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Endcsline • 11 months ago

14:55 she just casually holds a one-handed push-up, even if it was just for a few seconds

SkyNatsu • 11 months ago

After watching Oshi no Ko. I need some healing with today's Cinderella Girls episode now😭

Syian • 11 months ago

Just a perfect wholesome show to balance oshi no ko

Paradise SLU • 11 months ago

Amazing episode, the ending scene was heartwarming.

Glinda • 11 months ago

Nice episode, relaxing anime, perfect for Wednesday

Monkey D. Luna • 11 months ago

I thought the iguana's tongue would stretch out and eat the butterfly.

Paradise SLU • 11 months ago

Ep7 is on a roll.

MeganeMogwai • 11 months ago

Koharu's definitely got the Disney Princess energy. Love her to bits.

wwlaos • 10 months ago

Hyou-kun gonna help destroy a biscuit hammer one of these days.

guesswho • 10 months ago

Nico nico niiii also damn someone needs to teach this kid to not go around like that...

Aleste • 11 months ago

14:27 - WTF?

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 11 months ago

OMG, now Koga is the perfect example for how a girl her age should behave! All girls should be exactly like her to be loveable! Her gentle, respectful and pure nature is what really makes a princess! She is indeed already a princess in everyone's hearts and she should be protected at all costs!!!

Haruhi • 10 months ago

What a magical episode

lady vivi ★ • 10 months ago

My girl realizes that idols are like princesses, and that kinda shows how smart and well adjusted she actually is.

Emrald Kun • 11 months ago

Koharu will always be the princess everyone (animal) admire, and soon her fans as well.

Fibel Sistine • 11 months ago

I hate how koharu's story is, koharu is suppose to be the most pure character (not count nina and maybe kaoru) but this make her kinda get some kind of schizo thing and I hate it personally

But well, thanks tho I still love koharu, best girl this series

Micfal • 11 months ago

I wonder if Koharu has some condition that makes her.. see things that aren't there

Lyla • 11 months ago

She's clearly suffering from a case of schizophrenia, she's seeing and hearing things, my guess is that is the stage scene where it shows the crowds her medication wear off, and the butterfly is just her halucination, the rest is just her having a mental episode. It's actually pretty disturbing to see the world from a point of view of a Schizophrenic child

chia39 • 11 months ago

The only schizo here is you.

Akito Himenokouji v2 • 11 months ago

Psychologically, childhood hallucination is more common than you think, including imaginary friends, so look it up and its not a big of a deal. Koharu is 12 so that makes sense since she's literally still a child with wild imaginations