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Keith Anderson • 1 year ago

one episode left and as a fellow game player all this fighting is dumb considering the war ends with annexed anyway we got Lloyd and Estelle and finally sara the end is making lavi look more like a villain than a hero

James Serquiรฑa • 1 year ago

Well rean was a villain to Lloyd. There is even a slice of the divertissement chapter in this episode

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

To the invaded: Lavi is a hero
To the empire: Lavi is a villain

From my POV, Lavi is a hero and Rean is a pawn of the Empire following its order to join invasion.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

You Either Die A Hero Or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain

kanra • 1 year ago

was so glad to see more characters from the game even if it was only a brief moment

go1 • 1 year ago

Well,i didnt play the game but i saw the dissonance in this episode
Soldiers of north ambria: 1939 AGE
Empire soldiers: 2050 AGE + high tech
Nanka... Kimazui. And i predicted the white haired schemer to be behind it and smh. i was right.

majaketrix • 1 year ago

haha.. this episode must be hell to non gamers. alot of game characters have cameo.

hmm.. i thought i could finally see the golden rakshasa in action, but i guess it would be just like in the games, they just keep on flaunting her skills without actually showing them ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Keith Anderson • 1 year ago

It's probably next episode we see her greatness since she was the reason this war came to an end in so fast i just want reans cools scene

majaketrix • 1 year ago

my mind is clear, my blade empty

Seventh Slash Shredded Leaves ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Fayt Leingod • 1 year ago

GG lavi XD

Keith Anderson • 1 year ago

The real question I have is where is altina if she was reans partner during his missions, this anime made her a babysitter

majaketrix • 1 year ago

altina is in intelligence division. espionage is her specialty... partner as in handler/agent relationship.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

I also wanted to see the golden mech in action

Felix Nascimento • 1 year ago

Good showing more people from the games, even llyod and rixia appeared in this episode (Was that hacking that they were doing the same that is showed in ToCS II?).
I thought that Lavi said that she was going to defeat the vixen, but why she challenged Rean?

ChampReborn • 1 year ago

Yeah I thought Lloyd and Rixia are going to fight Rean and Altina

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

i guess she left iseria to beat the vixen and spank tally

Fayt Leingod • 1 year ago

tally is under hypnosis that dagger is sus

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

true, seems like it

majaketrix • 1 year ago

lavi got sidetracked ๐Ÿ˜‚ i really think lavi would die in the next episode. and then rean would beat(he doesnt kill ๐Ÿ˜‚) the vixen

Fayt Leingod • 1 year ago

ya its the side quest with altina on crossbell

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

Iseria: "It feels like an inside job"
For whatever reason, the girl who served directly under the previous governor who suddenly disappeared after his death and has never been heard ever since is not on the suspect list somehow.

I grinned when I saw the Crossbell gang. And almost screamed when I saw Estelle and Joshua. Never thought they would have a role in this. What a pleasant fanservice.

One episode left. It doesn't feel like this is a climax, TBH. I'm already preparing my score for this show. Don't expect it to be too high.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Good episode 1 more to go.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Lavi is so cool great moves.

Nice fight scene.

KingLoner • 1 year ago

Eyy. Sara is finally here, again I am happy. ^_^

OMG! All three games characters were featured. I'm die, thank you forever.XD

Men, oh men. I can't comment on anything specific this episode, with this finally drawing to a close and Azure is finally having an official EN version. I'm just plain happy beyond words. xD

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

they should have gotten the albino vixen from the start

Monkey D. Luna • 1 year ago

i wanna see those torture devices used on albino vixen

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

and tally

Sumbudee • 1 year ago

Not gonna lie, this anime confuses me at times. There are so many different groups that I've lost track of so many side things. I can't even use the oldest trick in the book (the unique/more animation distinct characters are worth remembering) to track who is important. Then you also have all these cities and countries...

I still enjoy it by clinging to Lavi's story and growth, but it feels like there are some things that are just slapped in front of you and you're just meant to accept it, but if you had an external source they'd probably make more sense to you.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

yea there are way too many characters and some you only ever see once

Christian Appel • 1 year ago

The beginning of the end for North Ambria starts here and now.

Fayt Leingod • 1 year ago

not really the end though annexing makes them prosperous that makes all jeagers lose there job and most of them join ouroboros and became drop outs
and no more hard life of there citizens

kurdbubbles • 1 year ago

Power of words.

blackace 45 • 1 year ago

animator: how many cameos u guys want?

falcom: *yes

James Serquiรฑa • 1 year ago

This isn't sara... Boobs aint that big ๐Ÿ˜‚

Fayt Leingod • 1 year ago

ah yes that tank looking crap give me a headache...i hate that shit..in game..

Azureink • 1 year ago

Go Lavi! Beat that Imperial hero!

Trix • 1 year ago


Klimyssup • 1 year ago

Damn! Just when Rean arrives the episode ends. All those crap about nambria is meh. The real deal is with rean

Keith Anderson • 1 year ago

I really hope they get the rean scene right with his going berserk and having Sara Claire and altina get him back to normal if it's even in the anime we didn't even see Claire here I mean it's a big plot point in game 3 and altina worried about him the whole game after this war

Klimyssup • 1 year ago

i dont remember Claire being a part of NAmbria war. AFAIK it was only Sara and Altina who witnessed it, they didnt actually stop it, just helped with the aftermath of the rage.
thats why Altina was heartbroken because she was useless when Rean needed helped the most.
still i could be wrong, played the 3rd game years ago.

sheryl vos • 1 year ago

does she eventually fall in love with rean or will they stay enimies. this is getting interesting

Keith Anderson • 1 year ago

nope, well she could, but she is a anime only character and rean has enough girl problems as it is lol

bari • 1 year ago

i really loved the first ep of this

Georg Elpons • 1 year ago

He is so polite, to leave his mech...

I11110 • 1 year ago

From 11:20 we witnesses the most lazy escape in anime history where she just untied ropes in plan view and then freed comrade few steps away from guards and no one gave a dawn.

Georg Elpons • 1 year ago

damn, or did you mean morning/sunrise=dawn?