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Shinpei • 1 year ago

This season should be 24+ episodes

SpyInDisguise • 1 year ago

The entire next arc is huge, it could easily cover 20 episodes on its own. That's probably why they kept S2 shorter.

You mean it's ending with 12 or 13 episodes come on bruh

Monkey D Goofy • 1 year ago

13 episodes yes


Abhinav Neoharys Varma • 1 year ago

I waited and binged this season, no way I can one week season 3 lol

Kirito • 1 year ago

Mikey didn't killed takemichi I wonder why is it because he's just like his weak older brother

Lord Helix • 1 year ago

This arc is basically over while the next one is pretty big and the best one in the entire manga.

Shinpei • 1 year ago

The manga is still ongoing?

Sam • 1 year ago

Manga is technically still ongoing but the main story ended a while ago, now the mangaka is going in deep with all the characters, their childhood and subsequently how they met mikey, I strongly recommend reading the whole thing

Cross • 8 months ago

wow, im starting to really like how this story progress, this story somehow reminds me of my past, having a huge group of friends before but bec. of toxicity we part ways and many years had past i just became realize on how important those days are and missed it, to see that theres more on the story after the main story is fascinating, so we will get dozens of seasons of tokyo revengers and after-story

Kirito • 1 year ago

Looks like next season is probably the last or 2 more season and glad it ended

Lord Helix • 1 year ago

Kinda. They're still doing something but the main story is over. They also dragged it on for 100 more chapters than what was needed.

dzonax3 • 1 year ago

wait what, the manga is finished no?

Lord Helix • 1 year ago

It should be but there are still some other chapters that are being made, but the story is pretty much over

thelogico • 1 year ago

13 epsiodes 1 more to go sadly :(

Mr.Cookie • 1 year ago

thats gotta be bullshit bruh i cant wait another 1.5 years to watch more of this after next week

BRUH MOMENT • 1 year ago

they going to make us wait again
I was tempted to read the manga last year idk if I can continue this as a anime only

Diamon Shade • 1 year ago

That's what I did when I finished the 1st season so I basically read this season them stopped

dzonax3 • 1 year ago

read the manga, the anime is shit anyways

Fr bro god knows when will season 3 come out after this one's over, but I think s3 will be out soon enough cause the manga's like almost done, they might announce the next season after the last episode's out I guess.

Guest • 1 year ago
Shinpei • 1 year ago

You funny guy 🤣

Aleksas Kovalenko • 1 year ago

I wonder how bad this timeline could be?

*watches until 03:25*

Ah... that's how.

AnimatorME • 1 year ago

One's may argue, that this is the best time line.
no gang killing each others, human trafficking, drugs ..etc

Quocka • 1 year ago

What do you mean? This timeline is just Mikey murdering everyone so his Toman most likely is also involved with human trafficking, drugs, etc. as well since Mikey himself succumbed to darkness. Just because they didn't explicitly mention those other things doesn't mean Mikey's Toman didn't do them on top of murder.

Klaxxi • 1 year ago

Yea and takemitchy left the gang cause it was becoming to violent and my guess is that mikey killed hisaki first then mitchy left and then everything spiralled downhill but somehow the car incident still goes thru so is kisaki preplanning it or is it some1 else doing it like naoto?

NamelessGuy • 1 year ago

Good point. I don't remember them ever explaining how hina died in this timeline..

Klaxxi • 1 year ago

He saw a notice on the phone that she had died in a carcrash or smt again so here every1 dies but shes the only one that always dies in the same way and i think its also on the same day

NamelessGuy • 1 year ago

So Kisaki dies between hina's death and the present? Makes sense considering mitsuya's funeral just happened. Mikey prob killed them all around the same time.

Klaxxi • 1 year ago

Idk since it always happends no matter what then it seems like something thats preplanned even 12y back and theres only a few ppl that can be linked to it and those would be tetta mikey her brother and takemitchy himself but most of them are unlikely and it should be kisaki but could be some last act plottwist with it being her brother that is the mastermind behind her death and evrything else being mostly unrelated stuff but im mostly very off when it comes to farfetched stuff like this xD

Kirito • 1 year ago

At least there's no more gang stuff Mikey did it because toman is getting cringe

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

Lol last week I remember commenting that we'll eventually see a future where everyone gets a death and it's already happened this episode. It's sad that Mikey tried to solve any conflicts and issues by killing people since the first time he killed someone he felt nothing. I feel like the only way Takemichi will be able to solve this whole thing is by constantly going back and forth for the rest of his life because his self when he's not conscious seems to not be helping.

