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Judgment526 • 2 months ago

Akari's surface personality really is the worst aspect of this show. Not sure what she was trying to achieve openly advertising her presence to everyone at the ball when they were supposed to be on an infiltration mission, smh...

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Yeah she is kinda annoying lol

orcan • 2 months ago


TsubakaBaka • 2 months ago

and then she does what she did after meeting Manon. ... why ...

Jack • 2 months ago

Intelligence isnt her strong attribute that's for damn sure XD!! But still she should have thought more about it.

Vlad • 2 months ago

I guess that she's used to being able to rewind time that she can do whatever the F comes at a whim and then undo it, if it had too many consequences...
Higurashi SPOILER
I bet that she's like Satoko, who killed herself in order to rewind time, just because she lost a game and she did it so often that she achieved a perfect score!

Laura • 2 months ago

Or Subaru from ReZero... Lemme just stab myself and reset everything. 🤣

Vlad • 2 months ago

With Subaru it wasn't the same. His desire to rewind time had far more emotional weight, whereas we don't give a F about Satoko winning that stupid game, but she killed herself many times over it, whereas Subaru tried it only once in utmost desperation...

Laura • 1 month ago

Oh for sure Re Zero was waaay more intriguing and emotionally heavy. Suburu was really well written, even if he does seem really immature at first, you actually see growth from him. I only mean as a kill to reset. This show falls really short compared to Re Zero. I'm not even an Isekai fan and I was impressed by Re. This show, 😑 not so much, but it has at least convinced me to watch past ep 3 to see how it all plays out. ✌️

Vlad • 1 month ago

I would even put Higurashi before Re Zero when it comes to creating complex, and believable characters, but overall ReZero is the better show no question. Higurashi only holds a soft spot in my heart, because it's IMHO the best horror show, and the characters and overall themes are really compelling. Heck, a lot of Higurashi is based on real life events, though they did a bit of a Dan Brown and made it supernatural on top...

Speaking of Subaru, I think that they did an amazing job depicting his emotional struggles and making us empathise with him. However, many see him as some sort of r3t@rd. which I strongly disagree with. Hardly anyone would immediately accept that reality has changed and he's more immature than durnb. Plus, he has become bipolar over the show making him reckless and a bit insane at times, but who could blame him?

This anime, well I actually disliked the first episode (felt a bit like a yuri&feminist fanfic, especially making the pseudoprotagonist unlikable was a bad move, similar to how many reboots insulted the established characters just to bring a Mary Sue to shine), but I did like the concept and wanted to see how they deal with it. I'm honestly quite happy with the direction they went with it.

Laura • 1 month ago

I agree with you that Higurashi is good horror. I'm not so sure about this show yet. I guess I'll wait and see how the finale is. It seems like a great premise, the way they're playing with the normal Isekai set up was awesome, that's the whole reason I decided to watch! But so far the story is a bit... Predictable. But hopefully, I'm hoping, it will get a good finale. Satisfying, but ambiguous would be great. Any other recommendations for good psych/ thriller/ horror shows??? I'm always on the lookout for good shows, especially underrated shows. Have a nice rest of your weekend!✌️

Vlad • 1 month ago

I'm currently watching Summertime Rendering. It seems to be very much underrated and nearly got overlooked by me as well, as I hadn't seen any trailer nor advertisement for it. It's also about time travel.
Here some shows that I've watched and might interest you:
Promised Neverland (I only watched the first season)
Shadow House (will get a second season)
Denpa Kaneki Kanojo (only three episodes one of them stuck in my mind due to the crazy chick in it)
Monster (slow paced, but great and the most historically accurate show I've ever seen; the author must have travelled to the locations and studied the history)
Requiem from the Darkness (episodic ghost stories, more on topic of karma)
Some I can't full heartedly recommend, but had their moments: Umineko, Corpse Party, Another, Hell girl, Mirai Nikki

Engi • 2 months ago

Not really. Only Menou is on infiltration mission. The rest of the priestesses are there to watch over the nobles as first class and Akari is currently a priestess. So she is doing what she other priestesses are doing, just in an embarrassing way like a country bumpkin.

