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Usami Mizuki • 1 year ago

They really did kiss! Didn't expect that,
That bed scene is so hot. so Anis is bottom all this time?
The kiss is truly deserving after all the drama and problem that has happened.

That's a Great Ending, Hopefully there will be season 2.

ᗪonoᗪesu • 1 year ago

The ship has f*ckin sailed Ladies and Gents, the ship has f*ckin sailed... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hinata-chan • 1 year ago

Anis is bottom always has been

Bottom's up

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

we got 3 kisses 3!!! I feel like we were rewarded, it was so beautiful, and yes bed scene was hot wouldn't have minded of it was longer hehe

ikr my yuri loving heart has been satisfied also for us to even get 3 kiss scene is a blessing lol (also end credit the reason why anis woke up late we all know why lol cus she must have been tired from her and euphie late night activities lmao)

either way 9.5/10 (kiss scene plus confession added more points)

whityjack • 1 year ago

All we needed more is a wedding. Though we might've sort of gotten it? Hard to tell, it was a bit ambiguous

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

yeah is like basically they are in the closet so they made it pass as "2 sisters ruling together", I do wish they have gotten married but I guess that would have being quite hard given that it wouldn't have being recognized I guess

Mango Pie • 1 year ago

maybe since the Kingdom is still in the process of changing laws and traditions. But in the future maybe it's possible once the abolish the old tradition and religion and establish a new one. Also they should make a new religion with a rainbow flag in it lol.

Serenity Lithae • 1 year ago

They can't get married, they're technically sisters.

Sarthak Giri • 1 year ago

Adopted wincest. It can work behind doors. Though a full on wedding would have been nice.

disqus_3rpFmcccFJ • 1 year ago

except everyones forgetting that spirit contract thing is gonna get rid of all her human emotions prolly not for awhile but till then oh wait yeah thats right shes still gonna have to marry a man to be king consort and "further the bloodline" and idk about you but lesbians are lesbians they arent part time vegans oh ill just have meat once a week

Crystallize • 12 months ago

well euphilia is gonna live a loooooong time, she doesn't need an heir for centuries lol

edit: also, maybe they'll find another way to have Anis achieve immortality too.

Barnil • 1 year ago

well,yk gay people used to adopt each other? to make it look like they we're a family? so it's kinda the same thing

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago


Crisisabel Bueno • 1 year ago

3?.. you mean the Illia and Lainie kiss? 🥴

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

unfortunately no, all the 3 kisses were Euphie x Anis

Xandiel • 1 year ago

One reason a S2 might be unlikely is that the narration at the end of this episode was basically "And they lived happily ever after, forever and ever". Hard to imagine what stakes S2 could possibly have knowing that.

quinten • 1 year ago

Well its like shonen we know the end somewhat, but how would it look and how do they get there. Which struggles do they still have to overcome. Could make great plot from politics and the country going to war etc. Cuz in one piece for example we know the mc will win but its about how he does it and his story

Judgment526 • 1 year ago

They sure delivered on the yuri alright. 😏

Uncle Karma • 1 year ago

Truly the pot of gold at the end of this Metaphorical and literal rainbow

Ryuu kanzaki • 10 months ago

i wheezed alot wen i saw this comment brilliant hahahahahahahha

Usami Mizuki • 1 year ago

yes it's worth to see.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

At the body shop, doing something unholy! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Whoever • 1 year ago

only in one(or two) of twelve episodes

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

And on the last ep which is saving the best for last ^^

yup and we are all satisfied lmao

Qween Qingzanor • 1 year ago

Yeh but it can't compare to Cross Ange, & Cross Ange barely had anything.

Outside of henta¡, henta¡-bait & horny power {Valkyrie Drive, Shinmai Maou, Gakuen H×H, etc}, East Asia needs to get over it's prudishness that's making physical intimacy rare in ACGN, & it's watered-down most in anime.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

What are you doing step sis?

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

The Yuri we didnt need but deserved.

Marko Ristić • 1 year ago

I hope there won't be a second season, this ending is perfect.

MegaRyuki • 1 year ago

Anis is weak on the defense XD

she needs more late night training from euphie lol

vovan1 • 1 year ago

omg, the pfp lol xD

MegaRyuki • 1 year ago

Its a nice view lol XD

Rannen 19 • 1 year ago

Yuri confirmed! This anime is 100% Yuri now. I am a non-yuri watcher but dang, I never thought to see it at the end that this was actually a Yuri.

yurification • 1 year ago

i know right? i didnt believe it myself so i had to repeat it all over again XD sadly this is over now >__<

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

10/10 Enjoyable, Interesting and Romantic plot

Before edit the comment, I thought this is perfect and no way there will be season 2. But, after I finished watching it, YES
Season 2 sounds very possible!

Out of all anime fantasy and isekai kingdom and empire, I love this one the best.
Look at the achievement!!
I can already imagine these kids soar the sky like fairies in the future, the joy of being able to fly ^_^
I can already imagine the amazing scene of everyone even commoners using magic for their daily lives, damn isn't that incredible.

I want to see what season 2 has in it for us.

Cross • 1 year ago

not sure about the s2 tho, i find the ending very perfect already, no need for expansion i guess, but i heard it still ongoing so there will be more, also i knew this anime gonna be awesome on my first sight, but the story midway started slow and there are times you feel like dropping but good thing i persevere and we had been rewarded in the end

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

The next arc story might be the impact to the kingdom and the world for introducing magic to commoners and how they will deal with it.

Mango Pie • 1 year ago

yeah like I've said in my comments before there's little external affairs and conflicts happened yet. Like foreign nations wanting to invade or like monsters. Also the adventurer's guild is a good point to be fleshed out like where did the dragon came from just like that. Why it attacked the kingdom or are there other dragon's to collect magicite from to further Magicology studies, also the vampire magicite and it's origin. I would love to see that all in season 2 if there is.

Satoshi Ookami • 1 year ago
Hopefully there will be season 2.

Apparently there's not enough source material now :(
So we will have to wait a long time....

Void • 1 year ago

It's Yuri so i wouldn't hold out much hope (if Bloom into you couldn't do it, what can?)

Cross • 1 year ago

wait so there is more material to this? the ending is already perfect tho, couldnt think of what are they gonna show up next lol

Satoshi Ookami • 1 year ago

Yea, there are more volumes.

Usami Mizuki • 1 year ago

How to comment that style in the beginning?

Satoshi Ookami • 1 year ago

There's a quote button in the Disqus toolbar.
Or just wrap the text in blockquote tag.

Usami Mizuki • 1 year ago
There's a quote button in the Disqus toolbar.
Or just wrap the text in

oh thanks, been using disqus for 3 years, I guess I'm having skill issue

TeeKayz • 1 year ago

I would call it's not a complete Yuri without having a kiss scene.

TheQuirklesskid • 1 year ago

Do u happen to have a YouTube channel?