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Judgment526 • 5 months ago

Holy crap I was not expecting that end twist!

A little confused about Juichi’s kid though. So he was the hiruko all along, or were there more than one of them? Was it really safe to just hand him back to his father like that, knowing what he was? 😅

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

I've come to the conclusion that the two girls that were part of Juuichi's throuple are the two girls who were kissing in the facility. So as there are a chance the facility kids turn to man eaters when they die, after they were executed, the freezing man eater is one of the girls. This is backed up by Juugo being able to use freezing abilities as he's got man-eater qualities.

Judgment526 • 5 months ago

Oh, that’s an interesting theory. I wonder if we will ever get confirmation. This show needs more seasons, lol!

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

Definitely, I don't think I've made so many theories for a show other than this one lol.

Jack • 5 months ago

Try watching Tower of God, or reading it since it has over 400 chapters while anime is only 12 ep, it only gets confusing XD.

masterballs • 5 months ago

ToG's plot is pretty one-dimensional though, I don't think it's executed nearly as well as this

tbschen • 5 months ago

After watching the ToG anime, I was very interested and wanted to read more. I think early on the world building and mystery was well done and some of the characters as well. Unfortunately, the manwha is dragging on forever and the endless fighting frames (just big flashes of colors with booooom and baaaaaam written over it) are tiring. I am up to date on the chapters and it doesn't hurt to read a new one every few weeks... but I would not recommend it to others.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

agreed. I dropped it too due to how dragged out it was :/
it's like, it's getting bigger & bigger without branching out to something more interesting :/


masterballs • 5 months ago

Exactly how I feel! We're already so deep in so I'll keep reading but why do there need to be 10 new characters introduced every chapter

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

I watched the anime but I didn't think it was that good.

Dazed • 5 months ago

It wasn't all that well done after all.

Master of Delusion • 5 months ago

I gave up after a while lol

Jack • 5 months ago

I gave up on chap 400 something after his Hiatus, might go back once my hype for anime/manga come back 100%.

Byno • 5 months ago

Come back to reading at your own pace, it's still gets more confusing in the latest chapters XD

Jack • 5 months ago

If only Yuri would show up more I'd read it anytime lol, but it's always more and more crazy power freaks coming (not complaining cause that's mostly what the story seem to be about).

Byno • 5 months ago

Ayo, fellow Yuri simp XD

vovan1 • 5 months ago

Author is back, im at the last chapter. But the plot is as you guys said pretty linear, and not much mystery.


Honestly, might wait until that is completed before reading. I read until it started on a long break, but figured might as well wait till its all complete.

Makaveli Musolini • 5 months ago

tog is garbage.

Kirito • 5 months ago

Now I'm just waiting for the reveal of all this because Maru also has that power of that kid that has a crush on asura where he can feel where is it

Ernie Keebler • 5 months ago

I agree completely, and it makes man eaters seemingly being a new thing despite the world having collapsed decades ago make sense, the kids with the hiriko factor are released into the world and produce offspring with more hiriko factor.

Johnny McFck • 5 months ago

One of the frames we see of the monster, the monster's 'legs' have the same Red Ranger toy attached, meaning the monster is one of the two executed mothers. 07:32

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

Wow, Good theory. And I also think that Alien boy/Girl I forgot it's name, she/he definitely has something to do with this "kids turning into Hiruko".

vovan1 • 5 months ago

your theories are really good! well done!

Nero Uzumaki • 5 months ago

Yup yup, I think you're right. I went to check and it's a colour match for their hairs and the two girls kissing, but your theory didn't even cross my mind, damn! Also, I noticed this episode that when new 5th graders arrived those two of your theory were holding hands.

Sydney • 5 months ago

It didn't cross your mind bc nan demo is literally spoiling.

king • 5 months ago

wait, what if, to add on to that theory, what if maru was actually tokio's baby thats growing right now

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

I've had this belief since many episodes ago haha.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

I think the manga confirmed this in the latest current chapter

king • 5 months ago

damn, i was also thinking about what if kona himself was the fish with hands we saw many episodes ago

Sazoku • 5 months ago

i think the hiruko fish was kuku. as shown in early episodes she can climb walls while kokio had to use some robots help. it was when she invited tokio to see babies iirc

Kirito • 5 months ago

Yeah probably and the only question left is how did they became like hiruko

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

nahhh I think the fish one is another kid from the facility... The one that asked why would fish need so many arms or so.
(But I don't remember all the kids/characters so... Wild guess :p)

nikmer • 5 months ago

Look at the episode name for the episode with the fish, it can't be more obvious than that ...

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

I believe Kuku is the fish one, I don't think we've seen Kona as a man eater yet.

Alfred Help • 5 months ago

he could be the father of all man eaters LOL

Reemus • 5 months ago

Usually I would come and shut down these theories, but it makes perfect sense now, given everything else. The structure of the series seems to be so that Maru and the girl/boy are going to meet all these people we know from the facility, and, without knowing it, will contribute to their conclusion.

OtterFossil • 5 months ago

I think you're onto something there, because that girl who could climb walls is probably the fish with arms, right?

Sydney • 5 months ago

Ya'll. Considering the fact this anime is an adaptation of a manga, and considering how many "theories" that Nan demo has had that were right, I'm 100% calling them out as someone just spoiling the show to sound smart. How on earth would you come to the conclusion that two girls who we've NEVER seen the faces of, are two girls from the facility? Literally if you see this guy post another "theory" ignore it because you're gonna get spoiled.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

Lol you've made an account just to spout this nonsense? I'm flattered.

Scramler • 5 months ago

lol my theory is close and complete opposite of yours I hope it reveals which one of us is right soon )

Booplesnoot • 5 months ago

WOW idk how u guys come up with these theories my dumb mind could never ;-;

Sydney • 5 months ago

he's literally just spoiling

Booplesnoot • 5 months ago


Llecder • 5 months ago

My theory is that the humans who can use man-eater like abilities are somehow genetically modified. The tengoku facility having a few kids all with different traits further suggests this

samuel • 5 months ago


judging by what I've read, the gist is that academy kids become hiruko, and jugo isn't a hiruko but the children of one of those kids alongside juichi,

Ze ro • 5 months ago

I'm kinda confused of the ending? It's a present event right? Or past? He killed his wife but I thought it was long time ago, and he has his child so I'm assuming it's a present day? Pls enlighten me.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

It's a mix of present and past, but no he did not kill his wife he was trying to escape with them (in the past). The person that was killed (in the present) is the guy who exposed they were trying to escape. It was revenge.