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Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

"I've jerked off to many yearbooks"

This virgin right here officer!! lol

DesuYoda • 2 months ago

I can hear the sirens from here...不不不

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

So can I and he now on the offender list 不不

Sakata Gintoki • 1 month ago

I find it hard to imagine a real person every openly saying something like this in public to begin with.

It's right up there with "might as well call the cops on me now because of all the pervy stuffy I do in my spare time..."

Lol, then again I'm sure there is at leas one or two fools like this it's just still hard to imagine :-P

Crimson.Princess • 2 months ago

Morita might be the one of the biggest virgin characters in any anime

DesuYoda • 2 months ago

Morita-san...please try not to be so gross...and your evaluations of people are wrong...always so wrong...突

SigmaDemon • 2 months ago

This is what a snack bar is all about. Drinking, talking with the bar-woman, singing a beautiful song once again, and telling Morita how gross he is. We all have a Morita in these bars. And Basue is a Feel as usual! Tatsu-nii also has a beautiful voice and I really loved Lonely Chaplin. A beautiful night at the snack bar!

DesuYoda • 2 months ago

Yes! It's not an episode unless Morita-san hears how gross he is, and there's a song at the end.
Bonus: breaking the third wall with the groping comment.

Sai • 2 months ago

These episodes always feel like 10 minutes.

Souma's Headband • 2 months ago

man, this is such a nice anime to watch when you're tired

ChetsuSha • 2 months ago

Morita you should know that you are the only one perv of that level, don't say all boys are like this

ChetsuSha • 2 months ago

That bullying though.

Trix • 2 months ago

Short and sweet episode.

bluegreen • 1 month ago

morita is such a huge degenerate I can't-

Eisenjaeger • 2 months ago

Its got to be hard to try to sing in character

Nishanth • 2 months ago

Looks like continuation of Isekai haha!
I believe Morita!
Rie takahashi and her funny excitement is the best of all!