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Anime & Rutabagas • 1 year ago

Not even was the first day of school and Cain already destroying the place...

Wonder how much were the repair cost lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

In the millions.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Probably the same amount has his ritzy home is

So basically way too overpriced xD.

iCurvaceous • 1 year ago

I don't think so. Only the wall was pretty much destroyed for the most part. His home has a dragon worth more than the wall... amongst other things.

LesK • 1 year ago

wall. magical barrier. trees behind the wall. and whatever else was between the trees and the limit of his spell's range, other plants, animals, and people. the range looked to me like about a mile long. oh and the swath's width as well... probably... based on the two teachers standing in the middle of it right next to the wall... 40 yards WIDE. of course if the width of the swath of destruction outside the wall narrows as the limits of the spell's range is reached the calculations of the square feet of destruction would differ.

KingKrash • 1 year ago

I love that this makes sense. Also, I'm pretty sure that Cain DOES have more than enough to cover the repair bill.

LesK • 12 months ago

probably has a few scales left over from that stuffed red-dragon. :>

go1 • 1 year ago

About anime though: I like his brown haired maid,reminds me of Tohru. :)

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

can you imagine chilling behind the wall only for your life to get snuffed away by a 12 Year old casting fireball?

Me watching too many r/nsfl videos of people just randomly dying from an act of god.

Mini_Minion • 1 year ago

as if your explosion magic wouldn't do the same. First you enjoy a walk to nearby castle ruins to go an a small adventure and next thing you notice is how your flesh burns away and you then see a bright light followed by a loud explosion

Jullian J. Weskier • 12 months ago

Says the talking hand grenade.

MeguminExplosion • 12 months ago

Walking nuke!

Jullian J. Weskier • 12 months ago

Unimploded sun!

why do mentally ill people watch videos like that. someone like that is a redflag, I'd avoid as a partner

Kevin Sears • 5 months ago

to be honest, watching people die taking selfie vids of deer is morbidly hilarious. our average of 4 deaths per year from deer attacks in america spiked to 9 in 2020 during the pandemic, when people weren't working. 7 of these were filmed.
I also enjoy watching videos of deer eating birds and rabbits and snakes... because they do that more than you might think... there are few true herbavores in our world... qualas are the only ones I can think of, as even pandas snack on meat from time to time... there's a video of one in captivity chasing a peacock... yummy!

NPCs still replying,thought these were old notifications that kept popping up,also thought this account was gone. Also not related to anime characters,I clicked the most irrelevant thread from my inbox

MeguminExplosion • 11 months ago

Lol because that's life. You learn to appreciate life when you know how easily you can die. What an L comment. Do you ask paramedics why they work their jobs despite seeing all the dead people from crashes, accidents or overdoses? They must be a red flag too.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Lets just say a lot lol

Bees • 1 year ago

10 platinum coins apparently. Don't ask me how much that is as a reference. I just looked up this part of the book to see if his carnage spilled into the north side of town or the south.

Carl Deman • 12 months ago

If we consider that the lowest is 1 iron coin = 1 yen, as per other isekai standards and 10 iron = 1 copper, further 1000 copper = 1 silver and 1000 silver= 1 gold and 100 gold = 1 platinum.
Then 10 platinum = 10,000,000,000 yen or 10 billion yen.
This is considering that they don't have coins like Big copper coin, etc.

Bees • 12 months ago

Well shoot, now that you threw speculative numbers around, my nerdy brain wanted to know the real one's. So I googled this show and "copper coin" and got this:
''Cain-kun ....... The magic bag I was thinking of buying is two meters square and costs ten gold coins.
 There are six types of money in this world: copper coins, large copper coins, silver coins, large silver coins, gold coins, and platinum coins.
One copper coin = 100 yen.
 One large copper coin = 1,000 yen
 One silver coin = 10,000 yen
 One large silver coin = 100,000 yen
 One gold coin = 1,000,000 yen
 One platinum coin = 10,000,000 yen
So, we're looking at 100,000,000 yen or $722,000 at the current exchange rate that Cain caused in damages.

