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Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

So it feels like we have gotten more confirmation that the facility kids are the man eaters, or the ones that catch the disease since Usami doesn't end up turning into one himself. I am 100% sure Hoshio is Mimihime and Usami is Shiro so it is nice that the two eventually do get together considering how their relationship starts with Shiro receiving a naked picture of Mimihime lol.

I am glad Hoshio was able to see the sky one last time and was able to pass away as a human rather than as man-eater. Seeing her last message for Usami was so sad but so sweet, it was interesting to learn he had given her his eye so that she is able to see.

It's surprising how his interest in building things and technology ended up making him able to do surgical operations since I don't believe he would have been taught this at the facility, it was self-study? I guess Inazaki might have taught him?

Also, didn't Mimihime mention a dream where she meets someone with the same face as Tokio and is saved by them or something along those lines? I guess this is where her prediction comes true as Maru saves her from turning into a monster.

However, it was sad to see Maru dealing with learning that man eaters are somewhat human, the guilt is probably going to eat him up and I hope Kiruko is able to make him see he's saving lives.

Looks like those white cloak guys are just going to feed the man eater that's still alive, I was surprised when they killed that one guy who I think was the spy for them? I thought they were lying about the leader being dead but I guess they killed her so they could take her place.

But man this series is just so fun to watch, the mystery aspect of it particularly makes me more focused on the details and seeing how things connect. I was not expecting myself to get this engaged when I first watched it lol.

Xahemek • 1 year ago

Mimihime also foresaw her future, when Shiro said he had feelings for her she asked " Like you want to keep me in a room and cut me up?"

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

I legit gasped reading this, that definitely backs my theory! Thanks for sharing that, I forgot about that.

an • 1 year ago

woah hold on was it also mimihime who said someone who looked like tokio helped her get out or something in the earlier episodes??

edit: holy SHIT it was her
makes me think tokio is maru's mother.

Kirito • 12 months ago

I already forgot about their names like who is that

an • 11 months ago

blonde girl with the :3 face

anime_fan • 1 year ago

Damn thats too great too

7thSigner • 1 year ago

tha fack!
this was actually a foreshadow.
i'm mindblown right now.

It looked like such a stupid joke back then and now it's real.

Goku3761 • 1 year ago


Shouma • 1 year ago

Thank you for explaining that. I didn't realize what that aftercredit scene was trying to convey at first.

Meanwhile, I still don't get it. But I honestly couldn't care less 'cause they're going to elaborate further in the next episode anyway.

Work smart, not only hard xD!

Sixaxis • 1 year ago

Back when Hoshio (Mimihime) was a kid in the facility, she had a dream that she was in a dark place that kept slowly getting darker (death), but someone appeared next to her at the end of the dream and she felt safe. That someone was Usami (Shiro). Her power seemed to have been foresight through dreams, and she foresaw them passing on, together.

Kirito • 12 months ago

I'm a bit curious like who was that in her dreams also rip to Dr usami I was starting to like his character and I'm a bit hurt that he sacrificed his other eye just to give it to that girl

ᗪonoᗪesu • 1 year ago

Had Hoshio turned, would this episode have been a great disaster? :o

Sheesh.. cloak people just be greedy af in these situations, the spy didn't deserved what
they did to him. >:(

Kirito • 12 months ago

Their leader almost got hit by a rock and suddenly then she died all of a sudden lol and that spy got betrayed by his friends and now there's a man eater in that building

ᗪonoᗪesu • 11 months ago

🎶Dumb ways to Die🎶

225punam • 9 months ago

i hope that man eater gives those greedy cloak people what they deserve. also how dumb can those followers be!?

This is why its important to learn both sides

tbschen • 1 year ago

Yeah, without actually telling, they still made it clear enough for most to notice.

Also going by visual features:

The dark haired girl that protected Maru until she got infected might be the daughter of the two dark haired kids (the boy that has no fall damage), they also appear together in the outro.

And the doctor might be Kona (drawing kid), he must have some big role other than the relationship with Tokio.

Also since there were two girls liking each other, we might get a duo man-eater encounter in the future.

Kirito • 12 months ago

My guess maru is the chil of tokio I guess because they have some kind of similarities

ELK NOTHIN • 1 year ago

I just watched this whole episode thinking these were just 2 random people and it turns out they're the naked picture couple...insane

Haidée • 1 year ago

Yes, It make sense.
So, following your hypothesis, Maru could be Tokio's son!
I like it!

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

My god! I've never imagined it that way but if you put it like that, that makes a lot of sense.

Goku3761 • 1 year ago

Great explanation and good catch, completely blew over my head!

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

yep I agree with everything, the dots are starting to connect

kaezyr • 11 months ago

Damn this hurts harder after the most recent episode

Vvdp Abhishek • 1 year ago

bro u literally saw leader alive with her head bandaged wtf or u mean they killed her as leader while she is still alive actually

ren • 1 year ago

wait what does that mean. Is the kids storyline a "past" or something happening alongside the present events? Is Usami and his wife (?) counterparts of the kid versions or are the kids their past selves?

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

I believe the facility scenes are in the past.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

damn, i wonder how far they went. That was some sick love they had. I need encore!

ThePandaPianist • 1 year ago

bruh even with this explanation i still dont get it. this story is a bit too complex for me watching it casually

ThePandaPianist • 1 year ago

this is the one time i want to be spoon fed a bit more of the info to get it

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 year ago

Sad episode….

When Usami cried, I cried T^T

ᗪonoᗪesu • 1 year ago

Very emotional indeed, left me lines of tears on my face. TwT

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

your lie in usami

Cross • 11 months ago

this is one of the most emotional episode i had ever seen, seeing that injured girl see the sky already made me sad moreover when she had her last moment and her final words damnn hit so much, didnt foresaw that this show gonna have so much feels

Pheonix • 11 months ago

Her sick state gave me Made in Abyss and Dead Man Wonderland(Manga) vibes and chills more shivering than any horror story. There is just something about those scenes that makes me deeply uncomfortable and creeps me out.

Whoever • 1 year ago

pretty quick upload for Gogo standards for this series 😉

Gray • 1 year ago

the only problem is it's dub, not sub

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

The same thing happened last week lol.

ᗪonoᗪesu • 1 year ago

It's fixed now. :3

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 year ago

Woah deja vu lol

Whoever • 1 year ago

classic Gogo

I didn't even check the video
cos I watched it on Disney+

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

Lucky. I have a Disney+ acct myself, but since I'm American, it's on Hulu.

Which I don't have. Speaking of which, there's like gonna be content from both sites removed in the near future.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

I hope this is the standard schedule from here on in.

EM • 1 year ago

Is it just me or disqus is broken? Notifications are always at 9+ and on profiles I don't see comments posted after about 19 hours ago.‎

Whoever • 1 year ago

yep it's broken again

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Notice that my self.
Been a while since the last time that happen ( ' 3 ' )

SkyNatsu • 1 year ago


Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

I saw they updated the site likely earlier this week.

Haven't gotten any notifications on my end though.