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Judgment526 • 1 year ago

You could’ve come up with a better excuse for Challe’s absence than hiccups, Mithrill. ^^;

Kwarevo • 1 year ago

It's not as surprise this got S2

FaithfulAizen • 1 year ago

It did? YAY

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Idk man. I also have a hard time convincing people of my excuse that I can only cast explosion once a day. They just dont believe it. They tell me I can come up with a better excuse. 🙂

Dawg_wtf • 1 year ago

Lmfaoooooo this killed me💀💀 have a upvote

Denji The Knot Devil • 1 year ago


Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago


I don't even have a joke for this.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

I do, that whole excuse is a hiccup.. There!! It's done XD

vovan1 • 1 year ago

i dunno mate, the hiccups are situation of life and death. You never know than your Hick... Up can be your last 1.

wwlaos • 1 year ago

A better excuse than hiccups? Doesn't exist.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

You had one job lmao.

Lord • 1 year ago

That's true.

🍀Meiryu🍀 • 1 year ago

can i say,, how i hate this episode LMAO THE ANGST, THE DRAMA

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

Part 2 is airing in July so at least we don't have to wait long, eventually the bad taste this leaves will go away.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

That's a surprise.

LesK • 1 year ago

nope, not a surprise at all, the split cour plan was set up from the beginning.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

I didn't know

Tsukkiss my ass • 1 year ago

OH OK thanks T_T

Helocat • 1 year ago

I don't understand why they couldn't force her fiance to beat an answer out of her or something. Violence is wrong but so is slavery in this era, so gotta balance stuff out somehow.

iCurvaceous • 1 year ago

Agreed to the fullest. I was thinking the same thing when he offered her wing. Why not just beat the shit out of her LMAO but tbh since she's a noble it would have too many repercussions probably closer to death than slavery.

annryuu • 1 year ago

Just beat her idc fking btch

Serenity Lithae • 1 year ago

I don't know why he didn't just pretend to give her his wing. She didn't even look in the bag. If she did, he could have just been like 'I had to try', I doubt it would have changed anything. At this point I don't know why they fairies don't make fake wings to trick people and carry those on them. They're constantly being stolen.

FraZz • 1 year ago

I won't be watching a season 2 personally, this anime is just too fking nonsensical. This is not a action anime, so why is the entire world against this one kid?

She can't even defend herself or anything, it's just fatiguing to watch. Everyone in the anime is just extremely exaggerated and evil for no reason. As soon as one thing gets resolved, some other bullshit happens, the anime is just a rotating door of annoyance.

Was expecting at least a good ending after all the BS but no. I ain't watching another season of this crap. Makes no sense.

Zhang Qiling • 1 year ago

The fact that this anime which did nothing but make me pissed off all the time due to how overly dramatic and filled with toxic characters and tropes it is, gets a s2/second part meanwhile other much better animes didn't have that chance is just...I probably will pass the second part too.

Shimi • 1 year ago

Legit my thoughts but we have opposing plans, unironically enough i like all the drama happening here probably because most of new anime is getting kind of bland for me, this anime became some kind of breath of a fresh air for me.

SynCloud • 1 year ago


LesK • 1 year ago

part 2 starts in July... it is just a short time away.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

This series really knows how to make their dislikable characters dislikable. Seeing Challe have to offer himself and his freedom just to save Anne and then watching Bridget straight away take advantage of it was gross to watch. She really does not see him as an individual more as a toy and trophy to play with and watch.

I really hope Challe maintains his blunt personality and keeps begrudgingly doing her wishes, I don't even want her to have the satisfaction of the delusion that Challe is into her.

I am so glad there is a second part to this season, it would have been terrible if this was the end of the season and it ended like this with no sequel announced.

I am so glad the King and Queen still wanted to see Anne's piece as they seem to have become fans of her work. It was nice to see how everyone was blown away by it.

Lol Radcliffe choosing not to believe four people warning about Sammy's conduct really came back to bite him in the rear. I guess he and especially Sammy got what they deserve.

I really liked the moment where the King was explaining to Keith why Anne had won and why he had lost, he was really trying to help him develop his craft and I just thought that whole scene was so wholesome, it was really sweet.

Golb89 • 1 year ago

Imagine if the other nameless brown-haired contestant had won instead...

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

I would have laughed but also cry that shall pointlessly sold his holes

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Radcliff's reactions and that karma coming back on him was the most satisfying of this whole ep, along with Sammy getting publicly hamulated.

xXPORTALXx • 1 year ago

"publicly hamulated" lmfao perfect description!

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Yup XD

Pie Monger • 1 year ago

Honestly, I think there wasn't enough karma for Radcliff as he knew Sammy was wrong from the start before he kicked Anne out.

iCurvaceous • 1 year ago

I found it really odd and sickening how she was satisfied with his kiss which he did not actually want to do. She knows its not real love and yet, she thinks it's worth it. Unfortunately, this anime never gives villains what's coming to them. So S2 I might not watch.

Alter • 1 year ago

Well, some old wench loves gigolos too even though she knows they only went after her money

iCurvaceous • 1 year ago

"old wenches" are alone and miserable most times when they take on those options so they find someone to fill the void. This girl is young, a noble and thriving in her youth. She has way more value to a traditional noble man (and options), there's a difference.

Pie Monger • 1 year ago

She's obviously looking for someone to fill the void. The only thing age has to do with is that she's too young and immature to understand it, unlike an old wench who loves gigolos.

iCurvaceous • 1 year ago

Age in women diminishes options. If she really wanted to "fill the void" all she has to do is ask a guy right next to her. Not enslave a fairy. Thats the difference. Men in the world value the age differences of women. Lots of men wouldnt touch granny tiddies (ijs).

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

Bridget might have obtained Challe as her fairy, might have obtained him to be by her side as long as she wishes for.


Bridget has lost since the beginning, no matter what she did, it is all futile.
I want to see her get slapped and open her eyes to see the truth next season.

Pie Monger • 1 year ago

I think you meant "not obtain".

I gotta ask though, are you the void Bridgette is trying to fill with Challe?

Leo Aestron • 1 year ago

... didn't notice that I did a typo there... ty for reminding me, it looks really awkward.

Corrected it into "NEVER OBTAIN"

And I am not Bridgette's void. I am the void, I am the void inside everyone, I am the void of this world, I''ve always been around before the first star existed.

robert mcconnell • 1 year ago

anne needs to get a better lock on that stupid cart this is the second time someone has just walked in and stolen her sugar

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

Im surprised that anne is so trusting

Golb89 • 1 year ago

Maybe she did but that Sammy guy had mastered his Security skill.

(But really, you'd think after everything that's happened to them in the series they'd start keeping a better watch over their valuables...)

wwlaos • 1 year ago

Why is she not sleeping on top of said silver sugar barrels? Why leave them or her sculpture out of sight for even a moment? Girl's just ASKING to be robbed, at this point. >_<

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

she trusts way too much

Dominic_566X • 1 year ago

god damn it i hate this episode but i want a season 2 just bc i want to see those two together happy :/

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

That was a good cliffhanger tbh.

Dominic_566X • 1 year ago

yeah sad but true