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Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Welp soo much for those two Tengu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol

kuro • 2 months ago

"they handle it" she said.....now im just wonderin what they were supposed to handle

ChromeVock • 2 months ago

They hyped them up like they was going to do something lmfao

Nemesis Claus • 2 months ago

maybe they have a crazy regeneration

Saint Evo • 2 months ago

She need to pick better guards 😂

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

So much for revenge atm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Grandpa Lampshade • 2 months ago

They've got this! LOL

Billy Bob • 2 months ago

down to Eightgu

wwlaos • 2 months ago

Those tengu were ineffective. She should ask for her money back. lol

Judgment526 • 2 months ago

Shinsuke is in his edgelord phase.

Come back soon, Shaku. T^T

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

First Hirata and now Shinsuke lol

kuro • 2 months ago

to be fair he has more right to it plus with him its actually kinda funny especially with him and the sword ^^

arra1213 • 2 months ago

shana will be busy playing euphonium this april lol

Saint Evo • 2 months ago

I don’t mind it, now we’re finally seeing him get stronger. I’ve been waiting for this.

Grandpa Lampshade • 2 months ago

Yeah I personally prefer his new "rage mode"

Billy Bob • 2 months ago

lol his edgelord phase

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

Glad she's not dead T_T

Shinsuke got in some nice punches though.

Iceknight Magna • 2 months ago

I felt deeply sorry for Shinsuke in the last episode, but the way he's acting now --like he's the only one who's known loss, frustration and tragedy-- is starting to piss me off.

wwlaos • 2 months ago

That's how most humans act.

Especially when they're teenagers.

Ah-so Mugen • 2 months ago

Once you are in situation where you truly feel if only you had been stronger/quicker/etc., someone would not have died, come back and talk.

Iceknight Magna • 2 months ago

No. Are we going to say that Jinka, Raidou, Shakugan, and the many unwitting test subjects of the Dangaishu have not experienced trauma? He is not the only one who had experience horrific suffering, yet he feels justified in running his mouth at everyone else and acting like no one else knows agony. For crying out loud, Raidou watched his own sister die in front of him and, on top of that, he came from a family of destitute, hopeless vagabonds.
Shinsuke's pain isn't illegitimate, but no one deserves to be the outlet through which he can vent his anger.

veltron • 2 months ago

You're right no one deserves it. But everyone grieves differently, so while his behaviour isn't inherently excusable it's simultaneously not deserving of beratement either. This is just one stage of his grief, he'll mature with time. If he just instantly matured up, and started acting enlightened that would surely not be very good character development because it would betray what we've come to see of him up until now. This edgy middle stage, imo is a pretty reasonable next step, before we see him settle down and become a more rounded character.

Iceknight Magna • 2 months ago

It's not deserving of beratement? Sorry, but my bitter experience at the hands of people like that has taught me that some of them have the nasty habit of going too far with their deep feelings of sadness. With any luck, the boy will keep himself in check (he was even able to apologize to Tama for lashing out).

There are people who use their heart-break as both cudgel and armor, thinking to themselves that their grief gives them license for the mistreatment of others.

PettankoLovingCunnyseur • 1 month ago

Not at all. Dying of natural causes is one thing, but if a loved one is murdered, what else should you do but slaughter 1000 of the enemy in sweet, sweet vengeance? An eye for an eye makes the world go blind, so take 1000 eyes for 1 eye, so your enemy does not have the power to counter your counter.

Iceknight Magna • 1 month ago

Who died of natural causes? Raidou's sister? The woman was murdered by the dragon and died in his arms.

Shinsuke's behavior is still unjustified.

PettankoLovingCunnyseur • 1 month ago

No one died of natural causes. That's the point. Raidou's sister? The nun? Who cares? As I said, butcher all the clergy.

Iceknight Magna • 1 month ago

Um...sure. You do you, I guess?

arra1213 • 2 months ago

praise the sun ☀️ shana is still alive sort of
i didnt know titania from magus bride visit sengoku period japan lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Both have nice body lol

Utsuro • 2 months ago

Titania's boobs are bigger

who's Shana?

SD • 2 months ago

From "Shakugan no Shana" (an anime unrelated to Sengoku Youko).

arra1213 • 2 months ago

shakugan no shana lol

VladNB • 2 months ago


Matthew Erasmus • 2 months ago


野良猫 • 2 months ago


EM • 2 months ago

So Shakugan is actually (sorta) dead, damn... Was really hoping for plot armor to take action here. Did NOT expect someone from the main cast to die not even 10 episodes in.
Shinsuke in his current state kinda reminds me of Itadori near the end of JJK season 2
Him talking with the sword like that was kinda funny and kinda badass lol
18:14 天狗 (tengu lit. heaven dog) - red-faced and long-nosed goblin said to reside deep in the mountains
Really good episode. I expect much more people to start liking Shinsuke more now.

Billy Bob • 2 months ago

goblin slayer *peeks around corner

TheBigFool • 2 months ago

I like this conflicted Shisuke.

This does not feel like it's his first loss but at the same time, it feels he had enough.

He is conflicted because he wants Shaku to be proud of him but at the same time the anger is too much.

He does not know what he is trying to accomplish other than no longer being oppressed.

This inner conflict when resolved will make him into a better character.

Some people are sad that his comedic relief is gone...and I am too, but I kind of like this inner conflict. He has unresolved issues.

I also like how Tama and Jinka decided to continue their journey with him and ask what he wanted. This feels like the group is understanding each other, especially when Shinsuke talks back to Jinka.

Whoever • 2 months ago

want to wield a sword? Outshout him!

Whoever • 2 months ago

btw. any clue why the second domain (anitaku to) is around 20 mins late (or even more at this point) compared to this one

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

We know who's gogo favorite child is lol

Cyphin • 2 months ago

A wood spirit like that would turn anyone into a tree hugger.

Grandpa Lampshade • 2 months ago

Insert various jokes about "wood" here

wwlaos • 2 months ago

She certainly knows how to handle it.

EnjoymentEnjoyer • 2 months ago

Of course she wood, woodn't she?

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

Maybe she had hardwood

Asagrimmr • 2 months ago

Shinsuke unlocked his potential through the power of schizophrenia

i thought shinsuke finally became cool till he wimped out at killing resshin. place a dog on the throne, it'll still be a dog, it'll never be a king

SD • 2 months ago

The point was to show how he's an emotional mess after Shakugan's death. He wants to kill Resshin but also wants to be someone who Shakugan can be proud of. He's conflicted as to how he should feel and what he wants to do.