Mini_Minion • 12 months ago

unlike the other guy with his weird nonsensical numbers this sounds about right. thanks for sharing that info

Carl Deman • 12 months ago

Oh so it was an increase by 10 folds

DesuYoda • 1 year ago

Cain-kun needs to learn to use his powers to repair his destruction of the environment...🤣🤣🤣

Nemesis Claus • 1 year ago

and probably met with the isekai king

Ban Tae Akiyama • 1 year ago

Bro, we have Kirito as a commoner in this world, I saw my hair style lol, CdawgVA as a butler is amazing. It's funny, Touya and Cain doesn't have power, they might need Kazuma as a friend lol.

Zack D. • 1 year ago

I’m pretty sure his the former emperor

Endcsline • 1 year ago

I'm sure an enchanted barrier costs quite a chunk

ᗪonoᗪesu • 12 months ago

dw, cain's skill should be able to fix that with "ALL CLEAN, ALL REPAIR" deleting such repair cost, lol.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

If anyone could do a reverse sliding dogeza i would write off that repair bill. That in itself is pretty impressive


Kevin Sears • 5 months ago

the masonwork of the wall was probably between 10 and 20 gold coins, and the target was probably 1 or 2 silver coins. based off the commerce arc when he made the game.
the woods will grow back on their own... eventually... Id estimate 25 gold for any paths and roads in need of repairs, should easily cover it all

Testarossa • 11 months ago

at 14:17 i thought it had something similar somehow but it turns out i got reminded of Kenja no Mago when Shin was introduced in the school hall the name ford too

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

Happy birthday to VA Seiichirou Yamashita, who made headlines last fall as Cid from Eminence of Shadow and Jirou from Fuufu Itou! He's also known as the voice of Tooru Ishikawa from Horimiya, Raiden from 86, and Kakeru Naruse from Orange, among others!

Dbz Directioner • 12 months ago

Happy Birthday to him. Yeah, After watching Eminence in Shadow, he became one of my favourite VAs. His performance was nothing but Extraordinary.

lmao. imagine following voice actors lives

Dbz Directioner • 11 months ago

Why What's wrong with that? I don't think there is anything Wrong with follow Voice actors. People follow their Favourite Actors and Stars and all, so how is this any different. These people try their best to bring this 2D characters to Life and It takes a lot effort. So I don't think there is anything Wrong with praising what they do.

Xone • 1 year ago

Not even a minute in, ahh, changes have been made.
He went to the wrong gate and took the commoners entrance, that is accurate. But they skipped him doing multiple favors for various people around the city which made him late and he went the wrong way in a rush.

Zhi Xing Lam • 1 year ago

I mean it's more convenient for the animators to just say he woke up late and then have less animation for all that other encounters

FlowingWolf • 1 year ago

Thanks for the manga info! Appreciate it!

Just Kiss Already! • 1 year ago

I think Cain should practice the Emperor class spells around the annoying Dukes lands.
"Darkness blacker than black and darker than dark,
I beseech thee, combine with my deep crimson.
The time of awakening cometh.
Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary,
appear now as an intangible distortions!
I desire for my torrent of power a destructive force:
a destructive force without equal!
Return all creation to cinders,
and come from the abyss!

Hentai ōji • 1 year ago

I'd be really impressed if you wrote this from memory.
But there's probably a weeb out there who's memorized it.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

There's people who've memorized Kazuma's equality line, and Love Live fans who can do the Nico Yazawa introduction with her signature "Nico Nico Nii!" catchphrase.

There's definitely people who've memorized it.

trash people

Jibril • 12 months ago

I actually tried naruto hand seals and practiced them until I can do it as fast in the anime back when I was a kid. I can relate to this XD


Jibril • 11 months ago

is what she said ;)

you mean weaboos

Jullian J. Weskier • 12 months ago

Lol thats right, didnt little miss Michal Bay detonate on a nobles home and headless horseman place? XD