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Whoever • 1 year ago

Girls team became more popular than boys team :P

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Even today girls are more popular than boys.

danciftw • 1 year ago

that rapid fire was so satisfying

Mycroft • 1 year ago

What do you mean rapid fire?

Shun • 1 year ago

rapid fire as in the shots going one after the other like around 15:25
also at 20:10

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

1 more episode to go guys, they was great landing hits simultaneously.

EM • 1 year ago

2 you mean. There will be 13 episodes

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Oh okay thanks EM has same amount with Tomo chan.

Cowboy Henk • 1 year ago

is it that weird for an anime to have 13 ep?

nox • 1 year ago

No, it's the norm for anime to have either 12 or 13 episodes. Anything after that is unusual

Ei Sei • 1 year ago

think 11 is also quite normal. but generally most of the anime have 12 i think.

Shinpei Ajiro • 11 months ago

the beginning of this episode has me wanting all the teams to win. Idc who it is i just hope they have some power of friendship awesome archery moments.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Slow motion rapid arrow fire wow makes it even better.

Pretty intense awesome finals.

They might still have a chance though.

Great episode really enjoyable.

Mycroft • 1 year ago

Wdym rapid arrow fire?

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

They all fired together.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Yes Mycroft.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

This competition is going to be on fire!!

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Can't wait this episode will be good.

Great opening its a 9/10.

Soukoku • 1 year ago

But sheesh Tsujimine's consecutive shots😩✨

Utsuro • 1 year ago

All the training for Ikia paid off, and bro the animation 🥶

SkyNatsu • 1 year ago

Beautiful and Breathtaking shots

Skylark • 1 year ago

not FukuJun's characters making me cry first thing on a thursday morning

tho srsly..I don't think I'd get tired of watching that consecutive shots. Don't know how many times I got goosebumps in this ep >__<

SkyNatsu • 1 year ago

Bungou stray dogs and now Tsurune 😭

taijitu • 1 year ago

cry nikaido, cryyyy

HELL NAH • 1 year ago

I really love Ryouhei’s personality altho I’m so curious about his sister’s condition/story as to why she can’t leave from home anymore. Seriously, Ryouhei my bro my guy my dude is such a wholesome man. How admirable.

bari • 1 year ago

minato gosh that shot was beautiful

nox • 1 year ago

Looks like Nikaido regained his love for kyudo with that shot. Beautiful visuals and metaphors, I can feel their emotions

Mycroft • 1 year ago

Seiyaaaa just confess to Minato 💙😌.

Mycroft • 1 year ago

Lmao 😂 I'm literally nervous just by watching them 😭😭😭😭😭😭. I pause almost every damn minute coz my weak heart and soul can't take this extravagant anxiety's of them loosing, but thanks to the author, they win! Though it's not the end 💚.

Turquoise Moon • 1 year ago

Seiya: I am the arrow, you're the bull's eye.
Minato: Hit me hard and keep it coming.

Me: Minato x Seiya forever (but the cringe is strong if they confess like this, ha ha! ^_^)

Mycroft • 1 year ago


TonyShark • 1 year ago

4:40 ...... lol seo having the ultimate lesbian rizz XDDD

looserr • 1 year ago

lesbian rizz, love that.

Mi-chan • 1 year ago

I felt so bad for Seiya in this episode… ;;;;; Reminder as overprotective Seiya may seem we have to keep in mind he was at the scene Minato and his mother’s accident took place and witnessed most of it… Seiya blamed himself and felt guilty about it for years and swore to project him but it turned out Minato didn’t need his protection until his confrontation with Minato in the last season where he decided to walk beside him instead.
But upon seeing the injury brought back some traumatic memories… well he did witness the death of Minato’s mother and Minato in coma for 10 days so we can’t really blame him for that…
It makes me sad how mentally broken he is… it was getting better since he confronted Minato last season but the trauma just got to him… until he got that push forward :’)

1WingAngel • 2 months ago

as bad as what I feel for Nikaido, I hope we get to see some character growth from him. He's not a bad kid, just has a helluva chip on his shoulder

Yoi Ya • 3 months ago

nikaido really is a exhausting character. he's barking at everyone, no matter what they say

F4834N • 1 year ago

heck yeah, not only did he overcome the pain but that shot and those visuals 👌

bari • 1 year ago


Timbeans • 1 year ago

its all about feel..

Georg Elpons • 1 year ago

Didnt look like, they lost.

guesswho • 1 year ago

How did they lose ? Damn, I wanted to see those consecutive shots again

Mycroft • 1 year ago


Mycroft • 1 year ago

SEO IS SOOOO FAMOUS AMONG GIRLS LMAO 😂. HOW TO BE SEO? I mean she's cool and a beauty 😍.

Natsuya☂️ • 1 year ago

I totally forgot, but what's Ryouhei's relationship with his sister? Like, is she the only one that supports him or...?

Shun • 1 year ago

hmm i'm pretty sure we don't know anything about his parents yet - but his sister does support him, but she's dealing with something (maybe something happened to her?) so she isn't able to go outside at all let alone to watch his games