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Whoever • 11 months ago

We all just need a pocket woman to human translator and all miscommunication problems would be solved 😉

Anime & Rutabagas • 11 months ago

Even with all of that there will still be miscommunication lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 11 months ago

Can't say I'm a huge fan of that trope.

I get unlike Americans like myself, Japanese people aren't exactly open or expressive.

But sometimes it's better to just open up and just tell people how you feel. Unless you're OK with unnecessarily burning down bridges.

xXPORTALXx • 11 months ago

Umm have you never been in a relationship in which someone said "do you love me?" just as an excuse to be coddled for a sec? Bc as a fellow american I can tell ya rn a lot of ppl do this lol

wwlaos • 11 months ago

I'm perfectly fine with burning down bridges, I just want to actually be holding the torch when it happens. :P

Ian Nava H • 11 months ago


Ian Nava H • 11 months ago

Honesty is the best policy but for some reason people hate it

Ohms Nuttachai • 11 months ago

If someone suggested this idea to Nasa, he might be able to make one lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 11 months ago

Lord knows EVERYONE in Gamers can use one.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 11 months ago

And someone to teach Nasa social cues.

wwlaos • 11 months ago

"We all just need a pocket woman..." - Whoever. :P

xXPORTALXx • 11 months ago

Ngl that's exactly how I read it at first, then my brain got real confused by wth the second half was talking about lol

Ohms Nuttachai • 11 months ago

Yes, Nasa. Do it for world peace!

Nasa: "I only enter for 3-4 minutes"
Tsukasa: "Tch! Amateur!"
The art of sauna is so profound.

We can count on Kaname for raunchy development. But somehow the romcom skit went to Aya instead lol

love how he uses the excuse of world peace to show affection to his WIFE lol

Ian Nava H • 11 months ago

She got the new subversive type: "the woman who enters the men's bath"

Anime & Rutabagas • 11 months ago

More quality wholesome alone time in the bath together lol

How cute xD

wwlaos • 11 months ago

O kawaii koto!

Noah Winns-Cromer • 11 months ago

Happy Redhead Day to all our favorite redheads in anime!

Ik I'm late but the queen of redheads is definitely Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD

Noah Winns-Cromer • 11 months ago

Is nobody gonna mention how cute Tsukasa is with her neko ears?

Mini_Minion • 11 months ago

she is purrrrfectly cute with neko ears

Wind • 11 months ago

She is cute no matter what

Kwarevo • 11 months ago

Interpret differently.
Use neko is very good example

Noah Winns-Cromer • 11 months ago

To all my fellow American weebs, have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Stay safe!

OfficialDrixMalone • 11 months ago

Oh snap, I forgot Memorial day was coming up aha!! Thanks for the reminder!! I must be a terrible American by our standards then smh.

Vampressqueen Colvin • 11 months ago

honestly. this yr it just feels like its another day imo. :/
im american too.... sigh

American Kazuma • 11 months ago

nah forgetting is fine if you are busy (shit i forgot myself since i've been busy practicing talking while recording so i can become a youtuber one day but that's far off since my voice is still terrible) you'd only be terrible if you intentionally ignored it

EM • 11 months ago

*sees Tsukasa in a sauna*
New kink unlocked

Ian Nava H • 11 months ago

Something woke up in Nasa that day

OtterFossil • 11 months ago

Only Nasa could get away with advancing his flirting skills with Shojo manga

TheBigFool • 11 months ago

Kaname is the best wingman!

While Aya is the best cockblocker......

Skyfall (Ponytail lover) • 11 months ago

For world peace!!! Sadly i cant help with that...

Ether555 • 11 months ago

I personally contribute to word peace by watching animes like this one and sharing them. You can help too. Since the sharing part of the plan is annoying you can just watch them.

Also, Tsukasa is already married. Don't be one of her simps, don't be disgusting.

Skyfall (Ponytail lover) • 11 months ago

Bro got me in the first half ngl

OfficialDrixMalone • 11 months ago

Another adorable couple!

