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Zzxcv Aasdf • 5 months ago

It's good seeing Ren trying to change himself.

Chuck Guy • 4 months ago

But im sad because his batman arc didn't last very long

Paul • 4 months ago

😑Naofumi, leaving that tempting Candy lying around for children and pets to devour, What could possibly go wrong?
Now, let's bear witness to the consequences of such a 'brilliant' decision.

Kiritø - KR • 4 months ago


Amazing • 4 months ago

Ain't no way you called it his batman arc 💀💀

Zzxcv Aasdf • 4 months ago

Lol true

Saint Evo • 4 months ago

Yup it’s nice that at least 1 of the other heroes are watchable now. Let’s be honest before this I know I wasn’t the only one that cringed from their stupidity and screen time.

Truth • 4 months ago

yes it was excruciating watching the other "heroes"

SAD_◉_◉_MAN • 4 months ago


That girl: Please daddy come back

Bitch this ain't a Play ground. She'd be dead 2 Times if it weren't for Sword and shield hero. Kids are Dumb

WorldGN18 • 4 months ago

worst part is she be saying that when it was already stablished that wasn't her dad I really hope there's some reason for this Wyndia character to exist

BRUUHHH • 4 months ago

and inturrepted them when they had upper hand on the dragon

SuperNendo Z • 4 months ago

naofumi Needs to stop being such a limp d*ck little b*tch And use his Shield to absorb attacks like he absorbs real matter He ieven did it that first time where he inhaled a whole sphere into his the Shield at once

ObLiviouS • 4 months ago

i think that is the Mirror weapon vassal's power not the shield one. In the last arc the mirror weapon granted naofumi as a temporary user of it.

Gingas Swann • 4 months ago

He should still have those powers just as Rafetelia seems to have her katana

Justin Posey • 4 months ago

no because he is the shield hero in this dimension he can't use that mirror power here in this world, Raphtalia can use the sword because its a vassal weapon and she isn't a hero.

she is a hero, but vassal hero, not cardinal hero

Truth • 4 months ago

Those are her powers not his

Jacky-Chan • 4 months ago

Bro only spoken few words so far.. But I kinda miss Mototya lol.. Dude is also trying to get another dad's approval lol..weird he didn't show up yet.

AR比企谷 八幡 • 4 months ago

Yeah, like it's actually when I start liking other three heros. They regained their brains, finally

Yeah I agree up until now he was just as much annoying as the other two heroes, glad he's trying to improve himself now.

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

Still f*ck him, I'm still mad because Ren basically killed Wyndia's dad just for the part of his playing a hero game.

Ohms Nuttachai • 5 months ago

Eclaire, Ren, Sadina, Melty, and Raphtalia were knocked out
Naofumi: "Raphtalia!!"
There's favoritism here and I can see it.

I was quite satisfied seeing Naofumi's plan get hijacked because he blatantly explained it to everyone to hear. I always hate this trope in anime, TBH.

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

I mean Raphtalia is his precious daughter lol

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Grooms daughter. Usagi drop time...

arra1213 • 5 months ago

slave to love 1993 lol
yugion x berserk of gluttony red eyes darkness metal zombie chimera dragon lol

Nikola Nikolov • 5 months ago

fair enough but since when can undead monsters hack into the how ever the hero system works in the anime and use the shield heros ability to boost themself that part is so unexplained and out of left field I'm getting the Turtle bs vibes from s2 all over again big monster appears and can do what ever it wants instatly logic who cares type of deal

DarkPaul1ux Gaming • 5 months ago

The reason he can hack Naofumi's shield is because a piece of him is inside Naofumi's shield. Naofumi absorbed dragon core in the shield 2 different types of cores, Father Gaelion's and Demon Emperor's core. This is cool and all, free power up, but now Demon Emperor has access to Wrath shield specifically. Book have explained this, but since anime pace is insanely fast, they probably skipped or at least I myself haven't noticed.

Nikola Nikolov • 4 months ago

i understand that my problem is this ability comming out of no where from a dead dragon that now all of a sudden can over power a Filoria queen over power Naufumis control over his shield even thou didn we got over that with the cursed series didnt Naofumi beat that dragon in his inner mind and stoped himself from going berserk offcourse with help from Rap and Filo and now all of a sudden that peace in his shield is mentaly stronger again BS !!! and its out of left field its not well presented in the story and its litterly out of left field undermining everything we had in S1 all over again i want the story to progress not go back to allready done story bits if that makes sence that's my problem i can see the link being there its just makes no sense that this dragon is mentally now the most powerful being just because

ABC • 5 months ago

Let's not forget this was the same monster that Kizuna was originally summoned to deal with in her world, which would make it a threat on par with the Waves.

LesK • 4 months ago

huh? what undead? Naofumi and Wyndia explained pretty much all of it... plus the Demon Dragon Emperor filled in all the other blanks those two didn't know about. then just add in the stuff from S1.

back in S1 after Ren killed Wyndia's dragon father, Filo got swallowed by THAT undead dragon. while burrowing her way out of the corpse, Filo ate THAT dragon's core and digested/absorbed some of it. that is why when Naofumi fed a hunk of THAT core (which Filo ralphed up) to his Shield, his Rage Shield got even more OP than before... and even MORE Cursed. Filo is ALSO affected by THAT draconic curse AND Naofumi's Shield's Cursed Series... as illustrated by Filo exhibiting the red stigmata on her body from the Shield's Cursed Series just like the stigmata appears on Naofumi's body. Filo's eyes also glow red and she gets stronger n faster and less rational, not unlike Naofumi when he uses the Cursed Series.

