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joblesshobo • 8 months ago

This 'medicine' is actually meth isn't it?

The dragon didn't turn into a waifu, just dead. I am disappointed.

Fortune's Feline • 8 months ago

XD I was thinking half of what you just stated, but the other half caught me off guard! XD Nicely done!

WorldGN18 • 8 months ago

yeah Annis be like this medicine is legal and safe but it gives you a booth while making you go insane... and yeah we are so used to dragon waifus already that I was surprised to see that it was really just a dragon withouth any humanoid form

WinterFrost • 8 months ago

Its legal cause there are no laws

AngwyFloof • 8 months ago

Lol, yeah sure, they're legal because she make it so, she's a freakin' Royal Princess of the Kingdom, and was next in line to the throne before she stepped down.

WorldGN18 • 8 months ago

probably the only right answer, is legal cuz she made it so

Rasetsugamehameha • 8 months ago

what about that dragon that was killed by a carrot?

WorldGN18 • 8 months ago

I believe I skipped that one and that was probably the right call

naliux • 8 months ago

I hardly drop any anime once I start, but that one was really hard not to. I only got to the second ep. Did I miss anything good or maybe should I continue with it?

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 8 months ago

Nope, you really did not miss much, your time really will be better-spent on just watching the current animé-releases (unless you're ultra-cultured into grabbing screen-shots of waifu-looking animé-girls, then there are like a few seconds of the M-C's imouto apparently actually being alive during like the last couple of episodes, probably still not worth the time to fast-forward to look for the handful of seconds where she gets any actual screen-time though).

naliux • 8 months ago

No need actually. My cultured bros take care of that, and share the fruits of their hard earned labor ( free of charge for my eyes). And I call them senpai in sign of respect back to them.

xXPORTALXx • 8 months ago

Naaah it was just crap lol

Klaxxi • 8 months ago

Its better then magmel but rly anything is but still not worth it

Lai Sing Wei • 8 months ago

would have been possible if it were categorized isekai harem, maybe reverse harem.

Thistlesniffs • 8 months ago

Magimeth? ^_^;

And honestly, I hope I'm not the only person here who would prefer more fantasy love stories to stay between two people in a committed couple. Shows with hoards of love interests constantly falling for the lead character just make me feel anxious and tired. >_<;

Kuro Ro Gie • 8 months ago

Probably they don't want to ruined the yuri thing by adding a third wheel

Eldritchcoomer • 7 months ago

It could've been a thriving yuri thing even with a third wheel, it kinda just shows they are either to cowardly to add more and switch up the dynamic or are too comfortable with the current dynamic. A non-shipped character thrown into your ship dynamic doesn't ruin the ship

Jacman99 • 8 months ago

The fight scenes were FAR better than I expected in this anime

Omnipresent, V2 • 7 months ago

Probably more closely related to adrenaline shots...

Though if you REALLY wanted a performance enhancing drug you don't take meth you take this funny little thing called PCP.

Micheal Kasey • 8 months ago

I mean, she did say mayaku which means hard drugs.

Ondrej Kodytek • 7 months ago

麻薬 mayaku means drugs, 魔薬 mayaku is magical medicine. Obviously totally legal.

Micheal Kasey • 7 months ago

yeaaa, i was originally gonna comment about that and how the pun wasn't at all translated in the sub, but then again I can't think of a good one either so who am I to judge.

MeguminExplosion • 8 months ago

Normal people. She's on the pill. Anis: (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

kyoshiromibu • 8 months ago

I am not it was for the best

Usami Mizuki • 8 months ago

Other People: I want to save the people.
Anis: I want to get the materials in good condition

All of that intense fight and quality animation to get Yuri-dance at the End, it's a win-win situation.

