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Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

I already forgot about the hero's party, NGL.

Kelvin Goh • 1 year ago

Waiting to see the looks on their face after realizing the person they've been talking bad about him.

noneedtoknow • 1 year ago

The hero bangs the two girls. He marries them and Mukouda is jealous.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

Why would he jealous when he has Sui and Fel by his side?

noneedtoknow • 1 year ago

He's single and has never had a girl before so he gets mad at any couple he sees going forward in the novel.

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

he is rich, good looking, got some really powerful familiars and protection from 3 goddesses, if he is single is because he wants too, he needs to stop being such a wimp

Saintess Jest • 1 year ago

That. He's honestly so pathetic it's agitating.
Even knowing his abilities and allies I'm not sure I could tolerate being in a relationship with a guy like that. I'd rather be third wife to that Hero, even if he's functionally inferior. At least the hero isn't a coward.
It's incredibly off-putting.

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

well well the hero doesn't look that bright either, so is more like the saying goes It is better to be alone, than to be in bad company

Saintess Jest • 1 year ago

Nothing about what we've seen suggests he's not bright or is bad company. Contrary, the two girls suggest he's perfectly fine company, and their situation suggests they're successful adventurers who's only issue is that they're probably not overpowered, and they lack good food.
They were also concerned for his safety, but ultimately he chose to leave himself, at least as shown in the anime, nobody seemed to give him any shit for his lack of abilities and his single strange unassuming skill, he chose to run away on his own.

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

I think at the beginning it was implied that the kingdom that summoned them was starting to arm up and things were getting fishy so the royalty wasn't to be trust, and Mukouda was able to catch on that while the hero just accepted whatever story the King told him

why be with anyone in the first place lmao. normie brains

QuadL • 1 year ago

If the ending videos are anything to go by, he's not THAT good looking... but three out of four - say no more, say no more.

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

mmm well looks are always subjective but I think that his looks are good enough together with all the other stuff and I forgot to add he is a good cook he really shouldn't have a problem finding women

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

Why would he jealous when he has Sui and Fel by his side? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nikko Sisou • 1 year ago

When he could be snu snu'd by the earth and fire goddess :O

cool story brooo • 1 year ago

fbi open up

Gizmo 2024 • 1 year ago

It's not Mukouda's fault that the Goddess of Lube gave her only blessing to Sui.

Maverick • 1 year ago

goddess of what?! wth XDDD

Gizmo 2024 • 1 year ago

The Moist Lady of Heaven

I mean, if my anime knowledge is correct... Slimes are good as well xD.

Krolox • 1 year ago

Yeah, but for woman, but if a man tries to stick it in, it'll melt.

sui can probably tun into human form and only let him inside lmao

cool story brooo • 1 year ago

mmm he is like 3 months old or something

JolliBaka • 8 months ago

NO, please!

FBIagentSenpai • 1 year ago

that's really stupid if that's the case, not only he has Fel and Sui, he has money, he's rich, he has full bags of gold he can buy a brothel all by himself if he's that desperate to have sex

QuadL • 1 year ago

He ain't looking for just seggs, he want that pitter patter, suki suki now feeling with that exclusive once in a lifetime, at least for now, doki doki happening.

Rannen 19 • 1 year ago

No matter, he would get that Guild Kafra Girl on his side as she already had a crush on him.

KISEKI • 1 year ago

I think you misunderstood something that guild girl have a crush on the fenrir not the Mc

QuadL • 1 year ago

I think e just had a crush on hs wallet.

SKYFADE • 1 year ago

Why would he if he already a 3 Goddess?

Mr_knight • 4 months ago

Same as me 😞

ManicPandaz • 1 year ago

Sui and Fel are best waifus.

OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago

You g@y...

QuadL • 1 year ago

Sui is a girl though... but that's like his kid so ixnay.

Mini_Minion • 1 year ago

Well, it depends how you look at it. In the novel they used female pronounce for Sui, but in the manga they use male pronounce. I prefer to see Sui as an "it" untill they clearly clarify wich gender it has. But nonetheless you're right about Sui beeing his kid so even if Sui would transform to sexy human loli Mudouka would not feel "that way"

ManicPandaz • 1 year ago

You read that and immediately think of man on man love..? With a dog and a slime? You must think a lot about the passionate art of male love to go there so easy... or maybe you're "asking for a friend". Anyway, not interested, sorry champ.

BizzaReOtaku • 1 year ago

plus he has 4 goddesses.

Shiro Aikawa • 1 year ago


Maverick • 1 year ago

nah! why would he want [_______] who were talking smack about him behind his back? Women would prefer men who are excellent providers, esp. good cooks

QuadL • 1 year ago

AND he is about to have his own personal bathtub!

Saintess Jest • 1 year ago

As expected... .-.

Autumn • 1 year ago

I like how this show just makes him into one big joke lol

Gizmo 2024 • 1 year ago

It's obviously inspired by the Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo series, so it fits, even if heavily altered.

Jarekb • 1 year ago

I thought mukouda was asexual or something bc no development is shown in that aspect, but then does he marry someone later?

ㅤꜱㅤᴏㅤʟㅤᴏㅤ • 6 months ago

He fell in love with the beautiful Elf of the Ark Party, Feodora, but he didn't pursue her anymore after learning that, she had five children and a grandchild. XD

Shadow • 1 year ago

Damn, they look pretty tasty too ngl I would bang too

SPACE-86 • 1 year ago

he has goddess to bang for sweets do lol

Aaaah, but Mukoda can bang too. He's just too cool for that.
But he can...

MRpaisan • 1 year ago

Tell me why would any of them marry Mukouda? he's a coward. fel is more likely to get laid, than him. Same with sui. Slim tentacles.

Saintess Jest • 1 year ago

I'll restate what I said in another chain, but yes. He's extremely offputting and pathetic.
He has no reason what so ever to be afraid of anything, yet he's overwhelmingly pathetic with his cowardice.
I'd rather be third wife to the hero instead.