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Crimson • 3 months ago

A whole episode and we still haven't known the boss loot...
Rei has her priority straight. Are Pencil and MMC close?
The Overlord Psyger-0 solos elites from Ashura Kai in 50 seconds... Is this the power of pay-to-win?
"Orcelott of the Falling Grade" Katzo knows how to burn
20:42 Interesting, Pencil has a skill called Enchant Vorpal.
Noooo. They left out Emul for commentary job.
Emul with heart-shaped eyes calls for MMC ඞ. Your carrot field is eaten so you can have MMC's carrot instead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Con D Oriano • 3 months ago

Unique monster which nobody had defeated before is defeated, and of course Rei only care about Sunraku.

Kai Kazuhiro • 3 months ago

tbf, the only reason she played SLF in the first place was incase Sunraku actually plays it. XD
All the stuff she got, all her stuff with her guild and sister, is just a byproduct.

ᗪonoᗪesu • 3 months ago

I only wish for them is to have a genuine friendship at this point. x'D

Meroko Yui • 3 months ago

She played before Senraku. She got more interested when he started to play. They were all like rival players in previous games. Guess that created their frenemy connection in SLF of skilled players.

Truth • 3 months ago

No she was always a gamer, thats why she liked sunraku, she just wasnt a trash game fanatic... when he started SLF she saw her chance to get close and play with.

Mini_Minion • 3 months ago

Sunraku is for Rei, what carrots are for Emul lol

Rannen19 • 3 months ago

Desu Wa.

Ohms Nuttachai • 3 months ago

Yah. What a bummer lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Wonder if the loot will cover for all the money that was spent on that boss fight lol

MeguminExplosion • 3 months ago

The drops from the pks atleast will. And you gotta be crazy to accept the unique monster loot with a item drop on death penalty on you lmao.

Azureink • 3 months ago

At least we know that Psyger-0 won't take their unique loot if asked.

Matt90210 • 3 months ago

Only good thing is unique loot, can't be given away.

ᗪonoᗪesu • 3 months ago

hopefully recover wallet-kun for it. :'3

ᗪonoᗪesu • 3 months ago

lemme see the Loot!! TwT

also I feel bad for Psyger-0 being used'n thrown away like that by Sunraku, not even a treat for her deeds just now. TwT

kahty11 • 3 months ago

she got all the loot from pk guild, i would say it was worth it

nightshade10 • 3 months ago

Psyger-0 is not pay-to-win, She found a unique quest like sunraku to get her gear. Also Pencil Oakaitsu & Sunraku, Met in another game & have played multiple over the years

Matt90210 • 3 months ago

Loot is worth its own episode

Fayt Leingod • 3 months ago


daviprr • 3 months ago

only comment in here that matters lol

Michael DeShield • 3 months ago


Christian • 3 months ago

I think the only reward is the world story progression

Nemesis Claus • 3 months ago

skill + p2w

ThePandaPianist • 3 months ago

tbh,the whole arc with the boss kind of lamed me out.i wanted the character interaction more than just a boss battle

Dazz King • 3 months ago

Me it's just that episode .... instead of showing the people who actually matter reacting to their victory they wasted it on characters we most likely will never see again and a recap. Beside the world story part i feel like im waiting 2 weeks instead of one to advance the story

Kai Kazuhiro • 3 months ago

jeeezus you're pathetic

Dazz King • 3 months ago

Sorry that was rude lol maybe you're just lacking any life and that's your only way to get attention my bad

Dazz King • 3 months ago

Wonder how many time your parents dropped you on your head as a child to be that retarded

Kwarevo • 3 months ago

News: ReoNa Heaven in the Rain MV in a week reach 423K views.
When waifu is scarier than boss

Ohms Nuttachai • 3 months ago

It deserves a million views or more!
Edit: She released the Whethermon x Setsuna version 2 hours ago. Please go and give it the view, guys

Mini_Minion • 3 months ago

Yeah, that version is lit

Whoever • 3 months ago

and so many comments there are exactly 6 - 7 days old, this song really exploded after ep 18

Saint Evo • 3 months ago

Not surprised the song is amazing complimented with a nice video

Whoever • 3 months ago

a "few" of mine are in those 423k :)

and btw since I wrote this comment (39mins ago) views count grown by 3k

Ohms Nuttachai • 3 months ago

News of Sunraku defeating a unique monster was announced
Rei: "Hitozume-kun and Pencilgon, are they closed"
This girl always gets her priority straight. I feel like her fight with Pencilgon is quite personal lol

I can't believe a love story of random MMO's NPCs can pull my heart strings. This 5-6 episodes of Whethermon arc is a far better love story than 3 seasons of some anime lol

No! The biggest crisis for the Vorpal Soul has appeared - The Giga Armored Death Carrot Eater!

Saint Evo • 3 months ago

Rei was also trying to show off to Sunraku lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Giga Armored Death Carrot Eater....

Say that fast 5 times lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 3 months ago

Nah cause that's a mouth full just trying to say it twice lol

ᗪonoᗪesu • 3 months ago

ctrl C + ctrl V Setsuna: I love you, Arthur.

Me: *insert Spiderman Noooo! meme* my Yuriii!!! TwT

Backto2122 • 3 months ago

I started shipping them immediately but two seconds later the ship just died. Wtf

Deus The Great • 3 months ago

You mean the gay love story of Pencilgon x Setsuna?

Justin Posey • 3 months ago

Is there an issue with a female ghost npc with the ability to form a true bond(which is literally what makes this game god tier) and a female player forming a bond? it's 2024... and the OP was talking about Psyger-0 and Sunraku, the moment she heard the group who beat Whethermon, she was more worried about the girl who fought with sunraku... pencilgon... were close, aka cared for each other... anyways...

EM • 3 months ago

3:08 Lmao 天晴 (tensei) - "sky clear", Weathermon's attack (not a real word) and 天晴れ (appare) - "splendid; praiseworthy; admirable; brilliant" are written with the exact same characters.
17:31 Iirc "Faeria Chronicle Online" is the game from the first episode where Sunraku kicked the elf in the face.
Soooooo, did they get any loot? I guess it's gonna be revealed later.
Man, this has the best cliffhangers lol
Interesting how their victory and names were announced to everyone. They won't be able to be in public at all now. Good episode!

To everyone saying that SLF Theaters take time from the episode: The ED ends at around 24 minutes, which is the regular anime episode length. Episodes in SLF are 26-27 minutes long, meaning that theaters are actually additional content that doesn't take time away from the episode.
The one this week was cool too. It refers to how Ashura Kai guys were chasing Sunraku back in episode 9

ᗪonoᗪesu • 3 months ago

Sunraku's truly a monster for recommending the sh*ttiest game, lol.

Human Mind • 3 months ago

Skyrim did not exist in that world, though Skyrim's bugs were referenced in Season 1. Practically ALL.

PicHor • 3 months ago

true monster deserve truest tortue

Kai Kazuhiro • 3 months ago

I actually don't mind the early episode recap, and long SLF mini. Just shows the director knows what they're doing and shaping the length of each episode accordingly to the material from the source.

Human Mind • 3 months ago

Faeria Chronicle Online is a reference to Code Vein where a vamp princess is the cause of all your mess and you want to punch her in the end.

Just Kiss Already! • 3 months ago

Lets hope that the Giga Armoured Death Carrot Eater didn't get to all the carrots.

ᗪonoᗪesu • 3 months ago