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Pisky • 1 year ago

Man this sure was the season of daughters and mothers

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Mothers day coming up.

GreenTea Gal • 1 year ago

IKR, very girl focused. well mother's day IS coming up

Enve Me • 1 year ago

nothing to do with mother's day although it's political... the satanic feminist agenda is real and this series is proof that hollywood and the entertainment industry is polluted with BS..... the force is female right???? you could of done it right but in the words of its woman Princes Leah (RIP) the more control you grab the more things "will slip through your fingers"..... congrats on destroying the epic story of star wars.....

Shiny Bidoof • 1 year ago

this is not reddit sir

Enve Me • 1 year ago

wtf does reddit have to do with the price of tea in china?????

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Whats with the misoginist coming out of the wood works. Its not political... They have already done tons of male jedis they are expanding their audience.

Its just business. That would be stupid if you opened up a business and only catered to only 20% of your audience when you can increase that and make money.

Enve Me • 1 year ago

um they literally made it political with the force is female agenda.... business no brainwashing... besides your stats are skewed..... should check out and research some of this.... like how much of the audience dissipated since 7, 8, 9th films because this political agenda that some stay willfully ignorant to and forget because this as a major talking point at the time actually.... besides there is no money only debt and any successful entrepreneur will tell you that fact and its Disney 1 of the big 6.... as in only 6 companies own every tv channel and movie studio.... they been brain washing forever why you think its called television (tell-lie-vision) coincidence ??????

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Is it due to political agenda or the fact that there are now 8+ star wars movies and like the marvel Genre each movie is being seen less and less by the audience because of the star wars fatigue

Ruvion • 1 year ago

It's not star wars fatigue. If it was well written it would be worth watching. As of now most of the stories are pure garbage and the characters are hollow. shells. I could care less what the gender of the character is as long as they are somewhat relatable and worth cheering on and the story has some meaning.

Enve Me • 1 year ago

na.... marvel films and tv are all pretty good although the agenda has infiltrated them also..... the star wars shows are better then the last 3 movies which were absolute trash if you think of what they could have done by bringing the old characters back.... it was a golden opportunity missed because of that stupid agenda and other things...i mean think about it, if you was in charge of the three movies what would you have done????? def more Luke involvement and he def wouldnt have had the personality they gave him which was the complete opposite of him in the o.g 3.... he went through hell to save his farther who he never met but completely gives up on his nephew. the studio rather cater to political brainwashing rather then giving the fandom what they want.... although all the trailers to the movies teased them like they were going to do just that, over hyping the sht outta all three just to let everyone down..... so it was def premeditated..... they wanted to destroy everything about og star wars and create their own political franchise...... bet baby yoda is going to turn out to be a female.... its getting bad now.... where even if it's a male lead he's stupid or some sht where he has to rely on the strong female co-star to problem solve and get sht done.... Guardians of the galaxy all the men are dumb rocket and groot arent men although male the last thor same sht... thor's dumb his girl strong and smart

Luigi_Joestar • 1 year ago

Yes but at the cost of losing other fans. I enjoyed most of the episodes, but I think only one episode has a male lead and his sister steals the show.

NetroLancer • 1 year ago

They're have been businesses which have done that and they've failed within 2yrs.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Last time I check Disney is raking in money from the IP. New star wars movies coming out. Healthy enough to fund anime spin offs. Failed? Making less money year over year is hardly failing. Considering the pandemic is affecting every company financially

Archaic Sage • 1 year ago

They are barely holding on with the licensed 'Lucas Films' franchise...

Archaic Sage • 1 year ago

Both are important.

Reemus • 1 year ago

Was star wars about male dominance and patriarchal society? If so, then yes, it's destroyed. The civilisation has won over the barbarianism.

Enve Me • 1 year ago

no it wasnt..... im afraid you misinterpreted something if you came to that conclusion from the O.G 3 films..... nobody ever claimed the force was male..... guess satanic feminism is better than barbarianism, however in my book to wrongs dont make a right..... besides just because men were the one's to fight in wars doesnt mean it's barbarianism.... it means common sense and scientific facts a concept forgotten in this dark twisted day an age where people are confused about how many genders there are... btw the answer is 2 male and female.... regardless of of whatever political party writes in a book or transformation anyone decides to make..... when they die and turn to bones and get dug up the scientist will say this was a male or female.... but im sure you rather have men walking around sobbing an crying with their emotions on their sleeves, btching all day, needing safe spaces to time out in because they dont have a strong bone in their body physically or mentally right... but lets leave it all up to the feminist responsible or two of the most historical fck ups in world history 1. convincing adam to bite the apple celebrated by feminist s gaining forbidden knowledge..... and whats the first thing she did with it??? claimed sexual harassment because she was naked.... 2 women to work campaign back in the day 60s 70s idk??? thank though now both parents need to work to provide less then what one man could gross working at a gas station back then..... no it wasnt inflation.... it was the higher ups that said hell no there cant be two workers n the nuclear family everyone would be well off so this is what we'll do... let the woman work and slowly make it so both incomes really equal 1 and then we can tax both.... perfect... thanks again

