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Judgment526 • 2 months ago

Imagine working as someone's maid after you're dead...

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Wonder how Lily died T^T

Kirito • 2 months ago

What a strict maid she has

as a kid no less, or are they like chibi adults

Hevensdragon • 2 months ago

I'm pretty sure they died as kids, but Yuurei seems to have died long ago, as much as hundreds of years ago based on the flashbacks. It seems like they are stuck with physical growth, but that they can mentally grow. So they can mature, but are limited by their brains development. Its also hard to tell if they are supposed to be the same ages growth wise, it feels like Lily was a bit older when she died, but not sure.
Its also worth noting that Myako isn't really a ghost at all, she is a bakaneko, the thing anime always mislabels as nekomatas (nekomatas are a type of bakaneko, ones that have necromancy and pyromancy and eat human flesh and specifically gained these powers from hatred of humans) But a bakaneko isn't necessary dead, its a cat that's tail split giving it a few powers, most notably the ability to take human form, they also have some weak illusion powers normally, But the important part is we know Myako can been seen normally, so she isn't just a ghost, she is also likely the age she appears, and likely will actually grow physically.

But yeah the two ghosts aren't really kids experience wise as they have been around for quite a bit longer than most adults, but they are limited mental growth wise, so chibi adult is close, but not quite right. if I had to guess physical ages Yuurei is 3-6 and Lily is 7-10 or so. Also worth noting Lily could have been a actual maid or servant when alive depending on how long ago it was.

Satoshi Ookami • 2 months ago

*bakeneko btw :D
Bakaneko is... well, something entirely different :D

I see

Shiroshiroshirosan • 2 months ago

are you telling me they are Lolibaba?!

Kirito • 2 months ago


Hevensdragon • 2 months ago

Kind of but not really, lolibaba is when they just stay loli but still grow mentally and is just justification for lewding, which is why this that limits their mental growth isn't that.

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Awww Lily rolling around with her new clothes was too adorable lol

Kirito • 2 months ago

She draw it that fast she got some good memory

joblesshobo • 2 months ago

Sorry I don't speak trash.

Absolute savagery.

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Dang so she don't speak "gogo commenters" lol

wwlaos • 2 months ago

Ouch... T_T

joblesshobo • 2 months ago

I agree.

Judgment526 • 2 months ago


That bit was brutal

Kirito • 2 months ago

This maid is scary lol while myako and yurei is ok

Emperor_Zell • 2 months ago


Kwarevo • 2 months ago

Welcome Lily the third ghost and Satsuki

Kirito • 2 months ago

Can't wait for the 4th ghost

Whoever • 2 months ago

I want a T-shirt like that!

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

I'll take the entire stock lol

Sir, I'm afraid someone robbed the entire warehouse

Judgment526 • 2 months ago

I love how each one is wearing a shirt of the other with an "xD"

Kirito • 2 months ago

I want that cake

ChosenOneX • 2 months ago

This was such a good episode. The introduction of Satsuki and Lily livened the whole anime. It was so nice to see the three lolis having the talk about their masters and then the two grownups reacting.

I expected Satsuki to buy Lily some clothes, but I didn't expect she would buy her a whole box - she is a nice lady.
Satsuki and Lily have a nice relationship indeed - it's entertaining to watch.

The post-credit scene was so good! Lily really put her heart into "cheering" on Satsuki.
I lost it when Lily said with that innocent smile on her face: "I think you are trash."

Astolfo • 2 months ago

Ghost friends

wwlaos • 2 months ago

I want a tiny maid to call me trash. :(

Animelover • 2 months ago

Lol yuurei and myako be like who is m’lady to the ghost maid (lily) in shocking way XD!

lady vivi ★ • 2 months ago

Lily is freaking hilarious. xD

Whoever • 2 months ago

The weekly ray of sunshine has arrived ☀️

Whoever • 2 months ago

and btw. Komi-san is up on GoGo if you want to watch it

Judgment526 • 2 months ago

Thanks for the heads up, lol…was not expecting it this early. xD

Noah Winns-Cromer • 2 months ago

Time for a dosage of wholesomeness and loli ghosts!

Golb89 • 2 months ago

7:03 >"Even though her chest is so flat and her hair is so short"

14:21 >"Your boobs, i mean"

17:28 > Hey, that one could be turned into a fine shirt too, like the other two!

Lily has longer hair, but Myako has cat ears+tail and the next loli has a fluffy tail too: it's so hard to choose!

(No doubts about Yurei coming dead last on my tierlist though)

(Also, this series would have been so much better if Satsuki+Lily was the main pair, rather than Fushihara+Yurei)

Satoshi Ookami • 2 months ago
(No doubts about Yurei coming dead last on my tierlist though)

Wtf, Yuurei-chan is the most precious.

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 2 months ago

So am I the only one who notices that the next door neighbor has a black girl who cleans and cooks and does all the work for her for absolutely free, right?


Obviously it’s having a daughter but being an incredibly lazy mother

Isn't she more tanned

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 2 months ago

Do you see tan lines?

Jin • 2 months ago

We asians can get darker completions than that and we don't consider ourselves black. Chill with that crap.

Satoshi Ookami • 2 months ago

Awesome profile pic!
Shuten-chan best girl.

She's always got the maid outfit, so you don't know

Asagrimmr • 2 months ago

Damn Lily that was some toxic relationship speech you held there

Georg Elpons • 2 months ago

One stil missing and i miss her saying she should leave. The catch phrase got a bit lost recently.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

myako is still my fav

2kawaii4ya • 2 months ago

Now it's really ripping off Senko

Jc Waldo Serquiña • 2 months ago

tell that to every isekai ripping off of each other.

2kawaii4ya • 2 months ago

I do