried by valky’s thicc ass

SAITAMA • 9 months ago

That's it? Is there a part 2?
What next? Hopefully baki and Kengan ashura

SAITAMA • 9 months ago


Guest • 9 months ago
vovan1 • 9 months ago

1st time?