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Noah • 1 year ago

Falling in love for a Cat that passed away from an illness. So sad yet when we’re sad something good is just around the corner. That definitely teaches people that sometimes sad thing lead to good things even if it’s never easy. And when a robot learns about sadness that’s the best happy moment yet

Astolfo-kun • 1 year ago

Nora lived a long life T_T.

B-project fan💕 • 1 year ago

There is something wrong about this show(in a good way) I just can’t put my finger on what’s the issue. At times it seems like it’s just and idol/ai anime then it’s some deep conplex story(the people that resemble KnoCC)

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

To me it's just the idol bs.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Wholesome ep.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

So there was family, friends (?), children (?), pet aka. death? What's left? Or did I miss something?

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

I'm back lets see whats in store for today.

Nymphaea • 1 year ago

Was not expecting to cry but dang animal episodes really get me 😭 Especially when Chrom asked Nora to come back quickly, straight to the heart

SkyNatsu • 1 year ago

My cat went through same exact thing as Nora. I've been crying this entire time😭💔

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 1 year ago

This was such a sad episode. It reminds us that animals don't live forever and that we always feel sadness from their departure. The only thing you can do for these moments is to stay with them - its the only 'humanly correct' answer for this. RIP Nora and Poor Chrome, my condolences! :'(

Bartfort • 11 months ago

Anime will make you fell sad for a cat as well 🙂

Yasir Amin • 1 year ago

I was watching this ep beside my cat.. every time nora came on screen I patted my cat

wwlaos • 1 year ago

Nora. T_T

...the anime has just kind of forgotten about the whole humans-can't-be-outside, post-apocalyptic, climate change thing. >_>

marie adeline kho • 1 year ago

maybe the reason why kite has a manufacturing date is because he became an android that he hates very much

james trenton • 1 year ago

and thats the final straw for me. why the fuck would anyone want to watch a show about robots becoming human. now we get to go through all our pains again while watching them do it for the first time. disgusting. thats the best this author could come up with in their fantasy world?

Tristian Weltmer • 1 year ago

i see you're like some humans that are absolutely horrible, talk about a big toxic ego on you, then you should of never watch this show if you're going to cry like a little baby .i got news for u smartass humans aren't above any life form, let me guess you probably think humans only exist in this universe and the thoughts of parallel universes and life or beings more advance then us isn't possible, just because whether they're androids ,animals or simply just built differently doesn't make it meaningless, or that there existence doesn't matter, and don't you dare effing look down on the author, get out of here because all I see is a little toxic punk who cry's and complains when things doesn't go how he wants them to.

james trenton • 1 year ago

im not reading all that. where the fuck did you come up with any of that shit? talk about a strawman. instead of reading shit i didn't type and responding to it why don't you try doing something that makes sense instead.

hanae • 11 months ago


Cassy Applegarth • 1 year ago


Ricardo Araújo • 1 year ago

RIP Nora

Youkai • 1 year ago

almost started to cry ;(

bari • 1 year ago


LegoOnTheGroundYouMissed • 1 year ago

Dance dance techno raver