Seeing Takemichi's hand actually bring back life to Mikey's eyes was so surprising, I wasn't expecting to see life in his eyes to be used in that moment. It's sad that it had to be during his death, Takemichi's presence in Mikey's heart I was aware was big but it being so big that even after years of not seeing each other is that comforting was a surprise.

I am also surprised by how calm Chifuyu and Hakkai were during their deaths, the fact they were able to smile talking about the past even though a person they hold dear was taking their life. I really hope Takemichi is able to direct the past into a way happier future than this current one.

Druid1 • 1 year ago

It seems like Takemichi would have to go back and just stay there forever. Whenever he goes to the future his other self mess everything up

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

That wouldn't work, he needs to know what he needs to look out for so that he can prevent it in the past. If something happens he won't be able to do anything to fix it, like with Baji.

Queenie Leung • 1 year ago

If Takemichi stays in the past, he won't be able to tell the future. But I don't think he has to. He wasn't able to stop Baji's death but still managed to talk Mikey out of killing Kazutora and brought him back to his senses.

Mo7664dis • 1 year ago

So what he's learned isn't helping either. Otherwise he wouldn't be still be asking why, and what happened?

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

What? Of course he's going to ask. The future changes whenever he changes the past so he needs to know what has happened to confirm if things are all good or if he needs to go back to the past to change what bad outcome has occurred after changing the past.

Mo7664dis • 1 year ago

That's my point! If the past was changed by him once he goes back to the future, his new past should already be in his memories. Unless he's in a new time lines from the original and has no memory since it's not his. I might be missing some real important details, so I think I'll check out the manga since the anime is so confusing.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

It's been shown many times he doesn't have the memories of the new timeline he ends up in, that's why he meets Naoto every time to find out what has changed because Naoto actually has the memories of the previous timelines and the current one. I have no idea why the author decided to go that way though.

Mo7664dis • 1 year ago

This has got me worried that maybe he's not changing anything, but just jumping different time lines and witnessing different actions and outcomes. Thus forcing his alternate selves to go into stasis until he leaves their time line. Which means his Hina has died and can't come back in his time line.

Mo7664dis • 1 year ago

Yes I know that much about Naoto ability to know of the event that has change in the time line, but it doesn't give him or Takamichy a clue as to why? Thus without some type direction he could very well wind up being the cause of the tragedy and not even know it. An example of an anime in which the MC had to find a reason for the events, would be ERASED. Since not doing so would've cost the MC his life as well.

This is exactly what I want to commment I hope the author understands we the viewers are not fools takemitchy should just stay in the past forever and help miky with his dreams since miky needs him

OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago

You're as dense as Mitchy is then lmao.


Cheetah • 1 year ago

Think a bit more :/ if he stays in the past, he won't be able to change whatever happens, it would be a big gamble

What are you saying boi he already knows what to do save gf don let toman to go into the dark side protect his friends

KFA • 1 year ago

Hypothetical scenario:
Toman fights a gang in the past, and loses badly to it, becoming completely subservient. Takemitchy is powerless to do anything about it because he is on the loser's side. This new gang goes on to kill select Toman members + Hina.

Time slip: Takemitchy goes back to future before this gang war and learns of it in the future. So he can now go back to past before the war happened to prevent it from ever happening.

TL;DR: Takemitchy is actually quite powerless and as the saying goes hindsight is 20/20.

This time slipping business actually raises an interesting point. Takemitchy is not invulnerable because he can time slip. IF he gets killed in between, time slipping causes him to just die.

U not making sense if he needs strength he nos what to do train and go to the gym

KFA • 1 year ago

And what? Become Goku by lifting weights? That's idiotic not only because it's unrealistic and also because he already has cheat ability.