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phatbuddha • 1 month ago

Anime started as "The Running Man" and now it's "Death Race 2000/Cannonball Run"

disqus_B71aIc56lI • 1 month ago

Or Smokey and The Bandit because of soda products needed to be delivered😁

Melfina Rose • 1 month ago

Did they change Sid's name or have they just been getting it wrong for 48eps?

And is it just me or has the animation budget had a boost?

Although, Sid, Sawyer and Luna make a powerful team, throw in Sigma and that's probably the best of the best from A7 without Morris.

Bobby Kuhn • 1 month ago

Calling America "trans" is really hilarious. Thanks Japan for your subtle humor.

Shadow Moon • 1 month ago

its meaning transitional in this case

SigmaDemon • 1 month ago

Its been so many competitions and Sawyer STILL keeps saving people left and right like an idiot. In these competitions, only 1 wins, so it is more logical to watch your own back!

But I do have to command Sid for his awesome driving over that bridge! Exceptional! :)

Kelvin Goh • 1 month ago

That's why he always lose, because of busy kindness, Shibuya, Nobunaga, Egypt were proof.

Frierend • 1 month ago


Frierend • 1 month ago

If the viewers don't like him he won't be called next time

strange guy • 1 month ago

I assume it’s gonna keep going

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 month ago

Yes it will

SkyNatsu • 1 month ago

Until Dragonball Daima airs

Honestly Rabbi-chan cute tho hahahaha lol

Ashlee001 • 1 month ago

I will admit this was the best of all the episodes so far! I was holding my breath every step or drive they made. My faith in the series is renewed!