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SkyNatsu • 6 months ago

Ahhhhhhhh Millie Thompson ahhhhhhhhhh

Dvd Emg • 6 months ago

But Robert Deniro :'c

SkyNatsu • 6 months ago

He lives on in Meryl now

Xyrus • 6 months ago

At first it's like Deniro is the one that replaced Milly but knowing the news about season 2, it feels like it is Deniro that will be replaced by Milly lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Damn, that fight scene was insane! The emotions were running so high during that sequence and seeing the camera work adding to the atmosphere made it so engaging to watch as a whole. You could really feel the desperation both were feeling.

It was interesting to see Vash able to use a similar power to Knives, even the single wing. It should have been expected but Vash has not shown any use of it before so I thought he might have had a different power altogether, like more of a healer since he helped calm the plants.

I am glad Meryl was actually able to help save Vash from being swallowed up, I thought the direction they would go with when he woke up would be different, like him partially losing his memories but he was completely aware when he woke up. I couldn't see any drawbacks from what Knives did to him, Vash just got a new hairdo, new jacket and wielded a power he hadn't used before.

Knives is crazy for jumping into that energy beam like that in an attempt to recover the core, it's like he was almost happy that even if he wasn't able to recover it, the fact that he died by Vash's actions would make him stay imprinted in Vash's mind forever. I have a feeling he isn't dead though, for some reason I can't shake the feeling that he'll appear in the second season somehow if there is one.

I mentioned him not losing his memories when he regained consciousness but I am surprised he is not with Meryl or Wolfwood in the state he is in the present. Or maybe he is and we just don't get to see that confirmation yet. The name Eriks made me initially think someone had picked him up with his amnesia but as I'm writing this I think it makes more sense to think that Meryl and/or Wolfwood had introduced him as such because Vash is such a well-known name.

I really hope this gets another season, I wasn't feeling the first two episodes so I held off watching this but I'm so glad I tried the third episode randomly. This has been a great series to catch up with and the last two episodes have had really interesting developments. I hope if there is another season that'll be just as interesting or even more than this was.

Ohms Nuttachai • 6 months ago

Vash finally got his original hair style back but he lost his iconic red jacket lol

And the new season has just been confirmed.

broodo aka Dorian Brooks • 6 months ago

Yeah, the red coat is iconic, but it's not like he didn't wear the black coat in the mangas, that preceded all the animes.

Hopefully in season 2 he finally gets his 3rd gun, & a .45 instead of .22 revolver. Though his primary weapon being a .22 is more inline with his character.

Thicc brows • 6 months ago

I think he'll get a more close to the original coat in the next season though, i'm really looking forward to season 2 of this

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Yeah, I'm aware now, I can't wait.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Same here.

SenicAsianRoute • 6 months ago

the none spike hair is his natural hair in both versions thou XD

Zhang Qiling • 6 months ago

Oh, this will have a second season?? That's great news! Was worried it won't seeing all the bullshit some of the hardcore original version fans liked to say about this version lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Vash's hair due is his old style from the original and same with the look.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

I'm aware of that, I think it's a nice addition for fans of the original series.

Reemus • 6 months ago

Rather than a nice addition, it situates this particular series, Vash the Stampede, as a prequel to the original storyline. They might continue with this remake, but they will introduce a lot of the original characters and be in-line with the original, it seems.

lordsparda09 • 6 months ago

They simply rearranged the events to have the July incident be a key part of the current plot unlike the previous series where it's a backstory.

0104AD721 • 6 months ago

This isn't a prequel though? It's its own thing.

Reemus • 6 months ago

I don't know how to put it into a few short sentences, what they are trying to do here. It's a remake of the original storyline, which will serve as a prequel to the core content of the original. At least this is how it looks like chronologically and from the little hints post-July, with the characters they introduce. It will all, seemingly, be a remake, but rearranging all the content from the original series.

0104AD721 • 6 months ago

A prequel is a direct connection to a future story though and this doesn't do that. Things here don't make sense for the 90's anime, especially since the 90's showed their own version of what happened in July. Trying to fit this into a "it matches chronologically" doesn't work either because Meryl's older here then she is in the 90's and they just did the two year time jump that was supposed to be for Jenora Rock. 90's kept Vash and Knives roaming around for years together before spiltting up, TriStamp threw that out the gate and had them part the day of the crash. And including the Pieces of Earth Fleet from the manga itself... I just don't see how it makes sense to be a prequel in any form to something that's now completly seperate...

... Though, ultimately, I suppose if it makes better sense for some to view it as a prequel of some kind, okay. I just think that'll be confusing when se2 comes around and it's still not connecting to the original anime.

Shugo • 6 months ago

Surprised you're not getting more up votes. Very true all around. I was afraid they were going to ruin this show. This made up for a LOT of missing stuff that was iconic to the original. I'm not sure if the tune Vash was mumbling was the original song REM used to sing in the old series. Bringing that back would be great. I have that on my Spotify playlist I would love to see them bring it in.

MeganeMogwai • 2 months ago

I'd rather call it a reboot. It's using all the key material but rearranging it into something quite different. So I wouldn't say its not connected to the 90s anime and the connections that seem to be there are just mere cheeky nods reffering to the original anime for original fans to enjoy.

