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arra1213 • 4 months ago

congrats girl you made a lot of progress in this episode lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Yeah she got her friend request accepted... That's a big step up lolz

arra1213 • 4 months ago

next private message lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Desu wa lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Going to leave her on read for weeks lol

Truly a fate worse than death xd.

Sp1cy_Rubber • 4 months ago

now the next step: Find his IP Address

SAD_◉_◉_MAN • 4 months ago

Having someone's IP address Dosen't mean you can track their location it's useless.

Sp1cy_Rubber • 4 months ago

Then next step: Find his coordinates

SAD_◉_◉_MAN • 4 months ago

Before that You need To be an Actual Hacker lmao

rielly ✨️ • 2 months ago

She knows who he is. That's why she's trying to approach him.

Matt90210 • 4 months ago


Saint Evo • 4 months ago

Maybe, just maybe after that they party up fingers crossed 🤞 for that. Might need 2 more seasons for that though 😂

Tranquilmoon606 • 4 months ago

the funny thing is that she is litterally sunraku's knight in shining armor when it comes to other players. as good as he is he is powerless against a bunch of high level player's.

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

I remember catfishing people in a game called black desert. There was a valentines event where you send a letter to 1 other person and people ended up sending me like fking all their letters and the server was so salty.


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SuperNendo Z • 4 months ago

This piece of crap MC doesn't deserve the girl who likes him at school

Oviej • 4 months ago

Why, because MC is trying to mind his own business and play the game?

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

We will wait another 50 years to confess soon.

WorldGN18 • 4 months ago

the way we are all kinda rooting for her

Superb Villain Veigar • 4 months ago

Did not expect her to get that friend request at all and so soon!! :O

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

Those jumps of accomplishment lmao.

Baby steps

SAD_◉_◉_MAN • 4 months ago

Bro I love that Rabbit 🐰 it's so darn cute ☺️

SuperNendo Z • 4 months ago

This shows writer is such trash Just keeps showing all these annoying b*tches won't let the good girl have her time. Tamer girl and purple assassin are seriously EEEWWW

さとう🍬 • 4 months ago

Stalker be like

Mr_knight • 3 months ago

🐱 fr, it's same like talking for first time to your crush even if she/he says hello 😂

Guest • 4 months ago
Grandpa Lampshade • 4 months ago

Even if it's just in game; she'd be fine with a virtual hand holding.

Murkygore • 4 months ago

I love that pencilgon is actually a hot model. Slaying IRL and in game

Kiritø - KR • 4 months ago

same ;)

vovan1 • 4 months ago

Doing a stressful job requires good stress relief.

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Authorities have discovered that the mass serial killer victims are linked to a Model on tinder who slays her dates. More updates to come. Gogo News outlet.

Rannen 19 • 4 months ago

Now there are two hot models who are pro-gamer addicts. The other one from Protocol Rain looks the same as Ruka.

Matt90210 • 4 months ago

More like a psycho, that belongs behind bars waiting for the needs. She reminds me of Father wanting revenge in Law Abiding Citizen

Kay Southpaw • 4 months ago

I agree with the gamestore lady, just confess already >.< you can totally approach him in school, cmon girl :D

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

I think she should wait a bit until Sunraku's impression of Psyger-0 gets better first.

Dazed • 4 months ago

Is your profile picture an original character or is it from an anime?

Kay Southpaw • 2 months ago

Sorry, thought I answered this one. Maybe I included the link so my comment got autodeleted? Anyways, I made it using one of the avatar makers on picrew. Can't remember which one, sorry.

Superb Villain Veigar • 4 months ago

Impossible mission! one I support though!!

Annecy Change • 4 months ago

Pencilgon. Model in real life. Killer in game.

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Model by day, Gamer by night lol

Oviej • 4 months ago

So, he is [Course voice] Batman!

vovan1 • 4 months ago

I wish gamer models wore real xD

QuadL • 4 months ago

I wish they WERE real too, sigh.

𒆜 [ANBU] CHAOTYK 𒆜 • 4 months ago

Not the only one this season either.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

Best of both worlds?

Matt90210 • 4 months ago

Thee best

Indivix • 4 months ago

Seems like she needed an outlet and decided to become a model. Well, as long as she does her killing ingame and not irl, she will be fine. Just (very) annoying for her victims in SLF.

Thrace ecarhT • 4 months ago

Rei's sister as well who I forget the name of at the moment.

Jacky-Chan • 4 months ago

Basically a depressed soul trying to vent out her anguish by virtually killing off people...