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dwisdabest • 4 months ago

Great anime, loved how it fleshed out a lot of the characters and provided a good alternative story instead of just rehashing the comics (although I would've loved that too)

Escandar277 • 4 months ago

4/10. It was ehhh. Hate the gay and woke stuff but any shows nowadays especially if its licensed by the west and its netflix exclusive, they have to put some "woke" elements in it. Good ending for Scott and Ramona. Todd and Roxy might just hit it off, with vegan power of course.

ᗪonoᗪesu • 4 months ago

This show was a blast to watch. (for me at least), the OP was a banger, the action got me hyped, comedy made me laugh, romance made me... *cough* horney *cough* and the drama made me sad, the character designs were beautiful and cute, also I ain't into BL stuff but (Wallace Wells is a funny guy, so I'll let it slide.) I only go for the Yuri stuff. and then we get to explore more twist and turns about the characters, and the world-building and more plots and stuff than the last movie, plus japanized va's!? who doesn't want them? and the fight scene with everyone vs the super old scott!?! it was phenomenal to watch. the other fight scenes were great too, but the concept of ex-enemies vs self-evil boss-battle was still impressive!

tbh tho I got a bit embarrassed when old Ramona stated the old coot went nuts after just ONE FIGHT!?, I mean all the fights and conflict were for nothing when it was all the old man's fault for being senile and stupid with his relationship, omg this dude. "Love makes you crazy" I guess. (¬_¬)

But Damn... wouldn't lie if this had a 2nd season, GOD I'd be down for it to see Knives being Knives again! x3 lol! xD

Os • 4 months ago

Made it here, well it's one of those if you know the source material this works.
If you do not know this is a horrible story on its own referencing stuff you had no clue what it was talking about.
If you know Scott Pilgrim and treat it as an additional supplementary Ramona arc then it's not bad.
So rating wise it can be a 3/10 and 7.5/10 at once
-2.5 for auto pandering to the gay and woke, that said the references and plot were solid enough and integrated to the storyline to an extent, they didn't attempt a rehash they tried at least to make a new storyline with Ramona as the MC so to quote Futurama where Fry had to make a TV show for Single Female Lawyer for aliens. The show was good enough for them to spare the planet, though not good enough for them to give humans their secret to immortality.
(Simply put Scott Pilgrim fans won't riot much mumble maybe, new fans won't really get it as a standalone. But they didn't wreck it per se or innovate it. Thinking Dragonball Evolution as an adaptation that wrecked it or the new Snow white and rachel drama vs a Top Gun Maverick vs Top Gun adaption that was good and innovated enough to keep fans)
Keeping it as a 7.5 on the score knowing the previous Scott Pilgrim works.
As a standalone product to someone who knows nothing of Scott Pilgrim it's a hell of a mess with no continuity but this screenplay people assume you watched, your Scott Pilgrim with his VR glasses and a robot watching 3/10

really weird to watch it in japanese when the original film cast does the original/english dub

Escandar277 • 4 months ago

Yeah. I enjoy it more in dub becoz I didnt think this as an anime per se. Its more of a cartoon and Ramona va did a great job. Her voice is sexy af. That deep, sexy feminine voice just clicks.

S3X God Nimbly • 4 months ago

Eh, it was okay. Better than the movie. 6/10.

Ricardo Araújo • 3 months ago

i liked the end music with Mortal kombat

Wulfris • 4 months ago

I am so confused
I don't know what this anime was,is or wanted to be
Everything is so random bruh

Ned Kelly • 4 months ago

It's a spin-off to the original Scott Pilgrim comic/movie. In this version Scott doesn't fight each of the 7 evil exes, because of his future self kidnapping him.

nicktrito • 4 months ago

More like "Scott Pilgrim Doesn't Exist". Yeah let's make a Scott Pilgrim anime and have the main character sit out 6 of the 8 episodes. That's definitely what we all wanted. Garbage

Gangan • 4 months ago

Good as a cartoon for people who grew up with it. Joke as an anime, looks nothing like an anime. idc science saru made it, they sold out to produce cartoons this time.

luckythepirate • 4 months ago


vovan1 • 4 months ago

Hidden gem so many goofy references xD