MeguminExplosion • 8 months ago

The credits Rolling and Euphie monologuing like ep 5 is the last ep had me in fright until I saw the title for ep 6

WorldGN18 • 8 months ago

this anime has being so perfect so far, we got quite the high quality fight followed by wholesome yuri definitely one of my favorites this season

Aqua • 8 months ago

ALMOST Perfect. I don't like the prince, he seems like an insufferable brat so it's pisses me off like a normie prince which is such a drag. Everything else is moist though, i give it a 6 out of 10 and -2 coz of the prince that needs further story development to make him a little bearable and the other -2 is reserved coz yeah can't just throw perfect in the air just like that and perfect deserves to be given to the best of all time and i haven't seen one yet. Soon i hope, soon.

Euphie: Explosion!

Megumin: I sense a disturbance in the force

Ohms Nuttachai • 8 months ago

Anis & Euphie during their most dramatic moment
Dragon: "Are you done?"

Anis must have a splendid sword control skill to be able to swing that big a*s mana sword without lopping off Euphie's head that stuck behind her.

Euphie: "I feel a little suffocated being around men..."
Anis: (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

I'm a bit disappointed not seeing any reactions from either Algad or other people in the royal court regarding Anis' achievement. I hope we will see some development in the next episode.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 8 months ago

Lol I too was wondering if Euphie was really safe supporting Anis from behind like that.

I hope we get their reactions next episode, there's so much satisfaction to be had there.

zo • 8 months ago

True their reactions was one of the things I was hoping to see especially Algard's lol.

Deus The Great • 8 months ago

I almost thought that was just some normal party for the noble lmao. No cheering nor achievement speech like what it should be. Lol she literally slayed a dragon, one of the strongest species in their world, and these were their reaction that the studio showed us lmao.

Aomi • 8 months ago

If you read manga version, the noble made very big deal of Anis slayed dragon. The party is just one of the train of events coming. Her father, the king, did mention for us readers of how big the deal of event is and also force Anis and Euphie to attend the party for political purpose.

Deus The Great • 8 months ago

I knew it that they would showed more in the manga than in the anime.

Oshìnó Shìnobù💗 • 8 months ago

There was a huge scene .. you should read manga where her father scolds her and then followed by this party .. they cut it out or maybe in next eps I guess

Hikaru Hakkotsu • 8 months ago

He doesn't have charisma for being the Hero anyway

Jack • 8 months ago

The famous pill that doesn't kill you but makes you stronger/crazier XD. I'm surprised she didn't think herself that the dragon had a barrier....

And just like that we have another character in anime to absorb a dragon's power/curse!!!!

Vurionkai • 8 months ago

i mean she was on magimeth ... clearly not thinking clearly

Ken C Nuñez • 8 months ago

she's high on drugs she lost most of her reasoning and become aggressive more like BERSERK skill got it?

Vincentius Leonardo • 8 months ago

I was expecting suddenly quick slash while laughing maniacally. And seeing ally as a competition. Would be more cooler but i guess mild insanity is cool too cant wait the dragon drugs of how much insanity it can make how op ot is

JadeJade • 8 months ago

Brothers and Sisters of Yuri..... It is time ✊😤

Hirakawa Mami • 8 months ago

Yes, indeed fellow comrade 🔥

Monkey D. Luna • 8 months ago

*clink glasses with Brothers and Sisters of Yuri*

Uncle Karma • 8 months ago


naliux • 8 months ago


Judgment526 • 8 months ago

Damn, that dragon fight was hype! Loved the visual effects of the dragon’s attacks and the teamwork between Anis and Euphie!

The one thing that was missing from this episode was Algard’s reaction to discovering that the dragon had been slain by the time he arrived. Would’ve loved to see him agonize over that.

Ohms Nuttachai • 8 months ago

We think alike. I also a bit disappointed that we never saw Algard's reaction.

Jack • 8 months ago

I thought he was trying to do a whip thing, turns out just charging the attack lol

xXPORTALXx • 8 months ago

Yeah same lol I was expecting an acrobatic ariel dodge montage lol