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Thicc brows • 10 months ago

mans not only got some precise and accurate hand control, he also got photographic memory

FireBlossom • 10 months ago

His art being photorealistic aka "depicting things as they are" suits his character so well, damn

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

Now that you mention that, it means he remember clearly the deaths of his father-in-law and wife-to-be.

vovan1 • 10 months ago

damn and here i thought, he just learned how to use printers in Edo period.

Shadow • 9 months ago

Well training his arms and being still is all he does after all

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

Damn that art, that's a crazy talent he possesses and it doesn't even sound like he's had practice it before, I wonder how Yuen will use this because I'm sure it'd be useful for identifying people.

Teppa really be shooting that harpoon blind only using Nio's kite as a guide.

I wish we had gotten to see Kurima's face in Souji's imagination, I can't picture him dressed as a courtesan with that stone cold face of his lol.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

Same here X(

Astolfo. • 10 months ago

Very detailed art

DesuYoda • 10 months ago

Samurai-sama can support himself with art, it seems...like the leader, in a way...I hope leader-sama isn't jealous...doesn't seem the type...

QuadL • 10 months ago

Shocked is more the word

DesuYoda • 10 months ago

Yes, I hope that's it. It was truly shocking... Like he just has this natural skill, suddenly...

taijitu • 10 months ago

leader doesn't seem too happy about it

DesuYoda • 10 months ago

Yeah, I wasn't sure what that look was supposed to be...

Reemus • 10 months ago

taijitu It's because he does not want to let Kurima go, but he is the only one with a potential to become a proper human being with a job and life going for him. The rest of them are rogues or true believers, like the Doc. Yuen's shock can be read as a realisation that whatever he does from now on with Kurima, it will mean curbing that potential of a "clean" life (a call-back to the conversation with Nio in the previous episode, when Nio almost pulled the string weapon at Yuen).

Whoever • 10 months ago

so... Artist

QuadL • 10 months ago

Lines right up there with "stone faced killer"

Vantage • 10 months ago

ayo soji what kind of pillow is that and why is there a lot of tissues layin around your bed my guy 💀💀💀

02bestwaifu • 10 months ago

yea i don't get it either how tf do they have a handmade p**sy in 2000bc

Paradise SLU • 10 months ago

Beautiful art , Soji gamble less save more.

Great episode.

Amano erika. • 10 months ago

Loving this show so far can't wait for ep 5

Grandpa Lampshade • 10 months ago

...while nobody could have known at the time, this is how Japan's first doujin artist came to be

QuadL • 10 months ago


sentient_potato • 10 months ago

The man draws a fine cat.

Paradise SLU • 10 months ago

Soji Can't sleep in piece I know that feeling.

vsmarzt • 10 months ago

Yet other brilliant episode, idk what people don't like bout this anime

PaoPo • 10 months ago

Cause there isn't any cute waifu with big booba appeared yet.
That the only thing most ppl concern.

Lovable • 10 months ago

they just cant handle the doctor massive baddonker

maddy • 10 months ago

its because they can't handle it

Maka Evans • 10 months ago


Nick Raph • 10 months ago

ikr, most people only care about thots with their massive racks or loli with lewd scenes.....everywhere i go, i always see such comments whenever the ep has any scene related to that....even when the story is super trashy, they still praise the show just because it showed tiddies or lewd loli

kurdbubbles • 10 months ago


Mike • 10 months ago

Enter: The Art Samurai lol

alfonso • 10 months ago

i can see him hiding his sword in a comically large paint brush already lmao

Reemus • 10 months ago

Check Japanese drama comedy Bushi-Stant Aisaka-kun. About a samurai artist in modern day Japan.

PaoPo • 10 months ago

Man. This show is so underrated.
A rare type that come one after a long time.

Talos darkbane • 10 months ago

I will admit I watch this show more for Raizo Kurima's story. I think the whole Yuuen Usui religious fanatic and killing with a sheet of gold lacquer on peoples faces is a little idiotic and getting redundant. I just can't believe his character. First off his method of killing is ridiculous. The other characters have legitimate if not exaggerated means of killing his just is completely laughable and every time I see I just shake my head and laugh at it. I was sort of hoping he would have other methods but I guess he is the one trick pony with the cult storyline.

QuadL • 10 months ago

Yeah, it is a little unbelievable as a consistent weapon of murder. He then has to expose himself to finish his neurosis. I just don't see why these victims keep clawing at their throats when it's their faces that are covered...

grunt • 10 months ago


taijitu • 10 months ago

borrow a brain from someone or something...

Reemus • 10 months ago

This is all called a structured narrative.

1. Kurima is the main character and what happens to him the main question of this story. Every episode you can see others discuss his state - he is aloof, he is stoic, he has no desires. Tabula rasa. He also is in-between with this whole revenge scenario, he is not into it and does not want it neither as means nor as ends. He is just going through it because Yuen manipulated him to join...
2... and this is another point. Yuen's religious fanatism might be true, but in a different way. He is massively alluded to hate the Church and being at odds with everyone there. He tried to object to additional executions. While the "priest" is your average religious maniac (we will convert those barbarians to the love of God or we will slaughter them for not feeling it!), while Yuen keeps chanting the actual teachings of Christianity, rather than the distorted violent part of it. So his subplot is eliminating this seemingly deep network of Christian cultists, who sanction executions in the name of their deity.
3. And how Yuen operates puts him at odds with others - an intentional contrast. Everyone else is violent, they laugh at it, they enjoy their revenge job. They are brutal and leave a lot of traces of struggle, as well as disfigure their victims. Yuen is way above that - his golden piece is not only an elegant weapon, it can also be protected against. While he is praying for the victim (as opposed to others having fun during the job), the victim - under certain circumstances that we will see, eventually - can gracefully peel the paper off instead of struggling. What happens then? This is the mystery.

Overall, there is a lot of contrast and it is intended. The Yuen we see is the fake Yuen, there is a layer underneath him, and a story of how he came to be who he is. The rest of them will too have stories, but they will be lame and your basic tragic background when they suffered were victimised, so they victimise back. But Yuen has a goal and an ideology. And this sets him aside from everyone.

Asagrimmr • 10 months ago

Holy crap he's a natural

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 10 months ago

so sad they don’t show the doc’s disrobe :< I guess once is enough… So SAD TT______TT that’s all what I’m here for

taijitu • 10 months ago


Red_Fox • 10 months ago

that paper wall also got in the way earlier

the Finance Guy • 10 months ago

Glad Nio didn't have Raizou work the red light district. That was scary just imagining it.

Nick Raph • 10 months ago

isnt it the drags are badly treated during this period of time? it's common thing to have them dressed up as females tho, but not for the actual hooker work, only for performance or something like that....

QuadL • 10 months ago

The number of dead Johns would send shock waves through the town.

Monkey D. Luna • 10 months ago

nice drawing of a hairy pussy~cat... I wanna pet it.

wwlaos • 10 months ago

You rarely see such a detailed puss in anime. :P

Tried commenting that once before and it went to auto-moderation. XD Let's see if it works this time.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

So far Luna's comment is still standing XD