Also Akari is one of best part of this series and there should be enough context now to figure out what Bakari mode is for.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

I like akari too

DownloadPizza • 2 months ago

Up to newest manga

I feel it was badly shown in the anime (alltough they did not really fall into the "lets explain" trap so thats a good thing). In the manga it is very clear pretty much in the middle of the fight vs the archbishop, here, yes we notice she is not an idiot after reversing in time, but we do not see the true extent. In the manga she is shown to be maturely immature (im talking about the jealousy thing with the headband), here she is just less stupid.
Idk I think it could have been shown better here.

Laura • 2 months ago

She (Akari) still seems really immature and selfish to the nth degree.

If only we got the normal version all the time

Phonfo • 2 months ago

then Menou would be sus over Akari

might be fun

Phonfo • 2 months ago

cant argue with that

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 2 months ago

All of the energy that would normally go to her brain instead went to her boobs.

OfficialDrixMalone • 2 months ago

You sound like Momo or one of her followers because that's something she would say for sure lmao.

Rob Serrano • 2 months ago

Why I agree that she's annoying I feel like the biggest annoyance on this episode was the Princess, she was the one who really ruined the covert op for Menou.

Dreamblade • 2 months ago

I kind of like how the princess doesn't give a shit and is above it all. "I'm on an important mission right now, but the REAL mission is to satisfy my whims!" :DDD

Nan Demo Nai • 1 month ago

I did feel second hand embarrassment lol.

Lucyw18 • 2 months ago

while surface akari does do some stupid things i personally think i have seen much more stupider things being done by main characters aka ash bloody ketchum for example

Bad marketing practice 😂

Orihara Izaya • 2 months ago

Yeah, I hope there comes a point where the true Akari is in control all the time, instead of letting her fool self run wild all the time.

redpanther • 2 months ago

That's what happened when they use pure concept too many times.

Jazze • 2 months ago

honestly it wouldn't bother me nearly as much if it wasn't because her actual personality is so much more intresting and i honestly feel it would be ebtter if that was how she behaved but merely played dumb.

Nadeko • 2 months ago

Well she kinda nerfed herself that's why she called it regressed

BniX • 2 months ago

this lost it's charm after first 4 episodes..

Jack • 2 months ago

Just WOW this episode, really different from the last one lol. Akari's true self has finally come back to stay and she ain't playing around XD.

Not the best ship Princess-poo X Momo being stabbed in the "stomach" in the SAME episode LMAO!!

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

It must be fate lol

TsubakaBaka • 2 months ago

Ashuna and Momo is a better ship than Menou and Akari.

Lekzie69 • 2 months ago

ashuna momo best ship? lmao
only here on gogo u can see people talk about them 😂

DeathX • 2 months ago


Chryslr • 2 months ago

And left and right respectively. LOL!

Animelover • 2 months ago

Damn feels bad for momo getting hit by the trap at least she is alive and resting can only hope they put an end to manon life for doing this to momo on menou duty! And akari last few seconds seems to want to talk to manon but I wonder what it is about the suspense is interesting for next episode!

Judgment526 • 2 months ago

I was kinda hoping that Princess Ashuna would be the one to rescue the incapacitated Momo, tbh. :\

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

hat wpuld have been sweet

Animelover • 2 months ago

Sad moment wish we could see the scene though of what happened when momo got rescued during the communication sent!

vovan1 • 2 months ago

yes they have that wild relationship.

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Akari and Manon working together?? lol

Animelover • 2 months ago

Not sure honestly but it could be just don’t know what happens next to be fair lol

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

Im happy momo made it out

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

That poor kid who was in the Iron Maiden T^T

Jack • 2 months ago

She liked though XD!!

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

looked like she was having the time of her life

Dreamblade • 2 months ago

I think there's more to that kid than meets the eye. My guess is the kid is the source of the world's monsters, the one from legends who spawned all the world's monsters in the first place.