then, back in S2 the Fishing Pole Hero (from another world) gave some of her looted body parts of the Demon Dragon Emperor to Naofumi. he used part of THAT dragon's core in his equipment and fed a small piece of it to his Shield.

now in S3 the leftover DDE core was turned into the small jewel that the baby dragon ate. how that baby dragon got a piece of Wyndia's dead daddy? maybe a reincarnation or possession or something... that one is vague. but the DDE is resurrected from its core and it sucked the 'life-force/EXP' out of Filo to fuel its resurrection and powering itself up. it ALSO is sucking (through Filo) Naofumi's Cursed Series power and force unlocking its statuses to add to itself. so the core of Wyndia's dad, soul, and DDE core/soul is now all mashed together inside the baby dragon annnd... S3 Ep8 ends.

Nikola Nikolov • 4 months ago

it still comes out of no where i cant buy that this dead dragon emperor that all he has is a shard of him left has more mental curuptive or what ever power to mind control "curse" a 65 lvl fiolia queen and can linck to the Shield heros power using it for itself this while ability comes out of no where and its stupidly presented just to up the stakes and still make Naufumi feel like hes nurfed and is just there in the story as stuff happens i understand if that was just taking control of the baby dragon and leave it at that but the whole escalation is complete BS even if its a freaking demon dragon what ever emperor that supposedly is dead making him an undead being call him a litchi dragon if you will (btw they dont call him that so im just filling in for the anime to be more understandable) bottom line i dont like how this story is presented this season again its lazy and rushed in my eyes it had potential but its the same lvl as season 2 and not as good as s1 is my main problem here

LesK • 4 months ago

ok, well that is your problem then. because i explained exactly how everything was connected from S1 to S3. your faulty memory is the issue not the writing of the show.

kuro • 5 months ago

i mean they can easily explain that away by him having dragon fragments already absorbed by his shield making it suseptible by the dragon emporor plus he also got "sort" of a warning from fitoria that she doesnt like heroes using dragon materials

Nikola Nikolov • 4 months ago

they did imply that thats not the problem its the power ballance this season again having all over the place ou a new big ass thread that was supposed to be dead poped up out of no where and is more powerfull just because it im simply not buying it as a story telling perspective that is all i have to say on this case its not presented well in the anime dont know if its better build up in the manga but the anime fails to present it in a way that doesn't feel like Naufumi is just standing there waiting his turn to tank a powerful attack after its cast or some shit like a turn based game

kuro • 4 months ago

if u put it like that then yeah i do agree with you. they never really got the vibe back that they had from season 1 and i really hate that cause i really liked that 1 watched it many times over. and likie u said too many things coming out of nowhere or by sheer stupidity

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

LOL Yeah, I was waiting for him to at least say "Minna/Everyone" but no, only Raphtalia moved him enough to call out her name, no-one else.

Titan • 5 months ago

I hope this ends well and Naofumi can get away with those free buffs 😂

Kiritø - KR • 4 months ago

the buffs were done to naofumi's shield by dragon

Justin Posey • 4 months ago

yeah? I think we all saw that lol, they're saying he hopes he can keep them after this situation. Even tho the Wrath shield series is a curse... and as we have seen, can take control of even the strongest of heros, and it nearly killed him when it was level 1 or 2... imagine him trying to use lvl 10... think it would consume him

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

If he didn't explain it. You wouldn't know what he was trying to do as a viewer lmao.

Jacky-Chan • 4 months ago

Bro's harem keep getting bigger but also raises the chance to get one hit koed lol. You can't protect everyone at the same time lol

Kei • 4 months ago

you say naofumi's plan got hijacked by the dragon due to him spilling it in front of everyone!..ok then what about the one's who watch anime only? they will be confused as to wat happened.

Truth • 4 months ago

what? are you dense? He literally says it IN THE ANIME IN FRONT OF THE DRAGON.... why do all of you people have such terrible comprehension.

Kei • 4 months ago

Ah maybe i didn't give too much thought or its my mistake.

OfficialDrixMalone • 4 months ago

Lmao, I just commented about the emperor dragon sabotaging their plan and actually taking control of the mc's shield powers to increase his own strength, how that's how you fight, not letting these idiots execute their plans they announced to the world smh. Glad someone else said it, only person I saw mention it, this retarded turn based battle is obnoxious!!

But that was hilarious, he didn't give AF about the others, had tunnel vision aha. When he screamed Raphtalia's name and no one else's I was like damn that's cold blooded, clearly there's favoritism going on, but at least no one else witnessed it.

あさくら よう • 4 months ago

The dragon states he's a fucking MVP and what does this shithead do? Shout his fucking plan xD what a retard.

Truth • 4 months ago

She literally saved his soul... and been with him from the beginning... he'd probably destroy the world for her... who cares.

Ny3 • 4 months ago

Raph is the only one who is his property xD

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

But I like how the Emperor Dragon hacked the shield system and forced level up, so I'm not complaining.

Ex_go1 • 4 months ago

(context: up to 5 min 19 seconds)
Filo: I will die soon,but im going!
Naofumi: Filo rest,you're dying,dude.
Princess: If Filo is going,me too!
LMAO,the absolute NO RESPECT to Naofumi. xD
He is treated even worse than in season 1 and by allies aswell. LMFAO
I think authors of tate no yuusha must have changed inbetween seasons cause they look gradually more like Malty Melromarc's job.
Sayonara,Malty no Yuusha no Nariagari(season 3's name).