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Usami Mizuki • 4 months ago

I wonder if the Capital doesn't have any rivers nearby. Freshwater fish are also delicious.

Using Shampoo really helps a lot to improve your sales like Myne from Ascendance of Bookworm.

Akebi • 4 months ago

Here's the thing you need for Myne all-in-one shampoo
- Avocado
- herbs
- salt

Goodluck guys

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

Instructions unclear
Ended up making a sald instead

Shihir0 • 3 months ago

yes... i made a delicious salted avocado. thank you

Son Goku Desu • 2 months ago

Okay I'm done this anime is tr@sh af! mc is dumb don't even think clearly

KuroroSama42 • 4 months ago

Not Avocado. It was oil. It just came from an avocado-like thing in that example.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

avocado works too !

Meroko Yui • 4 months ago

She also noted use of fruit but didn't have any.

BunnyLuvr • 4 months ago

I used to manage a small general store (which was also a boba shop 😅) and we sold alot of guava soap. Idk what it was about it, but the pacific islanders always bought it from us. Ty Martialese people

Meroko Yui • 4 months ago

Probably smelled good. On contrary everyone needs soap. Selling needs is probably the most vital thing to keep an ongoing product. Common scents I'm used to seeing people buy is stuff that smell lighter and flowery like lavender, citric scents as they tend to kill odors and are good for cleaning. Citric kills bacteria. And fruit scents as they just smell nice without being overpowering. As for perfume and colognes they aren't as popular and generally cause allergies and are overpoweringly strong and smell like alcohol. My friends store back in high school use to sell oatmeal soap. The stuffs apparently good for the skin and was pretty popular.

Loved my friends store though. It sold some different stuff like different herbs tarot cards and because there was actually a local blacksmith a bunch of knives and swords and even an expensive set of armor. There was different rings you could buy too and they had psychic readings in the back and leather crafting classes. Though I doubt modernly any of that stuff is popular among the current crowd and they either changed it or shut down like many local shops with the inflation. I think only tech trends are anymore. It's a pretty blah world we now live in now. lol. But I'd say that likely needs like food tools and hygiene are likely the things that keep you afloat. People will always need that stuff.

KuroroSama42 • 4 months ago

It's possible the capital doesn't have any rivers. If it's far inland on a plains, then there would be no source for that water to come from. They would be getting their water from wells.
Even if it is built next to a river, not all rivers have fish that are worthwhile to catch. A small river could just have guppies, for example. Depending on the conditions, some rivers also just have no fish.
In any case, river fish aren't numerous enough to feed a town. So most of the townsfolk wouldn't even know how to fish. And those that do would likely just be catching and eating.

the Finance Guy • 4 months ago

They just explained it takes 7 days to get fresh fish to the capital so definitely have no rivers nearby.

KuroroSama42 • 4 months ago

Yeah, but the original comment was putting that into question. A lot of towns were originally built near water sources, because that's more practical than making wells.

Rustin Landis • 4 months ago

Yeah, this episode had me wondering less about the fish and more on potable water. I think wells sound possible, but I'd also like to believe that there is some untold history at work here. I remember reading that some medieval towns prospered from having utilized ancient Roman aqueducts. It would be interesting worldbuilding if something similar was going on here in this anime.

JDC • 4 months ago

this ep felt too short... another week of torture.

zEscOOt • 4 months ago

I wish they would spread the anime out more instead of piling them all on Saturday and Sunday

MrBojingo • 4 months ago

its nice for me since i have something for Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think Sunday and Thursday has nothing.

KuroroSama42 • 4 months ago

There are a ton of anime showing up on this site during the week. Maybe the ones you like just happen to all be on the weekend?

Unknown202 • 4 months ago

Perhaps, it’s best to pile them on weekends so that more people could watch them.

Sublime Hurdle 1542 • 4 months ago

I felt little progression for each episode.

Talo Grim • 4 months ago

TBH the manga isn't very good. It's very boring because there is no conflict.

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

I mean, you don't need conflict
I was just expecting a slice-of life comedy of mitsuha trying to earn money and that's what i am getting

Talo Grim • 4 months ago

True, but she deals with things that SHOULD have conflict. Like, literally no one questions her,... ever

Aka Inu • 3 months ago

Exactly. This whole episode I was wondering how she brought tools from her original world, ours, that needed decades if not centuries of development at once and just made them available like that. First off, from a trade perspective, it wouldn't really work because most people don't even know they have the needs those tools cover. Then, from a cultural/technological perspective, she could be accused of witchcraft (exactly as the girls did in the episode) because the tools are too advanced, exactly like it happened with highly educated non aristocratic women in the actual medieval Europe. The MC should have got that knowledge of possible threats in her research of that time. However, I think the author just doesn't want their work to go that serious/dark.

Chalice Tan • 2 months ago

Witchcraft won't be a problem tho. The main reason for a witch hunt is jelousy and lack of support + negative reputation. She already have a support of the Bozes household with the established background of "someone from a country overseas". Not to mention all other households that she would be affiliated with. Having a noble household backing you is better than none.

