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Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Loved Lily's bone dragon drawing lol

Saint Evo • 3 months ago

Same very cute

Yet quite realistic lol.

Kwarevo • 3 months ago

Twin hug

Endcsline • 3 months ago


Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Twincest lol

Saint Evo • 3 months ago


Os • 3 months ago


BlacKyScYthe • 3 months ago


Archie Andrew's 1000 • 3 months ago


Extio • 3 months ago

This whole thread is twinnervating new horizons.......

Matt90210 • 3 months ago


Twinkle twink—

Psytrese • 3 months ago

Weird choice to make the girl with no backbone your leader on the most important mission of your career. Rud completely controls the pace and direction of the battle so Lily being the commander felt so heavy handed. "It's weak to fire lets use fire"...no shit.

The one command she is shown to give whilst everyone is flying around doing their thing "it's using its breath attack, everyone move back" is completely ignored. The mages being targetted don't move an inch, and Rud does the opposite and runs right up to it.

The equivalent of a scene after your character tells the punchline to a joke and everyone laughs...to show they're funny without having to actually write a joke.

City Boi • 3 months ago

And when i tell them that this is mediocre, they lash out at me... Animes these days have weak plots, it's like this generation of writers/directors are just lazy.

Trogdorian • 3 months ago

I knew this wasn't a stellar one going in but idk if I just didn't notice before last week or it got considerably worse since then, but this anime is bad... especially the writing in this episode and last week. It made me cringe so much. The pacing last week was really odd too.

Jullian J. Weskier • 3 months ago

99% of anime we watch today are atleast 5~10+ years old from their original sources.
Ill agree that super majority of the sources are dried up.

But i dont dive into a world if its just good. Id prefer a genre i like, yes, but from there i run off the substance.
Story is just one part of the meal. Theres also characters, settings, world logic/laws, lore, interactions, and reactions.

Saying im into isekai trash, even though the isekai has a great setting, a unique world logic, and that makes great interactions between the characters… then wtf is NOT considered trash?
Fuckin SAO? Sure it helped push into the Isekai mainstream, but it was god awful after S1.

grawss • 3 months ago

Who's lashing out at you? Everyone I've seen expressing an opinion on whether this is good or bad has leaned toward bad. Especially with the Wish Stone rug-pull where it didn't heal his sister all the way.

Most stories have weak plots with only a few exceptions. That said I've been pretty satisfied by some of the anime coming out lately. It's a pretty good season as long as you aren't going in with the expectation of brilliant plots and dialog.

These are pure entertainment: Mashle, Solo Leveling, Shangri-La Frontier

City Boi • 3 months ago

Go to ep 1 in the comments when i firs gave this a 4.5 or a 5/10 and call it lame...

Ruvion • 3 months ago

Lazy...well more than half of the anime each season now are isekais. Laziness is just the tip of the iceberg. However, it's not a terrible anime, but not a good one either. I'd say it's enjoyable enough to watch to pass some time if you don't think too hard about the actual plot holes.

KFA • 3 months ago

Source writers (original authors) are individuals who are not tied to a company, other than through their editors. Authors who don't do isekai can't sell their shit because the public isn't interested. Anime companies select the top sources because they want to make profit too. So it's not laziness by authors nor companies. Majority of consumers like this stuff which is why you're stuck watching them for now. Perhaps next decade we get stuck with endless romance.

Although yes, sometimes anime companies are so lazy they ruin a good source material. Budget reasons or incompetence. Not the case here tho. This anime is surprisingly faithful to source material.

Ruvion • 3 months ago

It is laziness because everyone is copying off of each other and jumping on the isekai bandwagon. While, yes, it has been selling and is popular...the reason is mainly because it has saturated the market and the choice to purchase something else is limited. The other options may not be as good and therefore do not sell as well. I understand there are trends and the market is driven based on these trends. However, an author can try to do something other than fantasy or isekai and can have success by coming up with a new idea that may catch on. It just takes some work and effort.

KFA • 3 months ago

The choice to purchase something else is limited because that something else doesn't sell and you're part of the minority. It's not author's laziness to jump on isekai bandwagon because they have to make a living too and selling their work to minority doesn't put food on the table. Same goes orders of magnitudes higher for anime companies because making anime is expensive. Being an author is a job, not a hobby. If you've got a company then you have no choice.

MisWired • 3 months ago

Rud charging in makes some sense. Since he's a tank (and a damn good one) holding off the onslaught while giving his party enough time to retreat makes sense. The fact that no one else moved means that no one truly had faith in her to make decisions. Though I wouldn't say they were ignoring her, rather they forgot at some point she was supposed to be commanding them due to her being not that imposing. She just needs a confidence boost and trust in her own abilities.

Indivix • 3 months ago

Or just another option: they decided to just not animate any of the additional actions that were called to be happening, to save budget.

Ruvion • 3 months ago

Or just acted amaturish in their raid and literally froze in their tracks from being caught off guard.

Fallen God • 3 months ago

Kinda curious what would happen if the Twins get smashed fused so both get preg or just one?

Os • 3 months ago

Asking the real questions would it be Rud or not if they share in the experience that way :D

Divine demon GOD Aris • 3 months ago

The baby splits in half and dies when they seperate

Saint Evo • 3 months ago

Lilia and Rud, the Sis-con union lol.

16:20 cute drawing lol

Ngl the way they were hyping up them completing the dungeon last ep, I thought it would be a bit better but oh well, not like I was expecting a lot anyways.

Souma's Headband • 3 months ago

those twins are the hottest girls in this show
I like Lilia's hair and serious face, but I prefer Lily's red eyes

Divine demon GOD Aris • 3 months ago

Yeah the twins are really hot

Shika • 3 months ago

The red eyes make me feel a type of way 😅

Souma's Headband • 3 months ago

Ikr 😂

Os • 3 months ago

A part of me is curious what happens when the fuze becomes the other personality

City Boi • 3 months ago

So the twins are both jealous of each others... Ha, women...

TheAnimeList.net • 3 months ago

Bro so cute, he is like the Father Figure for all those "Kids" 😭

the_shepherd • 3 months ago

Luna hasn't told the clan she is a homunculus yet.
I wonder if we are going to see that in this season

Endcsline • 3 months ago

I feel a conflict between Lilia and Lily, probably because Lily depends less on Lilia now

Rannen 19 • 3 months ago

Something seems off... there seems to have a bit of rejection.

Leon • 3 months ago

I don't know why am I still watching this. The story is boring, the animation is as stiff as they come, the characters are uninteresting and reveal all their motivations right away with the littlest pressure.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 2 months ago

Öh wöw Lily is surprisingly assertive huh :o

Psicore • 3 months ago

The sister is jelly

churchblue • 3 months ago

The season will run all the way the Greed Arc. Episode 8 will conclude the current arc (maybe).

Glinda • 3 months ago

Nice episode.

LesK • 3 months ago

:) i enjoyed this one! :)

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 3 months ago

This was twingasmic.

LesK • 3 months ago

unfortunately, that two for one special was discontinued even before their party arrived at the store! ;>

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 3 months ago

So sad :(

Georg Elpons • 3 months ago

Arent the twins in one of the big clans? Are they happy, that they go with them?