"How could you be so cold to a purring kitty (your wife)?!" - Kaname, lmao.

Actually Kaname is truly the best wingwoman so far, she may be a pervert wanting live shojo manga adaptations using Tsukasa & Nasa as her entertainment (experiments), but she's been pushing them do things that'd be hard to do on their own or would be too slow to do. She's the real MVP!!

Dammit why couldn't they finally take that next step smh?! Nasa almost saw the full glory of his wife's existence, all her lady lumps and beauty of her curves!!

Dbz Directioner • 11 months ago

Remember to thank Nasa Guys. He is doing all this for World Peace.

Grandpa Lampshade • 11 months ago

"...even the government would approve"
No no no! The government requests that you two pick up the pace like, quite a bit. This whole birthrate thing isn't going to fix itself.

Lucyw18 • 11 months ago

ohhhh sauna episode things are heating up literaly

kurdbubbles • 11 months ago

Heat is our enemy!

ohmiodio • 11 months ago

Everyday we are inching closer to have to watch this show on HH.
not that i would mind it.

Kranesh • 11 months ago

Kaname has to be one of the best wingman I've ever seen in any anime so far, she knows what Nasa and Tsukasa needs to get their relationship to the next level, and it's also thanks to her that they're growing a lot as a couple, so props to Kaname for being a chad!

Paradise SLU • 11 months ago

9:53 what a kiss so cute!!

Dotbryen 17 • 11 months ago

I feel like we should not be watching this... This feels too real imo. But I can't stop watching!!!

AURON 2401 • 11 months ago

= holding your wives hand, yeah.

Bittersweet Revenge • 11 months ago

This was a nice episode 😁

Paradise SLU • 11 months ago

Ep8 lets go, I wonder whats in store for us.

アプロ • 11 months ago

Can they fvk already...

Divine demon GOD Aris • 11 months ago

nasa has to research fucking first

LesK • 11 months ago

poor poor Nasa, he just doesn't get it. timing isn't everything, spontaneous affection is the key. now i'm not talking about suddenly jumping her and getting 'into it' with full on adult relations... more like a random hug, or a soft pat on her rear, or play with her hair for a few seconds, or whisper something affectionate in her ear for no reason. i am quite shocked that Kaname was exactly right in that situation. Tsukasa actually WAS looking for some 'feminine appeal affirmation'.

mischievous Tsukasa was HILARIOUS! :> but if you use the cat for shenanigans... remember to afterwards reward said cat for their involuntary participation! or use the secret weapon of all cat owners... THE LASER POINTER! get the cat's attention and LEAD THEM to the target with the pointer and then INSTIGATE THE ATTACK! suddenly putting the cat atop somebody with no logical path for the cat to take to get on the target OBVIOUSLY leads the target to thinking YOU did it on purpose, not the cat! the tickling incident was just too damn cute! "Tsukasa never lies!" hahahahheehhehehaha! :D poor poor Nasa, never miss the opportunity for a tickle counter attack! because endorphins are a WONDERFUL aphrodisiac! and a tickle fight is a damn fun prelude to adult relations. ;9

they've been living next to that public bathhouse for so long... the onsen trip made me realize this married couple... HAS BEEN THERE THIS WHOLE TIME AND HASN'T DONE 'IT' IN THE BATH-HOUSE!? seriously, pure romance ROMCOM rules and whatnot are all well and good... but these two DEFINITELY need a tastefully done smexing it up storyline!

Paulo Azuela • 10 months ago

They've been fooling around but not in the bath. Ask yourself why would they do it in a bath? It's not even their bath house , even Nasa had the desire but can't say it and ask permission to the owner of the bath house. Good thing Kaname just wanted it more to happen XD. Besides sexless marriage do happen and a serious issue in Japan , seeing this couple not fooling around in the bath while still doing it outside of the bath doesnt seem to weird now