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Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

Those old nobles should mind their own business and f*ck off for all I care. They don't even respect Anis as their queen and do not even try to hide their greed. I wish Al's revolution was a success, honestly.

And Anis should start relying on someone for once or else, she will make the same mistake Al did. Seriously, like brother like sister. They are just too short sight of the things that really matter.

Judgment526 • 1 year ago

I was not fond of Al, but at least in that moment I could understand his desire to tear down the country and build it anew, lol

Traditionalists really suck.

Nyih • 1 year ago

They completely ignore that when those traditions started they weren't traditions. They were all new shiny ideas at some point.

Esenpai • 1 year ago

Tradition and religion (blasphemy) are just tools those nobles are using to sustain their hold on unchecked power and influence.

Archaic Sage • 1 year ago

Depends on the tradition. Some things are good for a civilized society and keep it functional regardless of how the individual may suffer. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and they always will.

That being said, with their greed and selfish lust for power ...I would have served those "noble" heads on a platter.

Aomi • 1 year ago

It’s not entirely traditional fault. From what the first spirit contractor show us, the founding King and her spouse are good people, so there is no doubt such tradition at first mean to give the absolute authority to be convenience for king and her people to protect the weaks and punish the evil. However as time pass and generations change, evil people mix up in ruling ranks and twist the tradition to their benefit. Result in oppression and bullying commoners or those who can’t use magic.

Os • 1 year ago

Al did miss an opportunity to get the nobles on his side that are evil and have them expunged with him

When your cleaning house and play with the enemy team :D

Aomi • 1 year ago

Al isn’t that smart. His plan is really as simple as he mention. He just want absolute power to overwhelming all nobles in case they try to band together to rebel. In a sense, Anis just unknowningly save those bastards’ ass from getting wipe out by Al.
However, even if Al end up success in Coup, those shamless nobles will likely just suck up to him and wait for anither oppotunity to gain power through manipulating Al’s decision.

Os • 1 year ago

Well if he acted as the leader and tried to launch a coup as assoicated nobles they would be punished with death by the king for trying to rebel against the Kingdom
Agree though not that smart

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Anarchists in the house woo woo.

Annecy Change • 1 year ago

I want AI back. So he could whipe them out. lol He right after all.

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

I was honestly so disgusted they even talking about Anis body like that and marrying her to some old perv gosh I hate them

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Down with those foul nobles 😠

Mango Pie • 1 year ago

yeah and also when religion was involved ugh!

JadeJade • 1 year ago

Man....f*ck them nobles

Keith Anderson • 1 year ago

They basically changed the whole ending the vol 3 hope the next episode didnt change the euphie anis moment tho

Farouk Khettab • 1 year ago

You just want bathing and kissing scenes SMH. I feel like I am the only who is more interested in a cleaner story that is more about Magicology.

Piratesgoyarrrr • 1 year ago

Yes. Yes I do want those.

Zack D. • 1 year ago

Exactly man

LMao • 1 year ago

How it goes in the sources? mind spoilering me?

Keith Anderson • 1 year ago

euphie goes to the shop to find anis with tomas not tilty cause her and anis are kinda in a fight at this point plus they go back to the castle cause her mother is basically broken-hearted and collapsed

MRpaisan • 1 year ago

https://www.tenmangadotcom/book/The+Magical+Revolution+of+the+Reincarnated+Princess+and+the+Genius+Young+Lady.html?waring=1 Hope this posts right. here you go. Copy, and paste into browser.

LMao • 1 year ago

the anime alrd goes past manga, but thanks anyway.

MRpaisan • 1 year ago

Np there is also the light novel too. https://lightnovelsdotlive/novel/the-magical-revolution-of-the-reincarnated-princess-and-the-genius-young-lady-20586dothtml chapter 207

MRpaisan • 1 year ago

Just read the manga. search for the title of the show, i would post a few site here for you, but gogo puts such posts with links on on need to be approved garbage. Just search it. there's like 5 manga sites i know of that would have it.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Nah a revolution is how you ruin your kingdom. Kings sacrifice a lot to be kings. Thats why not everyone is suited to be a king. Soma the idealist understands certain evils must exist. That is why he must execute traitors even innocent family members up to the 3rd kin.

The anime shows that are 100% happy ends isnt actually realistic. Akame ga kill and other animes with dark undertones are far more closer to being historically correct when it comes to kings and monarchs.

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

Realist Hero Rebuild Kingdom and this one each convey different kind of message.
From what I can see here is this anime is trying to convey the burden of royalty.

Archaic Sage • 1 year ago

Indeed, nature is unforgiving. A ruler of men must be even more so lest they be easily replaced.

