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Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

Wtf why is this so well animated? :O

arra1213 • 5 months ago

is this good? i havent watch those 3 new fantasy like anime that they uploaded since yesterday lol

Trepanning • 5 months ago

Both this and sousou no frieren are excellent.

arra1213 • 5 months ago

i already watch frieren
you can see me loitering around in the comments there lol
ok thanks ill try this one and that excalibur anime later
i just start watching ragna now didnt know its a 1hr episode lol

sakiro • 5 months ago

That anime is good but that reason for dragon attacking was to weird

arra1213 • 5 months ago

i just finished it a few minutes ago yeah kinda weird but ill keep watching it as long as pink loli wont die lol
also im interested in the lore behind that girl on the clock gears

SAD_◉_◉_MAN • 4 months ago

Bro now imagine A Exotic game where you can experience everything like in this game. That game would be super hit lmao

Embernova • 5 months ago

what dragon? i saw no dragon what's the time stamp where you saw the dragon.

NoFiah • 5 months ago

different anime bud

This is good! I read the manga and manga has 149 chapters so far. Story does start slow but it get good later on . Also manga art is fire

arra1213 • 5 months ago

yeah its good i just finished it a few minutes ago
and rei saiga is hot so ill be watching it lol

i have a question. is the manga good so far?
coz there's one anime really did great in their first 7 episodes like Log Horizon after that the show shifted focus on politics then it became boring fast :(

yes this mostly about gaming

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

I just watch this just now and fvck this pretty good for a first episode, also seems to be like a Sword Art Online series.

arra1213 • 5 months ago

i ony watched the first 2 seasons of sao when muse asia uploaded it for its 10th year anniversary
but it was the progressive films that really made me a fan of sao
i love mito even though i usually hate anime original characters lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago


Aya Chan • 5 months ago

Underworld SAO is great. It's not the same as seasons 1 and 2.

Xander Riginn Jardeliza • 5 months ago

fun fact SAO's author and creator is a fan of SFL

A Wandering Fanatic • 1 month ago

what's SFL

Shin • 5 months ago

U should try ragna crimson

arra1213 • 5 months ago

i already watched both ragna and gluttony
so far i like the action

Demon Bee • 5 months ago

read the manga they dont stay in just one game world and they go more into the gaming community and even e sports. super good art too

arra1213 • 5 months ago

thanks for that info but the one im looking forward to this show is the relationship between the mc and the girl classmate lol

Demon Bee • 5 months ago

Yeah... it ur typical clueless guy who won't get the hint type. Also not really the main focus and little progress even in the manga.

arra1213 • 5 months ago

really? so less interaction between the 2?
im kinda disappointed lol

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

I dünnö… This is like just VR game bs :< not true fantasy :(

arra1213 • 5 months ago

i watched it yesterday its similar to sao
im just looking forward seeing that hot girl classmate of the mc lol
also there are 2 true fantasy that dropped berserk of gluttony and ragna crimson
you might like it bro

You're Welcome • 5 months ago

It's getting harder to skip anime when every single one has actually good animation.

GreenTea Gal • 5 months ago

right!? even minor things like picking his character design's hair is so smooth! :O

Time. • 5 months ago

Studio C2C just keeps on getting better and better man fr!

SPACE-86 • 5 months ago

lmao the first scene was fire specially when they combined it with the sound effects

たけし 風間 • 4 months ago

That would be a great question.

g@be • 4 months ago

Souls game advice:
NEVER EVER attack a invading player on pvp who is naked and caring an enchanted weapon. (I learnt that the hard way)

Mini_Minion • 5 months ago

because it's a God Tier Game lol

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

You mean like a real game studio makes a game of the same name & this is their pr campaigne? :o

Mini_Minion • 5 months ago

no, they literally said it a few times in the anime, that this is a god tier game lol so why is the anime animated so good? Because its a god tier game. so they had to show us the viewers how good it is. cant call it god tier with trashy animations :P

senpai • 5 months ago

What an anime ....

This season is full of great animes unlike the previous one

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Yeah this season is pretty stacked lol

TheCabra • 5 months ago

It’s our reward for going through that dogshit summer season

dzonax3 • 5 months ago

huh?? summer season was good af??

TheCabra • 5 months ago

Glad that you enjoyed it,for me the only anime that came out and I don’t have a major complaint were Undead Girl and Masterful cat. The rest either had something that bothered me or were straight up trash

Nemesis Claus • 5 months ago

i first thought it was another anime of "wrestler german suplex on a princess" like hataage kemono lol

MeNasty • 5 months ago

What are you on about? Previous season we had and still have mushoku tensei(best isekai ever), JJK, zom 100, undead murder farce they are all top of the line shows exept maybe zom but still good. Of course there were alot of decent shows. Only like 4-5 show that were really good.

Sardonic Sage • 5 months ago

mushoku tensei gave me 10 episodes about a guy who can't get a boner

MeNasty • 5 months ago

You have bad taste if you can't see the greatness of Mushoku tensei, it was 12 episodes of him trying to cure his illness and much more then that. it was well worth it. It is hailed as the best isekai out there. If you have read the LN then you would know.

Nick • 5 months ago

You're probably talking to a teenager who doesn't know how to properly rate media because their tastes are immature.

Dreamblade • 5 months ago

The MC of that show is a total creep. Some people like that sort of thing, others don't. Do you identify with the creepy guy?

Nick • 5 months ago

If your judgement of character is that simplistic, I have no interest in debating with you. Don't show your mental hand so early next time.

Mood444 • 5 months ago

Lol mushoku fans get so defensive it’s the easiest way to tell they’re immature in their own little world confusing themselves with what being mature means lol. Y’all think just bc someone can’t relate to a creep it makes them “immature”. Sad.

Mood444 • 5 months ago

Umm does your cocky ass not realize that anime is mostly directed towards teenagers??? Even if it has sex & violence it’s not like a 17 year old is a kid lmao. Y’all be feeling so grown for watching fictional sex & rape scenes in anime it’s so delusional bro.