Their country is too far behind in tech that they don't have big enough boat capable of long expedition through water. As such, as long as they believe that she is from a different nation that they don't have info about, they cannot discredit her claims of more advanced tech.

Not to mention, it is not our earth but a world with monsters. It might be similar to us, but their point of view would definitely be different (such as things outside our reality). As such, it is a matter of "a good witch" or "a bad witch" which is no different to any other person. I mean, she could even be considered as someone "blessed by a goddess" or something with enough good deeds.

Further, her teleportation is actually op. With proper application, it would be apparent that it's better for her as an ally than an enemy both in this world and her original world even against a country/ies.

P.S. I don't know if they're considered spoilers as you could pretty much guess them, but tagged them anyway.
P.P.S. Sorry for the wall of texts lol

Aka Inu • 2 months ago

No problem, I like insightful walls of text. Thanks for your thorough explanation. It now makes sense.

Shiroshiroshirosan • 4 months ago

FUNA Sensei's works are all OP girls doing OP stuff and conflict can't happen because they too OP.

Bees • 4 months ago

Yeah I kind of felt they went out of their way to make her ability to provide fish seem more astounding than it should be to the natives. You can transport fish in a water barrel and they will easily survive a few days. Much longer if you properly take care of them and replace their water. Yeah, it's expensive, not impossible.

Its Isador • 2 months ago

Its Isekai. Maybe there are no freshwater fishes. only seawater fishes.

Hussnain Arif • 4 months ago

Cosmetic products are in very high demand since the ancient times. No matter if it’s Shampoo, Soap or Lotion.

Steve7777 • 4 months ago

Yeah, seems sus as all big city is built around a river or a water source. Plus, why the heck is she stocking can opener?????

Meroko Yui • 4 months ago

Mean it's more strange to have a village without a water source especially underdeveloped societies. Could only mean they live on wells but even then a large city for wells. Guess that's tv for you. LoL.On the contrary seemed this episode she lacked sense of what an average person would need and fell back on the fact she didn't want to look like a witch like when she looked online for learning. Also seems she lacks understanding of economic value. She could use a bit of learning about the world she jumped into.

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Depending on the hair products being organic or synthesized in a lab. Now she has just introduced forever chemicals into their environment. You get cancer. you get cancer. Everyone gets cancer!

Klaxxi • 4 months ago

Well depends on the size of the river and could be polluted anways since wastemanagment in those times were less then shitty

Noah Winns-Cromer • 4 months ago

Uh...pretty sure you're supposed to give the customer a demonstration on shampoo, not give her a shower.


Amu • 4 months ago

Question is where did she get a full shower from? 😭 And did she really need to use a blow dryer?

So many things in this anime are illogical and unnecessary

Talo Grim • 4 months ago

She has an upstairs area with solar power, TV, PS5, and water heater with roof water storage.

Amu • 4 months ago

That's kind of crazy though, she went out of her way to buy all that and set up everything herself when she could just go back to the real world to take a shower? Again it feels unnecessary.

And I wish they showed more of the process of her setting it all up, unless I missed it I don't think they actually showed the water heater or storage.

Talo Grim • 4 months ago

She mentions that she might lose the power to teleport and wants to secure a life on both sides. It comes into play later, but they will always cut stuff out to make time for the anime.

Unknown202 • 4 months ago

They didn’t show the process, they just cut to the time skip and show us that she brought solar shingles, a water tank, and a bathroom? but how did she even set that all up?

Bruh • 4 months ago

She just has a good gaming chair.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 4 months ago

Doesn‘t PS5 need internet to work nowadays? :/

Talo Grim • 4 months ago

IDK I stopped at PS3 and changed to PC

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

now that you mention it, yeah it is really a stretch to think she could set-up all for her house in that other world

i would believe if she had hired someone from her world, and kept it a secret, and we just cut to a time skip. it would be a stretch to think she could set that all up with just say "youtube videos of how to do it yourself"

but honestly, i can let it slide as long as it is entertaining... and well yeah her comedy about trying to get rich IS entertaining for me at least

Talo Grim • 4 months ago

I mean... I have no idea how to set it up, but I bet you anything I could figure it out with instructions....

KFA • 4 months ago

Solar panels on roof. All she needs is pump and water tank.

Jacky • 4 months ago

I feel like they coulda had 2 whole episodes about her furnishing her store, setting up the fucking electrical, plumbing, etc but hey skip those boring parts I guess

MrBojingo • 4 months ago

Best demonstration is using it. Can't make a proper demonstration without the shower.

Bees • 4 months ago

Last time I got a haircut the lady washed my hair without me needing to get completely naked for a shower. Found that out the hard way :P These days most businesses that wash your hair actually want you to keep your clothes on, rather than get naked while your friends watch you get showered by a complete stranger.

Talo Grim • 4 months ago

I believe they were suppose to be getting sample bites of each meal, not the entire meal each time. The animation failed to translate that, idk why