Osaru Sensei • 1 year ago

...I bet you'd enjoy the Kings' Banquet scene from Fate Zero.

Dbz Directioner • 1 year ago

That's like my Favourite Conversation in Zero.

kobatohasegawabestimouto • 1 year ago

Oh man i was about to write out a whole essay to this comment with actual proper grammar i love that conversation/scene so much

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

I don't know who's royalty and nobility anymore. Corrupted nobility has more power over the royalty, which kinda stupid honestly. The royalty is just a puppet for corrupted nobility to use for their greed and powers at this point. What important is the people of the kingdom. All these sh*tty nobility need to get assassinate.

the Finance Guy • 1 year ago

That's how monarchs work. Also, those noble aren't corrupt. They are making policy. Corruption would be stealing or embezzling which they are not.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

By the corrupted of my meaning means greed, arrogant, and abusing of their powers.

Psilonaut • 1 year ago

They don't seem corrupted at all to me and royalty had never full absolute power. It was always a back and forth between royalty, nobility, church and peasantry/cities. In this Kingdom especially were its a short time after a civil war without an absolute winner the situation is difficult. But hey who cares if a new civil war breaks out, many thousands die and maybe economic collapse and/or foreign invasion on top if it means little princess doesn't have to cry.

Piratesgoyarrrr • 1 year ago

I mean, it's the difference between a populace that's free to use magic as they please, and a populace that's controlled by nobles because they're the only ones with access to it. Personally, I'd go for the former, but that might just be because I'm a freedom loving, gun-toting American.

Archaic Sage • 1 year ago

These are children who do not comprehend responsibility. Of course they are going to miss the bigger picture. They are taught that their selfish feelings are what is most important in life, not self-sacrifice in the name of duty.

Kirito X Eugeo • 1 year ago

I object. Reason being is cause if you remove all the shitty nobles you will just have another even stronger force. Its not like just because the bad people are gone then the whole kingdom is happy and all. Evil and good work hand in hand together, you can't remove either one side completely.
But what they can do is to enforce laws to keep those shitty nobles in check.

RR • 1 year ago

that's because they are weak and stupid. If this wasn't some shounen show it should have shown the princess using the prince's rebellion to execute all the nobility who were openly against her, using the prince's testimony.
Of course, showing some Machiavelli ruling doesn't suit their targeted age group. No wonder I had dropped this at episode 10 when it aired.

Adam Jenkins • 1 year ago

It's not that. Anis is suffering from the fact she is a reincarnate. Much like Urano/Rosemyne/Myne from Ascendance of a bookworm, she feels like she has replaced the original Anis.
As a result she is clinging to her status as princess, and the duty to become queen now that her brother is ineligible for the throne in order to prove; to herself and others, that she is her mothers daughter. That she didn't take Anis' body in vain.
If her beloved Euphie takes her place then why is she there. For what reason did the original Anis exist. What proof is there that she is her mothers daughter.
It's not logical, but it is necessary for her to be herself.

Warhion • 1 year ago

from my point she is original Anis but she around five years or near this time remember her previous live
not she take Anis body but she remembered

Archaic Sage • 1 year ago


N99dels • 1 year ago

So magic is so important to the nobles huh?

Can magic deflect the pellets of my remmimgton 870?

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

Unfortunately, some magic can actually do that XD

Archaic Sage • 1 year ago

Yes, it can.

Piratesgoyarrrr • 1 year ago

Well....can magic deflect a .50 BMG then?!

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

It is indeed disgusting the way those old nobles think of using Anis as a royal.
It is even disgusting that I can see the reflection of them in the comment section.

Imagine when Al wasn't appreciated for what he tried to do for the sake of the kingdom, get hated for one reason because he went against Anis and her friends and finally get exiled to earn a peaceful life then they now be like "Al, please come back, the throne needs you UwU" just so that Anis doesn't has to suffer and it is back to his turn to suffer. All this just because they are biased.

FFS, leave Al alone, he finally get to be freed from the chain of burden as a royal. I wanna smack the heck out of them for reminding me of the sh*tty nobles.

MegaRyuki • 1 year ago

Al wanted a coup detat to make himself king and manipulate every noble with vampire's powers to do his bidding , Euphie is ascending to royalty the same way the founding king did by making a contract with spirits to then inherit the throne the rightfull way.

One wants to make a dictatorship the other wants a Queen centered monarchy

Piratesgoyarrrr • 1 year ago

And both are authoritarian. Anis wants to give power to the people. I vote for her, just not in the way the scummy nobles want lol

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

Different approach, but each of them have justified reason.