Rey • 1 year ago

People really get online and say the most insane shit

Enve Me • 1 year ago

no matter how insane... a fact is a fact..... right????

vovan1 • 1 year ago

lot of child abduction this season xD

Truck-Kun • 1 year ago

the fact disney couldnt drop this is insane they said oh lets go for the weebs now since our new shows are actually terrible

Nemesis Claus • 1 year ago

this series looks like a stop-motion animation instead of an anime

Astralknight532 • 1 year ago

The entire point of the series (both seasons) was to give various studios (both anime-related & not) a shot at making their own thing with Star Wars. Which led to all the different stories (and animation styles) we got each episode.

Aladdin727 • 1 year ago

Thats because this last episode is done with claymation. Each episode is made by a different studio with different animation, did you even check the other episodes dummy?

Enve Me • 1 year ago

the last episode isnt Claymation its puppet animation created with cgi.... so think before you call someone else a dummy, dummy..... the episode where the sisters destroyed the water factory was Claymation smh

Mikaru Kaguya • 1 year ago

i had a feeling that one was claymation, it really felt similar in how it moved to chicken run.

Spo0on12345 • 1 year ago

that actually sounds dumb tho? xD who would like that

Astralknight532 • 1 year ago

The series wouldn't have been green lit if the producers didn't think people would like it. One of the goals was to give various studios a shot at making their own thing in Star Wars, so here we are.

NetroLancer • 1 year ago

This volume was alright with at least 2 really good ones.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

yeah, 1st season was a little better i think.

NetroLancer • 1 year ago

I agree.

Trunghuynh90 • 1 year ago

May the Fourth be with you

David Anthony Hart • 1 year ago


Enve Me • 1 year ago

enjoyed the first couple and found it harder and harder to stay interested till the end..... perhaps if they stopped being sexist and mixed up the character roster from dominate female lead to a mix of both sexes it may have been better.... wonder how many didnt make the cut because they had male leads..... the force is female remember...... dont worry we haven't forgotten and neither have the ratings..... and you wonder why you cant replicate the o.g 3

Timbeans • 1 year ago

feminine natured, but yeah thank you for pointing that out.

Mayuta • 1 year ago

The best episode might still be the Duel from the first vol, but overall I thought this season vol had better quality, the best of this season were the first two episodes, Sith and Screecher's Reach for me. I definitely want to see Vol 3 hopefully.

Swaynay • 1 year ago

I don't get why they have the women constantly causing problems though? Over half had the women needless causing issues as though they're not aware of the universe they're supposed to inhabit. The Mc being a female is fine, though I don't get why they're shown as self-serving, arrogant and belligerent. And children aren't that dumb that they aren't aware of danger, moronic directors who try and blend some of the dumbest aspects of real life with a universe as big as Star Wars...

yonib • 1 year ago

I think it's because of the "It'S rEaLISTic!" excuse and peeps are taking it too far from even trying to build it upon fiction

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

Awww this season ends on such a high note :3
The world this ep looks marvelous too!

Thistlesniffs • 1 year ago

This one has to be one of my favorites so far. Maybe because all the characters look like adorable stuffed animals. Totally has a "Star Wars: Animal Crossing" vibe to it. ^_^

Pha Yang • 1 year ago

So far, journey to the dark head is my fav.

Mikaru Kaguya • 1 year ago

same for S2, S1 would have been ether Lop's episode or Kara's episode. (Kara was the sabersmith's daughter)

NetroLancer • 1 year ago

Journey to the Dark head, and Screecher's Reach were in my personal opinion the best episodes of this volume

Sing to Kyber Crystal

Moin Mahmud • 1 year ago

Please tell me Darth Vader appears

Shiny Bidoof • 1 year ago

nop all shorts are completely independent from movies or tv shows

Moin Mahmud • 1 year ago


GreenTea Gal • 1 year ago

didn't even know these were dropping today! 🥰

Rugweld • 1 year ago

It was indeed spelled "Volume" not Volumn as the animation suggests.