Blaise • 3 months ago

Not to mention Zazie the Beast was completely rewritten. He's not even a human being.

The Nebraska brothers are already dead. The gung-ho guns are different. Wolfwood and Meryl already know Vash.

The terraforming project and events post-crash are rewritten.

It's impossible to be a true prequel when it's already rewritten future events. Remake is the correct term for this. I have to wonder if this was Yasuhiro's intentions.

Reemus • 6 months ago

I did say the word "remake" and used a language structure "rearranging all the content", hm...

SenicAsianRoute • 6 months ago

the fact that spiked hair is not his natural look makes the spiked hair in the old one funny to me it means Vah uses hair gel

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Nam, I got a little info for you,
Idollish7 movie is coming out this year and it's by Orange studio.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

NO WAY!! YES! Thanks for sharing!

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Welcomes ^^
It's airing theaters in Japan this April but it's most likely be available to us in another 6 months or so T_T

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Yeah it sucks we won't get to see it straight away but I'm sure it'll be good.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Hope so? ^^

Jack • 6 months ago

I was also really surprised he's not with Meryl by the end, not to mention the memory loss (something I've already been spoiled about). While waiting for a season 2 I might just look at the original too, since I love spoilers lol.

KingKrash • 6 months ago

originally I thought this spoiled the future events of the original Trigun, but the end of Trigun Stampede seems to be indicating that it's actually a prequal to an alternate version of Trigun. I can't wait to see how the handle S2!

SenicAsianRoute • 6 months ago

both shows are already a modified canon the manga was not even half adapted

Blaise • 3 months ago

The original can't spoil you on this show. It's actually this version that spoils the original, as it's more descriptive of the backstory.

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

turned into Sephiroth the one winged angel!

Shugo • 6 months ago

The arm is Iconic to the original series. The Angel Arm. Forgot what it was called and had to google it. Seeing that got me ramped up. (I wonder if they're going to work that into the future series unless knives goes and makes the guns anyways somehow.) I honestly thought that he was going to shatter the moon in this last episode as I was watching it. I'm extremely excited to see them mesh the original and this together and how it'll go. I also hope they bring back REM's original song. Hope there isn't some copyright fight over it.

guesswho • 6 months ago

I mean, Armin did last enough even tho he's a normal human being xD

Deus The Great • 6 months ago

Love the fight scene and the visual of their forms look great!! This single episode outdo all the episodes that had been released by far.

I also think that Knives might survived, we didn't really see him dead. He might be in the state of coma or he happened to absorbed that much energy into him by miracle. And tbf, i can't see any other villains in the show who can outdo Knives because of how important is his character and how powerful he is.

yonib • 5 months ago

eh should've animated Maximum as if the 1998 never happened and that's it

Pheonix • 6 months ago

Knives mentioned earlier that the next best thing after paradise would be death.
You mentioned the camera work being superb, and I agree!
My favourite moment gotta be: 8:34 to 8:57
The way he loaded his gun felt insanely impactful. Masterfully done!

Archaic Sage • 6 months ago

This whole thing was an exercise in redundancy. No, it's worse. The timing of everything was off the entire series because of the animation. This is in the negative even granted the plot expansion.

SenicAsianRoute • 6 months ago

what the hell you on are you really saying 3D makes everything worthless if its so bad then why do you not hate 2D shows with low amount of frames drawn

Archaic Sage • 6 months ago

I do. This wasn't "fluid", at all, either. The timing was off on everything from the dialog to the action. Nothing about this cgi feels natural.

SenicAsianRoute • 6 months ago

what file are you watching because none of what you just said ever happened

Jack • 6 months ago

Trigun Stampede..... aside from Fire hunter and Nier this one is the only one to NOT disappoint me at all, being 3D makes it unique because it's really good compared to others, specially on fight sequences. Today's fight was amazing to say the least, but I thought I was playing a boss fight from God of war XD.

I'll give this a 9/10 simply because there was times I wished they hurried more, but other than that it was an amazing ending, and I'll definitely wait for a season 2!!

Makaveli Musolini • 6 months ago

Vinland was also great. The one with the ice snow is not bad either. Personally momo was a decent watch, but not as good as these. If they count as this season, I'd add csm to great and witch from mercury to decent enough.

More good animes then I'm accustomed to honestly. Next season is stacked as well, I think at lkeast 2 or 3 must watch's and a couple that could be interresting. Hell's paradise and kimetsu of the top def must watch. forgot the other few.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

For me this's the second full 3D boss I've seen today.
I watch a Chinese animation which is full 3D cgi base on it's novel.
It's called Douluo Dalu (Soul Land)... The latest ep in S2 had one epic boss fight scene and it was angle aura vs giant glowing lightning hammer.

vovan1 • 6 months ago

hmm, i liked Soul Land manga much more. CGI had bad presentation for me.

SenicAsianRoute • 6 months ago

many styles of 3D all look good am not much into Soul Lands style compared to Carp Rebors model designs though

SenicAsianRoute • 6 months ago

3D is not nearly as bad as people bitch it as Ajin looks amazing its lower framerate stops nothing from being as spooky an kickass IBM's would be far less cool in restricted 2D

Violetta Bertini • 6 months ago

Are you referring to series from this season?

If so, Revenger was okay-ist, IMHO.