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Leo Aestron • 5 months ago

Get interrupted at the middle of edgy moment LMAO

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

“Gotta go! My big sister said to come home” lol

Btw guys, I'm atomic.
MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Please silence your devices during monologues and demon lord speech.

Rannen 19 • 4 months ago

I guess the goddess becomes the void queen

Sweetbabyinc can suck it. • 4 months ago

I mean, couldn't have gone any other way. Maou promised her he would look for her through every corner of the world, and turns out he's been fooling around, getting his ears cleaned by older girls, taking showers with older girls, and overall heating up more older girls than a friggin frying pan.

dakota clark (codycody69) • 4 months ago

such consistent storytelling because he wouldn't be used to cell phones yet so having one on him he's not aware that it could constantly make noise.

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

Man, this dude act less like an actual demon lord, despite he is, it feels like he's just a demon lord wannabe. Dude looks too wimpy. It's funny that Cid and Ainz would act like more like an actual demon lord, despite they're not one.

AlexandrosB007gr • 2 months ago

well every one of them are or used to be humans so its understandable
,each of them act differently since not everyone thinks the same way
thats why you can't really expect them to act as your ideal version of a demon lord

yalocaldex • 3 months ago

lmao this is funny because we would never know how demon lord actually act because they don't exist 💀

Kunare • 4 months ago

Given the fact that in his previous life he just accepted the circumstances that he is dead and now has to become the demon lord and stop being a hero. I'd say he is acting normal. He just finds himself in a situation and doesn't complain much and just goes with the flow. So He was a Hero then switched to a Demon lord then switched to a little kid and just accepts it and acts accordingly. Maybe once his body has matured He'll then start acting like a demon lord.

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

That was funny stop giving an excuse for him lmao because I'm sure both Cid and Ainz weren't heroes nor demon lords before yet they're acting like one and better than the dude that was in the position for years. And it's annoying af when dude is the tsundere by keep using because " you're my minion" brah brah brah.

Satoshi Ookami • 4 months ago

Ah, yes, the same Cid that acts chuuni acts like a demon lord.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Now lets hope Gogo not drunk and this's the right episode with no problems. 🤞🤞🙏

Edit: Gogo is on point so far today and nice bath scene ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )👍

Yu Ijin • 5 months ago

Gogo's been drinking a lot lately man, gotta understand it

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Must be cuz of the holidays lol

Leo Aestron • 5 months ago

NNN is not easy for Gogo, alcohol is the way to live through it

Sweetbabyinc can suck it. • 4 months ago

Gogo, what's that?? Never heard of it!! You must be talking about anitaku.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Yeah I notice the change to XD, It's other mirror still has the same name link though.

Sweetbabyinc can suck it. • 4 months ago

I'm just glad we're taking precautions keeping up with these things. There used to be a site I used to see, many years ago, anime season, site had already closed and I had been watching a copy site with spyware. And DMCA didn't take that one down I'll tell you that much. DMCA's sole purpose is to destroy the internet and whatever value there's left in it that isn't one big gross virtual expensive shopping mall with no benches to sit on.

arra1213 • 5 months ago

too bad the camera is not on point to elfine senpai lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago


BlackSensou • 4 months ago

that phone call was peak moment LOL

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

✅ Walked in while girl is still putting on her clothes
✅ Taking a bath with girls but being too shy to look at their bodies
✅ Polishing his bone
❌ Introducing his Maid and Dog to Selia

S3X God Nimbly • 5 months ago

That phone call interruption got a chuckle from me. Well done.

Darkness • 5 months ago

Thnx for the fan-service bath scene.
The phone call in the middle of his demon lord role play was hilarious.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

And Awkward lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

These’s a lot of people using skull masks this season lol

Shiro Aikawa • 4 months ago

man i jus wanna drop this show soo bad XD

LesK • 4 months ago

hahahha! :D he forgot to put his phone on silent! :D lol! :D

Kuzurine • 5 months ago

did no one teach Leo how to put phone on silence mode 😄

Grandpa Lampshade • 4 months ago

She dies, he brings her back as an undead/vampire, he explains all of this to her and she still acts like he's just a kid.
The premise of the show is good: futuristic technology and the demon lord gets reincarnated into a new era but they just decide to go with "oh let's have an awkward bath scene" and "blush while you put your head on my lap".
I've decided to confront the sunk cost fallacy and cut my losses here at episode 9.

Demon King Baal • 3 months ago

No way you watched three-quarters of the episodes and decided to “cut your loss”, at episode 9??…The complaints you made had been there since episode 1 and you decide to stop at 9
I’m just saying, might as well just finish it and get rid of the thought🤷‍♂️

LegoOnTheGroundYouMissed • 4 months ago

LMFAO Leo that phone call

TheAnimeList.net • 4 months ago

Leo will ditch ALL OF THEM for his WAIFU 💀

Carl • 4 months ago

why is he keeping secrets of his "minion"?

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

yeah, should've informed her about the maid and the dog so they don't have to sneak around

Carl • 4 months ago

yeah for real thought the same thing

Angelione • 4 months ago

I wonder if his goddess reincarnated as Riselia or someone else entirely.
Based on what we see at end of episode, they had a deep bond (romantic?).

City Boi • 4 months ago

This series is like unseasoned chicken… first time watching and it’s so lame. 4/10

Number One • 4 months ago


Kait0o • 4 months ago

no new episodes?

futuretechfreak • 4 months ago

same que

LegoOnTheGroundYouMissed • 4 months ago


Great Secret • 4 months ago


disqus_3rpFmcccFJ • 4 months ago

omg leo my guy stand up for yourself tell her that she needs to stop being such a helicopter she should know by know that hes waaaaay stronger than her

JadeJade • 4 months ago

That's not how it works at all. As long as you're a parent or guardian, you will always worry and guide your children. Doesn't matter how strong they are.

Minamoto • 4 months ago

I like it 😊

You're Welcome • 4 months ago

I might've actually enjoyed this show if the MC wasn't forever 9 y/o. Like bruh, what is the target audience, considering the MC, it's 9, considering the bath scenes, it's not 9. Makes me cringe every time. At least the ED slaps

Revy • 5 months ago

Kind of underwhelming...